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  1. hi, they initially obtained a ccj, no i did not go to court then. I subsequently applied, went to court and had it set aside. it appears that some 6 months later i was required to submit further documents to the court, within a certain time frame. i do not recall getting this request/ order subsequently the ccj was re instated
  2. hi, lowell took over my debt to MBNA they obtained a ccj, which i initially had set asside, then , i dont know how for sure, but they had it re instated. then they had a charging order made against my property. i have just had an estate agent on to value my house!!!! and now, just received a letter , they are now looking for a forced sale, etc any advice and help please thanks tot
  3. Hi , I have received statutory demand from RED. it looks a bit official, arrived in a printed letter envelope - through the post box with a bundle of my other post. not by hand or even recorded. No reference to any court address. How do I know if its real. If it is real where do I apply to have it set aside? thank you.worried :-|
  4. TOT

    Tot V Abbey/ Link

    Hi again When i rang back, i spoke to a different chap, In fairness, I was already on the attack, as I felt very strongly that his colleaque should not have refered to my son in any way whatsoever. My son (20+) does not have, or ever had any dealings with Abbey Bank , Credit card or Link in any shape or form. I can only guess that they got his name off the electoral roll. I asked this chap ( nicely at first ) to record my displeasure, in the strongest possible way, thay i was really not happy with my sons name being referred to on my phone message. he said SO WHAT! and started to rabbit on.!!! This really was red rag to a bull. I then gave him a pice of my mind in uncertain terms!!!!! PS. it is a bank account
  5. HI BEWARE OF THIS ONE !!!! just had a "very nice" - really pleasant message left on my mobile. reference -my xxxx address ,yyy street uk / Would Mr. or Mrs XXX or Mr . YYYY ( my son !!!!!) please ring me so that i can help you,reference house yyy address. I thought that sounds odd - who wants to help me. So I rang BACK -- BIG MISTAKE !!!BIG MISTAKE !!!! LINK FINANCIAL HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you doing about the £XXXX debt you owe to abbey -- so much for their nicy nicy message on my mobile BLOODY CRAFTY WAY TO GET ME TO RING THEM BACK !!!! This caught me by surprise a bit , said i would ring them back later - which i did I gave this some thought , rang them back.but wait a minute they should NOT , NOT INVOLVE MY SON. so I had a real go at the guy over it he got really SH!TY had to hang up in the end
  6. I have recently received a tax demand from the taxman saying I owe £50k+!! from 2001.(yes 2001) I am self employed , at that time my accounts were prepared and submitted by my, then, accountant. At that time I was living in "affordable subsidised housing". my current accountant says I cannot appeal due to the time delay. any ideas please.
  7. TOT

    Tot V Mbna

    RIGHT, I had a court date arranged to request, that MBNA be ordered to hand over the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) info as requested. - 7 days before the court date surprise, surprise - the info arrived. GREAT. I duly notified the court and MBNA that the court and the hearing was cancelled. MBNA now claim they were not notified and are now, SUING ME FOR THIER COSTS!!!!! bloody cheek!!
  8. TOT

    Youngeman vs MBNA

    RE Interest rate on my statements it says 1.38 per month. is this 16.56 per annum? or have I done it wrong thanks
  9. TOT

    Tot V Mbna

    HI,tot v mbna has gone a bit quiet. I have served the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) and the non compliance, all recorded. I have proof of delivery etc. I have only recieved acknowledgment from them 8 weeks blah, blah, nothing else. - in short they are ignoring me. I have telephoned both my local courts ,- at least 3 times , visited the one court twice, with a duly completed NI from. But try as I mite THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. I also took a copy of the guidance letter of this site. They are insistent that they will only accept the application on a N244 form. Help please. tot.
  10. HI ALLYXIA CONGRATULATIONS! I have a request for a ccj set aside hearing coming up what information did you use/ rely on many thanks
  11. TOT

    Tot V Mbna

    I have just spoken to the Information commissioner's office THEY ARE VERY, VERY INTERESTED. They have asked me to forward all of my details, - or lack of them they "are aware of vast numbers of complaints about certain firms" they are going to get a visit!!!!! here is their telephone number 08456 306060
  12. TOT

    Tot V Mbna

    right, just visited my local court. Seeking an order "making them hand over the information as per my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) request" The clerk of the court is adamant that a CPR Part 8 form, must be used , NOT an N1 form. Also, they gave me a booklet on court fees (EX 50), Page 2, fees "if claim is for anything other than money" ie an order as in my case, the fee is £150. Also they state that TWO copies of all correspondence must be supplied with the claim, so that one copy can be forwarded on to the defendant ( in case they want to dispute the granting of an order) Your experiences would be appreciated
  13. TOT

    Tot V Mbna

    Non compliance 7 day letter issued -time is up just prepared a N1 court form spoke to court, they are saying N1 may be the wrong form? on the form I have asked the court to make an order, ordering that the information be handed over. I have enclosed copies of ALL letters and proof of posting and delivery signatures etc is N 1 the correct court form also, they stated the fee is £120? Just spoken to another court, they said use n244 - now confused thanks:confused:
  14. robc They have done exactly the same with me, I received my letter today I am fighting for the whole lot!! which is the best template for refusal?
  15. update received letter today, usual crap, you agreed terms and conditions blah, blah, blah. "But as gesture of goodwill I am prepared to refund HALF of the amount of the total sum of overlimit and late payment charges that have been applied to your account. I am currently retreiving copies of your statements and will advise you of the exact amount I am prepared to refund. In addition I can confirm that Monument will NOT be refunding interest charges that have accrued on the fees outlined above". I guess I should wait for the offer, then reject it, if it doesn't add up keep you informed thanks
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