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  1. I cant get above link for excel spreadsheet to work, where else can i get it please.
  2. Bump, can anyone help ??? thanks
  3. At last something to report, My SARS was sent off on the 2nd of March. On the 6th of April, I recieved the following letter along with the listed printouts of my statements, going back to September 2001 Now I have a couple of queries which I hope somebody can help me with. Firstly Lloyds have decided to send me back the statements for only five and a half years, going back to sept 01. They have offered to send all my statements but from the wording of the letter, they seem to imply that they have another 40 days to do this if i request it. Is this the case, surely they havent complied with my original sars letter which asked for all statements within 40 days. What do you suggest i do now. send back their copy letter asking for the rest of my statements, and tell them i am not prepared to wait another 40 days, is their a letter in the library that anyone can recommend. Also has anyone any advice as to whether LLoyds will pay out further back than 6 yrs, or is that the maximum that i should claim for. Any help very much appreciated. Thanks in anticipation
  4. no probs Badmaother, appreciate the help. Thanks Hazy
  5. Fantastic bit of info, thanks this has certainly put my mind at rest somewhat, the least i can do is bump it back to the top to hopefully help someone else along the way. Cheers Hazy
  6. Thanks Janet, I am hopefully gonna be on top of everything. i have set up a pukka filing system so we will see, lol Whilst I hear what you are saying about it not being a loophole i do worry that the banks, will combine and call foul. the goverment in their wisdom coming to their aid, like the 7th Cavalry, Just my pessimistic outlook i'm afraid, lmao Cheers Hazy
  7. Well you know what they say in for a penny in for a pound, or hoefully two or three To be honest, i feel i am very late onto all this and it worries me that with so many doing it, sombody will put an end to it all before i get any of my money back, so decided to throw caution to the wind and fire off SARS to everbody that has stuffed me over the years. There have been times, they have reduced me to tears. well now it's Payback Time. Good luck with oyur claim, and Keep me informed as to how you do magnet.
  8. Thanks Michael. I have now read through FAQ's and purused the site and various threads. I have strted 6 threads and prepared Sar letter for most of my bank accounts and credit cards, so the journey starts here. If anyone has any advice or can offer specific help along the way then please seek out my threads and post away. any advice very gratefully recieved. Thanks in Advance Hazy
  9. Certainly will Janet, Thanks for help all.
  10. Brilliant, Thanks very much to you both for advice. I had read on this site that A & L were closing accounts and had been fined for it. Apparently it seems they are still closing them though i have seen some recent threads on here confirming this. The thing to do i suppose is to take them to court for closing it, althugh it wont get your account back it will get them a heavier fine each time. I will get my SAR done now. Thanks again and please keep in touch, let me know how your claim progresses Badmother, ( I am sure your not really ) lol
  11. Hi I am looking to start a claim against Nationwide, but am unsure as to whether to do so as this is my main current account, c/w Wages paid in, and Direct debits set up for mortgage and Utilities. Does the fact that you make a claim against them automatically mean that they will close your account as others seem prone to doing. I dont know if it mkaes a difference but i have a current account which has been open for many years. and also 3 seperate mortgage accounts. Can anyone tell me how i stand with these. Will they pull the plug on me and will i have to get a new mortgage with someone else. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. I have tried FAQ's but there doesn't aseem to be anything sspecific to my question Many Thanks in Advance Hazy
  12. Thanks Cindy, Thats it done now, SAR in the post recorded delivery. WooHoo the journey starts here
  13. Hi all, I am today sendig off my SAR to Lloyds, TSB. I am fairly new to all this but am currently onto all the banks and credit card companies that have made my life hell over the last few years. :-x Anyone that is pursuing a claim or has been successful i would very much appreciate any help, advice you can give. Anybody starting their process around now, it would be nice to hear from you and hopefully we can compare notes and jolly each other along. Many Thanks in advance. Cheers Hazy
  14. Hello and I wonder if someone can give me a little advice. I have started the ball rolling with a few credit cqrd companies, ie Nationwide credit card Morgan stanley MBNA and Alliance and Leicester b/society. After bringing up 2 kids and spending what seems to be the last few years living from hand to mouth despite a full time job, I know only too well how credit card companies and banks prey on the vulnerable and stuff you at each and every opportunity. Well now thanks to the help i am receiving on this site it is Payback Time. The advice i require is this :: Having sorted out a few of my other credit cards it appears they are all RBS cards albeit under a different guise, Mint etc. Now i have left RBS to last as they are my major debtor. Does anyone know what happens when you make a claim against them. re closing account. demanding cards to be paid up etc. It is just that i am sure they owe me a lot of money though i am not sure i would be able to pay off the balance in one go, and obviously dont want to commit financial suicide. Also do i send SAR request to Southend Address. Finally. They are obviously a Scottish Company. based in Southend. Are they covered by Scottish or English law. as this may determine how many months/Years i can claim for. I would really appreciate any help you may be able to give as i cant seem to find much on the site re RBS credit cards, only their bank accounts. Thanks in advance Hazy
  15. Called theem today and they have tld me that my account is still open. They couldnt give me my account number over the phone (data protection) apparently. So i have sked that they send me a new card as soon as possible. From this i will then be able to send a SaARS letter to them. I will keep you informed. Hazy
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