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  1. I've already looked on BT but the address isn't listed. Only trouble with writing is they may have moved as the statement is from 2002!
  2. I have just received some more statements going back to 1996. The problem is that my previous statements which I need look like they were in a joint account with my ex husband! Question is, can I still claim this money back from '90 to '96 as this was the time that I was in desperate straights and paid a lot in charges? I remember getting letters saying that my wage was suposed to clear my overdraft! How do I do about finding that account number out though? All I have is the address we were at and the joint names. And how is this for a breach of the DPA Act? Along with my statements was included another statement from some poor woman in London whose account details etc I am now aware of? Do I do anything about that? Any help please Carolyn
  3. Thanks for that dpick. I have sent aanother letter informing them that I have statements missing, I opened my account in 1989. I'll see if anything comes of that and if not I'l copy you! Did you use a template for the Court claim? Carolyn
  4. Victory of sorts Just had three letters from Yorkshire Bank re the three Court claims I had submitted. They have offered me a full refund of the charges plus Court costs but excluding the interest. I am accepting this (coward that I am) but the interest for all three accounts only comes to £102.03. I will gladly sacrifice that rather than prepare my Court bundles and go to Court! On the matter of trying to get banking statements for my 18 year history with the bank, I have sent them a letter by recorded delivery requesting again my statements for my banking history. They have only sent me 6 years worth even though I requested all of them. I am presuming that they have to oblige under the DPA? And am I right in thinking that with the Yorkshire/Clydesdale Bank we can submit a claim for refund of charges throughout our banking history? Any help I would be grateful as the guy I spoke to at customer relations said I could only claim for 6 years. Thanks in advance Carolyn
  5. Cheers Gogivit, I haven't kept proof of postage up until now though! Just checked with the Post Office that they have received them - gulp. I will write to them tomorrow stating that they owe me another 12 years statements yet!!! See what happens from then eh? Got the letter from them offering me £460 as a one of gesture of goodwill, surely a small proof of guilty actions? Got three claims in already but I so don't want to go to Court. I think their 28 days to file a defence is up on the 3rd July. Haven't heard anything apart from the offer of goodwill. Carolyn
  6. Have eventually received some statements from the Yorkshire Bank but only for the last 6 years even though I applied for my banking history. No attached letter saying there is more to follow or anything! Don't know whether there are more to follow or are they just playing dim? Carolyn
  7. Hi Have you done anything about it such as contacting the ICO? I keep ringing customer relations at Yorkshire Bank but it is permanently engaged! Think they've taken the phone off the hook! Don't know whether to wait a bit longer or what? Carolyn
  8. Thanks twoofus! Wish I'd seen that Whistleblower programme. Carolyn
  9. Can anyone help me here? I have rung the Yorkshire Bank about my statements being overdue from the allowed 40 days. I have requested my banking history from them but they are saying I can only claim for 6 years. They have given me the number of the Customer Relations department but it is constantly engaged...just wondering if anyone knew for sure about claiming the full 18 years I have been with the bank? Thanks Carolyn
  10. I've filed three claims with the Courts and received the documentation from them acknowledging the claims. Yesterday I got letter from Yorkshire Bank's solicitors offering me a payment of £460 and I have 10 days to mull their offer over! I am claiming for about £1000 plus expenses so it's not even half but I don't relish the prospect of going to Court! They are also late in sending me the statements for my last account. After talking to Caro, I sent off for all 18 years worth of statements and they are now about a week overdue. Do I ring the bank first or go to the ICO? And if I have to go to the ICO does anybody know what to do lol? Carolyn
  11. Thanks for the link Caro. I had got confused, I hadn't submited the business claim but I have just done it using your business claims link - thanks very much for that. So now I just wait two weeks and see if I hear anything from the Yorkshire Bank? I'm not sure what happens next, getting a bit confused again
  12. Caro, I didn't state that it was a business account on the claim though, I just put the account number. Will that be ok? Carolyn
  13. Hi Caro I have submitted seperate claims for all of them, I decided it would be easier that way. Just hope I get my costs back lol. So will that be OK? Carolyn
  14. I've done it!! Gulp... I've submitted a claim for three accounts. Still waiting for my 18 years of statements for my own account but have filed a claim for our joint account, hubby's account and his old business account. I presume I just keep checking the moneyback claim site to see how it's progressing?
  15. Thanks Caro and Shumba Do you know if I can make a claim for two accounts together or do I have to file a seperate claim for each account? Just going to have a look at the links now, thanks again. Carolyn
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