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  1. Does anyone out there know where I can get the 2001 HSBC T & C's? As it looks like I am going to court, I want to be ready with my court bundle. Also, has anyone actually had to stand up and speak / be questioned in court yet? Thanks in advance!
  2. When I requested my sar I got my statements and a 'goodwill offer' of £360 when the actual amount comes to £800. I wrote back roughly 3 weeks ago and declined their offer and said I wanted the full amount. A guy called Colin Pugh just called me from MBNA (he was very pleasant on the phone!) and offered me the full amount, I had not even threatened court yet! I have agreed not to persue any claim for interest as frankly it seems too complicated. So for any of you that are getting fed up, chin up and keep at it!
  3. Thanks Crusher! I will send them letter today. I will let you know the outcome!
  4. 2 HSBC offers & 1 Cap One offers this morning. HSBC have offered me £110 instead of £130 on 1 account so will say yes to that! But on my main account I am claiming for £2,598.00 and they have offered £2,122. This is 1 week after sending a LBA to them. I would like to claim for the whole amount but am not sure what to do next. Any advice would be much appreciated. Also in their letter they said £130 of these charges had been refunded already, but I knew this and had deliberately left them off my spreadsheet! I was thinking of adding this info to my spreadsheet with another letter demanding the whole amount - a kind of LBA number 2. Good or bad idea???
  5. Hi there! You are in exact same position as me! I advise you to send £10 again with ID and go for full SAR as this will include the interest they have charged you (which you can claim back) They are fully aware of this which is why they didn't do it in the first place! This is what I am going to do although they said to send back the form that was NOT in the envelope! Do you have a blank one you could fax me?
  6. Thanks Bigjohn! I WILL go for it!!
  7. MBNA sent me back my £10 cheque but sent some statements to me. These were just lists of charges, payments etc. No interest amounts at all. They stated, like with most of you, that if I wanted a full SAR I needed to send £10 (already done!) ID and fill in the enlcosed form. Thing is they did not enclose a form. Does andone have a form that is not filled in that they could fax to me? If I ask MBNA for one I am sure I will have to wait weeks! If you have one I could send a private message with my fax number. Thanks in advance!
  8. I never received the form to send back with ID for a proper full SAR, which shows the interest they have charged me on my balance. Does anyone have a blank form that they could fax me or email me? Or does anyone think I should not bother with the interest and just claim back the charges to save hassle??? Thanks
  9. Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. I already found the spreadsheet but the interest amount is set at 12.5% and I'm sure the interest rate I was charged on my balance was more like 24%. Don't want to come across as stupid but not sure what amount to put and would like to get as much out of MBNA as possible!! Does anyone know? P.S. Well done on getting your full amount back Moneydragon! Nice one!
  10. Thanks a million Moneydragon! Great letter, I will def be copying that and posting asap! I closed this account last year and don't know the interest rate they were charging me, what rate did you use if you don't mind me asking? Cheers! Mini P
  11. I sent a DPA letter to MBNA with a £10 cheque asking for all my statements from an account I paid off and closed last year, I had no idea of the total amount of the charges but knew there would be some. I have received a letter from Rachel Nixon (Customer advocate office manager) offering a goodwill payment of £360 to be sent to me by cheque in the next 10 days on the basis it is 'full & final settlement of my complaint'. Added up my charges come to £820. Is there a letter template to send stating I want the full amount? Also, should I be adding interest to this? If yes, does anyone know the interest rate I should add? Please help! Thanks!
  12. Go to HSBC internet banking, click on the account you want the statements for. In the column on the left-hand side click on My Statements (under the heading of My Accounts). In the main window you will see 'View my previous statements' - it should show them from Jan 06 to Feb 07. To get the earlier ones just click on 'next set' for 2005 and 'continue' to view them, then 'next set' for 2004 and so on. All the charges are highlighted in red and underlined so it's quite easy to spot them!
  13. Hi! I could get all my statements online for my HSBC current account. My credit card accounts are closed so I telephoned them today and requested they send me all my statements, Capital One are not charging me for this and say I will get them within 21 days. MBNA say they can only access the last year of statements (yeah right!!) so I have written to request these and have sent a £10 postal order for the fee. Good luck!!
  14. Hi everyone! I discovered this site yesterday and straight away bought a massive pack of copier paper and printed off 6 years of banks statements from my HSBC internet banking I added all the charges up and was angry and horrified to discover a total of £2600! I have sent the letter already and have t oday also requested all statements from 3 closed credit card accounts... Egg, Cap 1 and MBNA. I am on a roll and will not stop until they have paid me back all my dosh! This is KARMA!
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