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  1. I have revolving credit other credit cards, catalogues, they currently have zero balances.
  2. I'll be as brief as I can. Vanquis incorrectly applied an over limit charge to my account in 2009, which took me over my agreed credit limit of £1,000. In 2010 I logged a complaint with the FOS, they advised me to take further steps before they would consider the case. In 2013 I was able to offer the FOS proof that I had taken those steps and they took up the case. Throughout this period until currently I have maintained the minimum payment to Vanquis. The officer dealing with my complaint requested Vanquis return all late fees and charges accumulated as a result of those accumulated fees, this request has been ignored. It is now waiting for consideration by the main Ombudsman. During this complaint it was noted that Vanquis had charged me ROP, even though I had never agreed to it. I had to go through their complaints process with this first, before the Ombudsman could look at this issue. Vanquis adjudicated that I had taken out ROP and they had listened to a phone call with me stating I agreed. When I pressed for a copy of this phone call, they suddenly said they had made an error there wasn't one, but I must have agreed to the ROP so they would not refund, but would now cancel it in the future. This complaint has now also been taken up by the FOS also. I recently SAR'd Vanquis to be given a lot of garbled scene print outs which I could not make head nor tail of. Copies of one line recordings of phone calls, which haven't noted the involvement with the FOS at all. Several weeks ago I also sent in a request for a CCA, again Vanquis have breached that request and sent a blank copy of an application form with no attached prescribed terms and conditions. Today I have notified them by recorded post that the account is in dispute. The over limit charges and resulting interest applied since 2009 have taken the account to double its limit, the current monthly payment is just over £100. As I am managing to deal with the above issues. But an interesting development occurred in December 2013. As soon as Vanquis were requested to return the over limit payments and interest, they began lodging the amount of credit usage on my credit report. Up until December the amount was always listed as zero. Bare in mind this account has been over limit since 2009. The account is still listed as satisfactory. But their recording of my credit usage has hit my credit in to the FAIR region, where it was excellent before - I have no other outstanding credit. It was only when the Ombudsman contacted them about repaying the charges, that they began recording information - this appears to be quite a vindictive course for them to have taken. I have contacted Credit Expert on two occasions to add dispute reports to the account, they have contacted Vanquis who will not agree to this. I have asked Vanquis to stop processing my data - although I doubt they will take notice. Does anyone have any advice on how I deal with Vanquis recording with the Experian?
  3. I am going through a tough statementing process for my severly Autistic 3 year old little girl. I have now passed all of her SEN to suitably qualified solicitor. You could well imagine the fight I am having with the LEA as my daughter needs to go to a special school for Autistic children at a cost of 80,000 a year. The statement needs to be precicely termed and worded, and if the LEA are in breach and your able to take legal action. I know the difficulty can be cost of a solicitor, but if your on income support or a low income, you can get Legal Help, not Legal Aid, it is specifically for SEN. If you find a suitably qualified solicitor specialising in SEN, they will know all of this. I am also aware of a group of trainee barristers and newly qualified solicitors who donate their time pro bono to help in cases such as this. Get a Solicitor, its the only way the legal statement can be enforced correctly.
  4. I wonder can anyone help, husband ran up substantial debt before we were married. To his credit, he began paying back the debts through a debt management company, and did so up until 6 months ago. My young daughter has profound Autism, we took the decision last November that he give up work until suitable provision is put in place to serve my daughters needs, equipment, respite etc. It became evident that about 6 months ago we could no longer maintain the Debt management. We contacted them and told them, they said that they were unable to reduce payment lower than £90 per month. Totally unreasonable for a family surviving on income support and carers allowance. I then took the initiative, and basically wrote begging letters asking for the debt to be written off, I also included an income and expenditure form that I drafted to be as helpful as possible although it was not signed. Today a representative from Westcot called and asked me what I was going to do with my obviously small manageable debts. He suggested that I default on my obligations, to enable my husband continuing to pay his debt to Westcot. What a cheek he suggest that I ruin my credit, so they get their money. I need my debit and credit cards, due to the fact I make a lot of online purchases for specialist goods for my daughter. He told me because our income was now joint that my debt outgoings could not be taken into consideration, if his were. He said he was not going to write the debt off. I told him to take us to Court then, they wouldn't get a bean. He told us that it would cost me a fortune, I am wiser than to believe this but they would add huge sums of interest and Court fees on top and that we would never be free of the debt. While reading through this forum, it occurred to me that the defaults were registered in the beginning of 2002. Does this mean that the defaults would drop off this year anyway. Or because he has been paying for the last 5 and a half years the defaults effectively get updated. The chap at Westcot actually confirmed to me today as well the default was lodged in 2002. Just for the cheek of his action today, I promptly posted off a CCA request. I am hoping that after nearly 6 years they won't have one. I take it that it does not matter that you have made payments on the account. I also shouted at him so badly he stuttered and put the phone down on me. It would be nice to get them back, for their rudeness as we have always been so compliant with them. Now the debt only remains at about £1000, it was originally at about £6,000. I really could use a mentor to walk me through each and every step, I am a bit of a dummy when it comes to the legalities of finance. I would love to get this debt removed from our lives. I really have much more important things to do regarding my daughters education at the moment that bicker with DCA.
  5. Hi have just today mailed my complaint to Trading Standards, my understanding of all this is it is now a criminal offence. We will see what happens. The other odd thing is today while I was out I had a phone call asking for me by my maiden name, I am placing bets it was HFO, everyone else refers to me by my married name. We will wait and see, just let them start harrassing me now. I am also now going to write to ask to have the default removed from my credit file, no CCA -no enforceable debt. Office of Fair Trading are also dealling with my complain. Also Data Protection issue is being addressed by the Commissioners Office. So, as far as I am concerned everything is really good, I'm floating on a cloud. I'm gonna get HFO ****!!!!
  6. Today I have received a letter from HFO, it seems this is what I have received from my CCA request. It simply states Please find enclosed copy statement as requested in relation to the above account. It contains my last 3 months of Barclaycard statements. No CCA. What should I do now? Should I just wait until the request becomes a criminal offence and report them to Trading Standards. Or should I get in touch with them and ask them again for the CCA? They have already past the 14 days, so its currently not enforceable. Any advice on next step please?
  7. Thanks Rose for the well wishes. I have just noticed during the last month or so HFO and Turnbull Rutherford seem to be making frequent appearances on this forum, same tactics used against all of us. Perhaps we should all complain to the Law Society. Are these people new to debt collecting? Or have they suddenly decided to get heavy? Perhaps they purchased all of our debts at the same time!!!!!! Anyway, we won't let them get away with it. It might be a good idea to post a thread of what has been happening to you, so we can all keep track of how you are doing. I susbscribe to all HFO threads, this helps each and everyone of us. The thing that really annoys me is Barclaycard were getting a good sum of money from me every month towards my debt, so why sell on a debt that is regularly getting paid back and would be settled within a reasonable period of time. I have paid Barclays quite a large sum already toward the debt, but the sold the whole debt to HFO, not removing what I have already paid, so again it makes me wonder what has happened to the cash I have already paid? Once my CCA request becomes a criminal offence I intend to SAR Barclays to find out. Any more advice on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Well 14 days are up, no CCA from HFO Services. I am now going to instruct Payplan to stop any negotiations, or payments that may have been transfered from my initial Payment agreement with Barclays. I should make it perfectly clear to everyone I am not trying to shirk my debt, but after the way HFO have treated me I will not make any payment to them without a fight. If the debt is transfered back to Barclays, I will reinstate my payments to them. But HFO are evil and frightening, and thanks to this forum, I am out to get them!!!!!!!!
  9. BUMP! Does anyone have a company checking account to obtain more info?
  10. I received a letter this morning confirming that HFO Services received my CCA request. The letter is actually from Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors, it says the request has been passed to them to deal with. Could anyone help, could there be any data protection breaches here? How can I find out if my information can be shared. Also the last line of the letter states, "Due to high demand we have been advised by our client that there is an eight week delay." Lets hope there is!!!!
  11. Thanks for all the good advice, I have complained to the information Commissioners office and Trading Standards who are looking into my complaints. I Also sent off my CCA today by recorded delivery as instructed. The more I read on these forums the more empowered I feel, completely different from the terror I was experiencing last week. Thankyou all. We will now see what happens next.
  12. I am having my own problems with HFO at the moment, I have just found out that HFO Services, Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors and Ontrak Investigations are all part of the same company. I was given a form by HFO that reads as follows: It is our aim to work with you to clear your account as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and to that end please take careful note of the following charges which can be levied and are payable by you under your original terms & conditions of your original agreement. Copy Invoice/Statement £15.00 Dishonoured Cheque Payment £15.00 Dishonoured BOS Payment £15.00 Cancelled BOS/Direct Debit £15.00 Missed Instalment Payment £30.00 Re-arranged Broken Payment £30.00 Additional interest from 12%p.a. Office Trace Fee from £50.00 Field Trace Fee from £100.00 Personal Visit after broken promise £150.00. Can anyone tell me are these fees legal? Don't mean to hijack your thread, it is just HFO are evil and threatening and I would like to let everyone involved with HFO know about them.
  13. Hi, managed to find HFO website, on the contact us link, it gives a correspondence address, which is a PO box, do the still sign for recorded mail at a PO box? Or, is it an unmanned mail box?
  14. I am about to write my CCA. I have the booklets left by HFO, they are very carefully worded, with all the payment methods you could possibly imagine, but there is no address. There are numerous telephone numbers to arrange to take money. Could someone please let me have the address for HFO Services, so I can send my CCA. Thanks
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