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  1. Just an update, recieved the court papers today stating that they were now deemed served. The clock is ticking... Just for all you people who have already taken the H SoB's on did you get a defence filed, do they usually go to court? The threads that I seem to pick out to read are from poor souls who have ended up with barristers representing the Halifax in court.
  2. Thanks for your replies guys! Will compose a suitable letter tomorrow.
  3. Great another chance to get stuck with a fine/penalty... Just thought I'd let you all know I was outside Lloyds TSB and Natwest in Maidstone town center yesterday. I handed out 15 sheets of the tear off tabs. I also "littered" a few across the banks fourecourt area. I had the branch manager of Natwest come out and move me on after I spoke to several customers queueing in there! Everyone was genuinely interested. An old chap I met in his 60's seemed quite passionate about this too. Ted was his name I don't think he could even use a computer from the way he was talking let alone navigate his way here, but he quoted me "The young man knows the rules but the old man knows the exceptions” He gave me a pat on the back and moved on. Good luck Ted!
  4. Hi there can anyone help me with this PCN is there anything wrong with it?
  5. Hello all, Can anyone spot anything wrong with this ticket? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The date of issue notice date of contravention part seems to be ok.
  6. I'll give these a go, wonder if I should litter the writing rests and tables in the banks with them. Lol.. Is there anything a bit more meaty? CAG offers a lot of other fantastic advice than just Bank Charges. To be honest it is by far the best forum for consumer rights anywhere in the country, yet only a relatively small part of the populous know about it.
  7. Hi all, Just wondered if there was any official CAG leaflets or fliers doing the rounds. Anything that could be done to raise awareness would be good, pretty much everyone I know now has come to have a look at CAG. I wouldn't mind handing out fliers or leaflets in town on saturday afternoons.... I'm sure the banks would be over the moon!
  8. Checked with MCOL my claim was issued on 2nd May.. I guess it will be served by tuesday then? (Or do we count saturdays?) Its exciting all this court business!
  9. Keep ploughing on. They will cave in eventually, they have no choice!
  10. Nice! I've been wondering if I should bother getting back all my old Capital One statements too! Have not had the card for the past 5 years but I know there was an awful lot of charges on there. Also I've just written a prelim letter to my current flexible mortgage. I'm a little worried about this, has anyone done it? I have looked on here and no one has tried with the oneaccount as far as I can see. Could they just shut my mortgage account down? I'm sure its a little more complicated than that isn't it? CAG is in line for a big donation if I start actions against all my previous creditors!
  11. They just get you so worked up don't they. Believe me I know how your feeling and I feel for you. Go get em!
  12. How far back are you claiming? They are going to be mighty upset when I start another action against them aren't they? he he
  13. While I was at work today more statements have turned up from an account I held with the Haliprats from 1996 til 2002. Have read some of the threads on claiming back beyond 6 years. Anyone reckon I shoudl give this ago there is almost £1500 worth of charges!!!
  14. Hi everyone... Been reading these forums for a while and realised I hadn't actually posted yet. So here goes Bank Charges of £1246 Prior to finding this site I requested 6 years worth of statements and paid the princely sum of £5 back in feb I recieved these statements and then I stumbled across CAG. I diligently read the guides and decided I did not need to send a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) as I had the necessary info and continued. 20 march sent prelim letter tracked as delivered and signed for 22nd march. No reply recieved. Sent LBA 16th April ( I know I didn't stick to my deadlines here! oops) Delivered 17th April Standard Reply recieved 18th April Have done nothing until today. I thought I would try and make contact before I submitted my MCOL claim. Have spent around 3 hours of my day going from pillar to post, ****it appears all the geographic no's in the contacts section do not work anymore *** Shortened version is they kept hitting me with the fact the FSA say they have 8 weeks to sort out a complaint and basically told me they weren't the people who could make me and offer (this was customer relations on 08457 25 35 19 opt 2 1 even though the phone message says they deal with charges claims.) So here with my bank charges claim I am about to file a claim with MCOL I must Say I have been trying to deal with halifax Credit Cards as well and I am finding Halifax as a whole VERY obstructive and awkward. I sent a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) for my credit card on the 20th March and as of today have still not recieved anything back from them. They have presented my cheque and it cleared at the beggining of April. I have called them in the meantime (27th April) and they advised they would mark it as urgent and get it out to me as soon as possible. When i called back today I got a particularly offensive woman called Danielle who sneered at my threat to report them for a breach of the data protection act, who then advised her manager said "just go ahead and report us, nothing will happen anyway" and was promptly hung up upon. In addition to this a 2 hour wait for customer relations has left me feeling very fustrated, it has taken all my resolve to remain very calm and patient with people on the phone but just snapped at my other half for disturbing my call with Halifax... why can't they be more helpful?!?!?!?
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