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  1. Thanks Aviator, I've pm'd you again as I can't read the front sheet. Hope you can help. As far as reclaiming CCI, on the 'so easy a monkey can do it' site (don't know whether I should mention the name) people are suggesting that only the 8% interest is claimed as Cap One are less likely to pay up if contractual interest is claimed and there have been very few cases of the courts allowing it. Surely if the interest charged on the charges is not reclaimed, the full amount taken unlawfully is not being recovered. Debs
  2. Can anyone help re spreadsheet to reclaim the interest Cap One have charged on the charges? Debs
  3. Hi, Read your thread with interest as I also started my claim last year. I was hoping to reclaim the interest paid to Cap One on the penalties, but having spent hours trying to find the appropriate spreadsheet - I'm now close to giving up and just claiming the 8%, particularly after reading the replies to your thread. So are you just including the charges with your LBA and then adding on the 8% when you put in the court claim? Debs01
  4. I have just found the Vampiress's chamber which has compounded contractual interest but the pages won't open. Any suggestions? Debs
  5. I was just about to enter my figures into the advanced excel spreadsheet for credit cards, but the front info says it does not compound the interest charged on the penalties - is there a spreadsheet template that does this? Debs
  6. Steven, I have looked at the Interest tutorial which has cleared up a lot of the queries I had originally on what interest to include in my claim. My problem now is that Cap One repaid £112 in overlimit fees and £110 in late fees in May 2007 as a response to my original letter. How do I deduct these from the calculations? Do I take them off the total or off each individual charge starting from the earliest? Which would be the best way if I want to reclaim the interest they have charged on the charges? Debs
  7. Thanks Aviator, I think I do have more charges - but haven't checked yet. I may need someone to check my calculations as I intend to reclaim the compounded interest which was charged on the charges, then add the 8% interest on top. Has anyone done this successfully? Debs
  8. Thanks for your replies Saintly and Steven, I did send an LBA when I started this in 2007. Is it necessary to send another one - or just go straight to court? Deb
  9. Hi, I started my claim for £690 plus interest against Capital One in April 2007. They refunded £222 into my Cap One account in July 2007. I wrote thanking them for the payment on account and gave them a futher 7 days to refund the balance. They wrote back saying that they were sorry that I felt their offer was unacceptable and said I had 6 months in which to contact the Financial Ombudsman. Unfortunately other priorities (sorting out our accounts for tax man!!) took over and I am now returning to the bank/Credit card charges issue!! Is it too late to take them to court as it is over a year since that letter? Should I write to them again warning that I am going to take court action or just do it? Please advise Thanks debs01
  10. Hi, I sent off a 14 day letter to Natwest yesterday and have now discovered this news!! I only claimed for the last 6 years charges although I have statements showing charges back to 2000, so I have not claimed for approx £350.00. Is it too late to claim? Should I send a revised letter or another letter? Please advise. Thanks debs
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