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  1. I have now received a General Form of Judgment or Order stating: It is ordered that 1. The claim be stayed pending the outcome of the test case in the high court. 2. Neither Party has permission to apply for the removal of the stay until the case in the high court has been heard or determined. 3. Any hearing listed to be vacated. I am 'slightly' agrieved as the decision was not made until the date of the original hearing. Of course I am still liable to pay charges if I exceed my limit in spite of the previous charges being the main cause of the problem. Can I apply to have any further charges stopped and prevent to bank closing accounts or filing adverse credit reports etc.
  2. thanks johnnymitch. I'll go down the N244 route and see what happens.
  3. My telephone hearing was set for today. I have not heard from the bank (represented party). When I phoned the county court they say we must now wait for the test case to go through - sometine in February. Very frustrating. Is there nothing we can do. THe bank is not bothered, they are sitting on the money - cash is king. I am tempted to open other accounts and transfer the business leaving O/D for amount of claim + extras and let it lie. Any help appreciated.
  4. thanks for that johnnymitch. Fingers crossed then. I'll keep you updated.
  5. Sorry I have been picking bits from various threads and didn't really understand how the process works. I will stick here in future. I am claiming £1,455.00 for charges between 2001 and 2006. I first wrote to Barclays in Sept 2006 stating that the charges were unfair and asking for a full refund. They gave the standard reply in October and offered £500 as a gesture of goodwill, which I declined by letter and also informing them that I would be claiming through Small Claims Court if I had no reply, this was at beginning December. I heard nothing so at end January 2007 I wrote to request a complete statement of bank charges. Still nothing, so on 14 Feb (no significance) rang customer services who were quite helpful and then received a fat pile of photocopies of all my old bank statements. Sent claim form to court in March. Barclays filed defence on 17 April. Received defence on 9 may and sent off Allocation Questionnaire plus order for directions taken from this site. and that is the story so far now that i have this allocation (telephone) hearing. I'm not sure whether it is to arrange allocation or if this is the hearing. I think it is to get agreement for fast track. Please help. thanks
  6. I have just had notification from the court that an Allocation hearing (Telephone Hearing) will take place next month. They say that it is unsuitable for Small Claims Track and is proposing to allocate to the Fast Track How does this work and is this a 'good' thing.
  7. I sent back the AQ and the money. Everthing has gone quiet. How long does it normally take to get to the next stage.
  8. I have filled in the AQ and atached the Draft Order for Directions, which I think is an excellent request. So now, do I wait for the Order to be sent to me by the court or do I go ahead with providing the info?
  9. I have just received an acknowledgement that they intend to defend all of the claim. I am a little nrevous now too.
  10. thanks for the reply I will send them off tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.
  11. The most helpful section on the CAG was 'Bankfodder's' particulars of claim - N1 - hard copy version I also bought the Small Claims Lawpack
  12. Barclays tried to offer me about half so I refused. Why not go all the way and claim everything inc interest
  13. I have just finished filling in the claim form. Barclays have charged me around 1400.00. I have printed out three copies of everything. Does anyone know if I send all three to the COunty court??
  14. Hi everyone. This is my first posting. I am about to take Barclays to SMC I have been made an offer but have not accepted it. Full claim without interest is 1455.00 and they offered 500.00
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