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  1. have received letter from halifax stating that they are still investigating matter and will let me know before the 4th May, foned them this morning and they advised the same thing, am just about to try and put a claim form through as relocating to ireland just after the end of the month so the money would come in very handy. not very confident about filling the form in to be quite honest, found a website called moneyclaim.gov.uk and they take you through process but unsure of how to deal with the fees and stuff
  2. right sent LBA and is now 14 days from sending letter, need to now think about court action but not sure how to start sorting this out even though all the forms are on this site. The initial response from halifax was 8 weeks response so sent the 14 day LBA. today is 14 days and have had no response, tried to fone to chase and seem to be stuck in a queue, obviously need to go to next state of court claim but not sure how to go about it. can someone please help me
  3. ok have received statements, sent off initial letter for refund and been advised it will take 8 weeks, so i carried on as advised by looking through the forum and sent the LBA on the 22nd March , I am unsure of how to progress now as the 14th day from the LBA letter will be tommorow even though Halifax have advised it could take 8 weeks. wot do i do is it worth phoning them
  4. i have received the letter stating 8 weeks aswell and not sure if i should send the 14 day chase letter or not, cannot seem to find anything relating to this on the forum, have you had any advice
  5. hiya guys any fellowe Halifax or HSBC claimers can you advise if you have had any luck claiming lately as received a ltter last week saying that there is an 8 week wait for investigation purposes are they trying to pull a fast one and should i send the second letter or not, really confused
  6. just sent letter off with excel sheets of charges, bring it on lets see what happens
  7. thanks for your advice will give it a go and see wot happens
  8. i am just in the process of filling out my excel spreadsheet with the full amount of the charges that i have been charged but should i be taking off £5.00 which should be the standard charge for being overdrawn or shall i just go for the full amount of the charge in total
  9. i know what you mean my husband reckons knowing our luck we won't get a penny back and we are wasting our time or we will end up in court but you don't know if you don't try:p
  10. if you go to home page and click on the changing banner when it asks abtou FAQs it will take you to a page that as you scroll down has different areas and one of them is a letters archive.
  11. sorry guys it is ok found the letters section on website and just about to work out my interest through the excel sheets provided wish me luck with next stage of money chase
  12. i have just received my statements on friday and have worked out how much they owe me in charges but not sure how to work out my interest and where to find the template letters in this site as a bit new to all this forum millarky any help would be greatly appreciated. sorry but want to get this on the way
  13. i sent it at the end of january and in theory the statements should be arriving any day now as it will be well over 40 days
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