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  1. got case struck out in march 2009 have received letter today from turnbiill rutherford that are going to re-issue proceedings if i dont pay within 14 days.
  2. have had judgement set aside what happens now?
  3. just heard form croydon county court and they have set judgment aside waht happens next ?
  4. sent cca letter in march 2007 to hfo received reply to say it could up to 8 weeks to get information never heard from them again but after just checking my credit file there is ccj dated 22/11/07 for this debt is it to late to defend this
  5. still ringing every day when i tell them about the cca letter they dont seem to understand but i have not a reply sent letter 21st feb
  6. got repsonse from hfo about the cca letter it has been passed on to turnbull rutherford solicitors they said it could take up to eight weeks for to get the orinanal argreement due to a high demand ?and still getting pnohe calls from HFO
  7. had a call from hfo on saturday he said i had been wrongly informed about sending cca letter and he would be passing on to litigation dept?
  8. h they sent me a letter of intent thats when i sent the cca letter
  9. hy i have sent cca letter to hfo with £1.00 postal order for the statury fee they left a telephone message saying that the £1.00 was unacceptable for payment ?
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