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  1. Hi All 3 payments of £999.99 plus then the remaining amount and a return of all the charges for many and june recieved yesterday afternoon :D yipee!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to thank everyone on here for all their advice and support and for those still unsure (and i was one of them!!!!!) about what they are doing then all the successful claims on here chould be proof enough that you are doing the right thing and those who are still in the process of claiming and it seems to be taking forever, just keep patient you will win and the money is coming your way. Thanks again Marce xx
  2. Hi just a quickie. I started on the court thing and got up to the second letter i then read about the ombudsman and thought id try that first as i could go the court route if it failed. when i foned the ombus he told me i couldn't do both at the same time. So you may have to put the court route on hold till they have sone their investigating - i won and it only took 2-3 weeks so i rekon its worth a little wait. Hope that helps Marce x
  3. Hi Ive just won my case, tho i did go through the ombudsman, and they sent me a very very nice letter and said that even the charges that were due this month £90 would be reversed and I wouldn't have to pay them. I don't know if its the same with the court route tho. Marce x
  4. m.j

    Help Please!!!

    Hi All Just a quick update............ I decided a couple of weeks ago to contact the Ombudsman after reading a post on here. I got a letter from NW telling me that they were dealing with my complaint and had till the first week in July to get back to me. Well today I gat a vry nice letter from the NW saying that they are going to refund all but £100 and they are even reversing the £90 charges that are due to come from the account this month. We are also getting just the one payment not dribs and drabs. I am so chuffed. I'djust like to thank everyone on here for all the help and direction and support and my donation will be on its way as soon as i get the money. Many thanks and good luck to you all that are still on with claims. Marce xx
  5. Hi All Just an update for you. this morning i receed a very nice letter from the Nationwide a;pologising for me having to make a complaint to the ombudsman and after investigating the complaint have great pleasure!!! in refunding me all of my money!!!! :-D :-D In fact im about £100 a drift but hey i rekon thats worth letting go for the sake of not having to go to court don't you. Many thanks to all of you for the support and i hope all your claims come right Mrce xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. Hi Trojan Many thanks for the reply. I am going to be making some serious enquiries tomorrow. I really don't think if i offer as much as i can they will want to go down taking the house for the amount i owe but you never know. I'm going to make an offer of all my arrears and then keeping it up to date with a family member as a guarantee and hopefully i can avoid the taking of the property. They will make more out of it in the long run in interest anyway. If i get my bank charges back anytime soon than i can pay most of it off but i don't know when that is going to happen so the offer is the best i can do.. A loan may not be a possibility as i had a lot of debts left to me by an ex husband and i had just finished paying them off - typical - so ive not got the best credit rating in the world. Many thanks for the advice Marce x
  7. Hi all Just wondered if you can help. Due to my bank taking over £3500.00 in illegal bank charges (which i am in the process of claiming back) I have defaulted on a £5,000 loan that i took out 3 years ago but it is a secured loan. I have received a litigation oorder and a letter from the local courts telling me that they are applying for a possession order to evict me from my home. I really don't know what to do know. tIve had the house for 20 years and everything else is paid up its just this and i really am frightened i'm going to lose my home. I know its my fault for getting into this mess but is there any way i can try to make an agreement with the loan company or is it too late now its been issued at the courts??? If anyone has any ideas then id be most greatful for some advice. Many thanks Marce
  8. Hi Andy I sent a letter to the NW telling them bout my situation on 28th Feb. Got a response about 2 weeks later - basically sorry but no cheese!! Then i found this site. Sent for statements on 18 th march and they took the full 40 days and a few more to get them to me. I sent my ist prelim on 8th may and they got back to me withing a week to say no dice matey you should've read the small print sort of thing. I phoned the Ombudsman chappie as on here and got a reply within days. Sooooooooooo now they have till the first week in July to get back to me. You would think that they would get the message about all this charges refunds wouldn't you. Deary me i think i feel a interest rate increase from the banks to compensate lol Marce x
  9. Hi received a letter from NW saying they had received the letter of complaint from the ombudsman n saying they are dealing with it ASAP and if i had any probs to contact them at any time - ahhhh thats nice of them! they didnt want to know up to now. Fingers crossed it goes quickly. Marce x
  10. Hi Andrew My claim is for £3500.00. And i had sent a letter to them a few months ago before i found this site explaining my situation and syaing i couln't keep going with all the charges as i was just getting further and further into debt with each missed dd that was down to the charges in the first place!!! They basically sent a sorry but tough s**t letter. And that if i didn't sort out my account they would take action - that was what i was trying to do with them in the first place. I then sent off for my 6 years statements and then sent the first prelim letter. That was on the 8th may. I told the ombudsman guy all this and he said id done the right things then gave me 3 options. Let him deal with it,do nothing or take it to court. I rekon its worth giving them a call. MJ
  11. Hi and thank you for the number. Phoned and talked to a very nice chappie who is sending them a letter of complaint 2nite. Sending me the forms and hopefully they will listen to them. He said something about them having 8 weeks?? have to get a reply by 8th july or another complaint goes in or something. We shall see. He rekons they aren't taking that long tho but they have that as a legal boundry. Fingers crossed and thank you again. MJ
  12. Nice one!! Do you have the address/phone number to this FO please? I may just have to give them a call m.j
  13. Hi Skeggsy yep i only got a list of charges instead of the statements but it had on all i needed so i was quite happy. Marce x
  14. Hi darling I'm so sorry babe that is just s**t! Not alot i can say except i hope this claim goes through very quickly for you and im sure we are all keeping our fingers crossed that something starts to go right for you. Take care Marce x
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