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  1. I phoned curry's and chap on phone told me to enter bois and load defaults which has rectified the problem Labrat they sent me 2 discs out and no i didn't send discs in with laptop for repair as they told me not to.
  2. Hi folks latest is courier eventually picked laptop up from me to be repaired as i phoned them and told them that it had hung on installation. It came back today and on the repair sheet it says that the hdd has been replaced but they have wiped the wireless off now so its still no good for my daughter.:mad: Am i entitled to a full refund now due to all the stress waiting etc and now not working again as i would rather buy one from dell. Please help as to what i can do next.
  3. Discs turned up today straight from the netherlands ;-) Only problem now is i have changed bios to boot from disc inserted 1st dics then inserted 2nd one like it asked and now the screen has hung on the vista boot up screen (please wait) it has now been like this for an hour i have rebooted to be told resuming windows and get the plese wait screen again.:mad: Help please any tech peep out there lol.
  4. Thought i would update you guys on the latest saga. Phoned curry's today as i have now been waiting 12 days for a disc to sent in the post, first chap i spoke to was very helpful and was told by him that this disc has been sent for twice by currys and that he couldnt understand why i still hadnt recieved it but would chase it up and leave another note on his sytem, at this i asked for packard bells number as i would ring them direct. Spoke to a lady in an obvious foreign country who informed me that this disc had not been ordered and that they would not have any intention of sendin
  5. Great news everybody my dad took it back and they have offered to send me out the necessary discs out in the post so all round a superb result. :-D :-D They did ask why we hadn't done the back up disc like it prompted but they told them it was a 12 year olds laptop and that she simply hadn't done it.
  6. After speaking to trading standards and argos they have told me that if it breaks again within then next 6 months they will replace it with another model. So heres waiting for it to break agin as i know it will as it has now broke twice in under 4 months.
  7. My dad has just offered to take it back to curry's to see if they can get it repaired for me so i'll let you know what happens guys. Thankyou all for your help much appreciated watch this space lol.
  8. OP - Provided you are categorically sure that you can NOT start the recovery by any other way, it looks like you'll need to buy the CDs... If you spoke nicely to Currys - it's a long shot - they might reimburse you as a goodwill gesture but I suspect not. I have tried everything mate repair, safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt last known good config. Then tried f8 f10 f11 f12 and absolutely nothing working. One of them threw up the message blah blah system recovered does this mean it has previously been through a recovery as my daughter has now sa
  9. Thanks for all your help and advise. I have found the following link and have sent it to my friend to burn it on his computer as for some reason my daughters pc wont do it can somebody please check and tell me this is the right disc i need to be burning. http://http://support.packardbell.com/uk/item/index.php?i=6945490100
  10. Hi mate like i said in previous post by pressing f10 i get the follwing message Edit windows boot options for windows vista home premium (recovered) Path: \windows\system32\winload .exe Partition: 2 Hard disk: 2c372cdf Followed by a command prompt. Last night i tried burning a disc from the packard bell site to a cd-r disc and it refused point blank even though my daughter has a pc that has a dvdrw drive so i'm going to ask a friend to do it on there pc. Don't think returning it to currys is going to get me anywhere really is it so might just have a go myself.
  11. On choosing option f10 i get the following. Edit windows boot options for windows vista home premium (recovered) Path: \windows\system32\winload.exe Partition: 2 Hard disk: 2c372cdf I'm afraid i didnt take out there whatever happens policy but might take a trip up to currys they can only say no can't they and as like i've said in previous post its not looking like a virus to me although i'm not completely tech savvie but have had a nasty one on mine a few years ago and managed to sort it myself. But this darn laptop wont even boot up.
  12. Already thought of this but can't remember if i did leave my name and address but might take it back anyway as like i've said previosly this shouldnt happen after 4 months and after a bit of research on forums etc it doesn't seem to be a virus issue.
  13. Just tried the f8 repair option mate and it takes me back to error screen looks like i'll just burn a disc and do a reinstall as i'm no way paying £55 for it what i would like to know is how a 12 year old has done this so i can prevent it from happening again as she has had a pc for 2 years now and thats fine but she has a brand new laptop for 4 months and now its gone to puter heaven. Just looks like i'll have to void the warranty now fingers crossed nothing else happens to it but after a long think she only has 6 mths left on the warranty anyway so i might aswell. Thanks for your h
  14. Hi there the laptop does start up to be confronted with the screen error The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered and unexpected error Install Windows The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected Error. Windows Installation cannot proceed,. To install Window, click “OK” to restart the computer, and then restart the installation. Its the Packard bell easynote ALP Ajax c3 when chap was on phone we tried the f8 option in safe mode last known etc and nothing starts it up. When trying to ru
  15. There was virus protection on it the only reason i'm saying this is because thats what i was told by chap on phone, i stupidly assumed he knew what he was talking about.
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