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  1. Thank you,I have compiled the letter, awaiting with baited breathe the response,Thanks Dawn.
  2. Hi,The Solicitors letter.We have recieved instructions from our client who informs us that he loaned you £4,700 in June this year. We understand that when he loaned you this sum you had intended ti re-mortgage your property and repay him promtly. We further understand that you were unable to repay him from the money raised from your re-morgage because of circumstances beyond your control.Our client informs us you are aware that £2,800 of the money he lent you was borrowed on a credit card and he is paying interest at 32.9% in view of the fact that the only purpose for him to borrow this money was to lend to to you, we are sure that you will accept that he should not need to pay this interest from his own pocket, but that you should be responsible for it. We understand that you are currently paying at a rate of £150 per month, which means that it will take considerable time to to clear the credit card debt and that the interest will be significant. We have seen a copy of the loan agreement which our client forwarded to you which appears to be reasonable, under the circumstances. We understand, however, that you are not agreeing to pay any interest on the sum he lent you. In order to avoid paying the high level of interest, the only option is to raise the sum owed to our lient and re-pay it in full.This would enable our client to clear his credit card.We wonder whether you would be able to raise the £2,800 in which case our client would be prepared to accept payment of the balance at a rate of £150 with the interest at the statutary rate of 8%. To add certainty to the verbal agreement between you it would help if we could agree onthe terms of a written agreement s that you both know where you stand with regards to future payments. We would be grateful if you could respond in 7 days with your proposals for settlement of the debt, inclusive of interest.we look forward to hearing from you.My ex originally told me he had A1 credit, the card was a new American express with a balance of £10,000, i know that he was nearly up to the max on the card, he told me he had paid it off, surely he would have had 0% interest on it for a while or transfered it to another with no interest?? he told me so many lies i don't no what is the truth.
  3. Ok i'll change to SO. He told his solicitor that i was aware of the 32.9% and that i had originally said that i would pay it back in full!!! The solicitor has asked if i can borrow the £2,800 to pay the credit card off and continue to pay the £150. per month until the balance is paid at the standard rate of 8%. I am not in a position to do this, my ex knows that. He has stated that he will put a charge on my property and end up owning it?? I dont know wat to say to the solicitor in response!!
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply. No, there wasn't anything in writing, it was all verbal between us, I have been paying him £150. every month since July. I was paying the money onto a payment slip that he was giving me every month because he didn't want the money going into his bank account, He said it would look like a wage?? I have now set up a D/D I think that it is to another account or straight to the Card company, but, it does have his name on it. What shall i do about the solicitors letter?? I have 7 days to reply.
  5. Hi, please can someone give me some advice, I was in a relationship and my partner loaned me £3,800 for new windows, the agreement was that i pay him £150 a month until the loan was paid, he took £2,800 off his credit card and £1,000 from his bank to lend me the money, We have since split up and he is now asking me to sign a loan agreement for £4,800 with an APR of 32.9%. He added £1,000 to the loan as he had bought me a TV as a gift but he now wants the money for it. I have just recieved a letter from his solicitor asking me to sign this agreement and have been given 7 days to reply. What should i do? If I had known that the interest on the card was so high i wouldn't have borrowed it from him, he didn't ever mention interest only pay back £3,800 on the 25th of the month at a rate of £150.00. The TV he bought was a gift. I Have been paying the stated amount every month without fail. Any advice would be a help to me. Dawn.
  6. Hi I have had a letter, pretty much the same, apparentley i owe £750.00 to Lloyds from 1994, i bank with Lloyds TSB, have done for the past 15yrs, they are unable to give me any details of the debt apart from it says Lloyds, they have been phoning me and seding letters for the past 2 months, never had a letter regarding this debt before, now they threatening court action, please help, what should i do next letter or phone call?Dawny
  7. Hi, please can i have some advice, I just re-mortgaged to get out of debt!!I had a debt of £8,000, my plan was to pay off a lump some of it and make monthly arrangements for the rest, the day of completion my solicitor said that there was a charge put on my property for the debt so it had to be paid by her in full, i said yes because i didnt know to do. the same day i recieved a letter from the company who i owed the money to saying if i pay 75% of the debt within 21days nthey will accept the payment as paid in full and wipe my record clean, in the mean time my solicitor had paid the full amount owing not being aware that i had this offer, why didn't she know?? and why cant she get the 25% back for me?? it is still in the solicitors hands as payment hasnt actually been recieved yet. please help £2,500 is a lot of money to me.Thank you Dawny
  8. Hi, Please can anyone give me some advice as what to do next, if anything at all. I had a letter from the court today also SC&M, SAYING THAT THEY HAVE APPLIED FOR A STAY where to go from here? Cheers Dawny
  9. Hello, Just got my acknowledgment of service from the court, it was signed by Sechiari Clark + Mitchell and ticked in the I intend to defend all of this claim box, Do i need to do anything at this stage or do i wait for the bank to reply within the 28 days as stated. HELP PANICKING!!!
  10. Hi, i'm in a pickle!! i'm filling in the N1 form and stuck on the bit that says, interest under s.69 C C act 1984 £*** WHAT DO I PUT THERE?? help i'm panicking!!!
  11. hi, yes carry on with your claim now!! its a standard bog off. good luck Dawny
  12. Hi, I have filled in some of the form in preparation and find it easier and quicker to do it on-line, it doesn' appear easy but there is lots of help here, Keep me informed of your progress Dawny
  13. Hi I sent them my DPA on the 24th of feb, they replied saying i would have to wait another 4 wks while they investigate so i sent them the 2nd template giving them 7 days to comply, they have just sent me my statements but there is loads of transactions missing i know as i managed to print my statements off on-line, i am now going to request full payment giving them 14days, if no reply i will start my claim. keep pushing it, read loads, dont get put off by there fob off's. Dawny
  14. Thank you j, Thats a great help, i will keep you posted Cheers Dawny Great help
  15. Hi, I have just received my statements, not all are there, but, i have printed off the last 5yrs on-line so i will produce all. Do i include all the overdraft interest? I cant include the account charge can i? Do i now send off the letter requesting my claim amount giving them 14 days? my head is in a spin i cant read anymore sorry. Any help will be brill cheers. Dawny:-x
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