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  1. just sent my first letter to abbey,card cut up and sent back,to wait now....
  2. update:eventualy the money came through,less £800,amazingly,we had the insurance for 9 months,and because of this the amount back is affected,after i complained to them about the less amount and how on the aggreement we had with them it states after quater of the term it reduces to £200 less,half £400 less,3 quaters £600 less,all stating in the agreement when the insurance and loan started,the actual term we took it out for was ten years we had it for 9 months and lose £800,really dont understand how this is correct acording to our credit aggreement.im sorry if this sounds confusing,but i do need advice as to a next step,
  3. :? :? my question is how much time do i give and what are my rights in this situation,took out a loan with sppl,this included a personal insurance with mms.paid the loan back early including the personal insurance,which was £1900,everything was repayed back to them,now,i knew from a previous loan the insurance money was due to come back to me,i waited 4 weeks then contacted the insurance company-mms to find my account was still active with them,i then contacted sppl who said to put in writing i wanted the ins cancelled,they supplied address and contact details,so i wrote them a letter(recorded)week later phoned them they said they held on to the letter not knowing they had arranged the insurance for us,(wierd!)they shouldve known,they apologised and sent it straight away via e-mail to mms,now me still waiting... 2 weeks later still nothing phoned them up again!they said they were waiting for the exact figure(to me i have the contract and didnt use the policy,so why check the figures should be the amount they were paid back)anyway to cut long story shorter,ive had these excuses-finance dept hasnt got back to them,still waiting for a reply..........blahblah,the best one was it takes 4weeks for it to come back to me,its been 6!!ive contacted fsa about this,mms,im at a total loss of what i can do or say to push it along.any advice ?
  4. raffy

    Saab 9-5

    i agree with the first post of getting an itemised bill from the garage involved,this then should show what you have to pay for,especially if they destroyed your engine and had to get a recon one,did you go to saab main dealer? as i put mine in for a service that started at £134.00,and ended up being £550.00 due to parts that couldve been repaired elsewhere cheaper.
  5. THE,only thing i can add although small was when we had the charging order i was worried about the interest being added,according to my f,advisor there was interest being added to my order vary small amount over the course of a year but was there,i am also sorry to hear about your husband i wish sometimes these institutions would see past giving people worries,
  6. many many thanks,will do,i couldnt understand why i a companies asked for a settlement fig and given this,and then turn around for an extra amount,im so glad i found this website and had some advice,was intending to arr payment for this,thinking how could they make a mistake,(and thats how stupid i am!!!!)the dca is equifax never heard of them before,its constant phone calls from them that are so infuriating and embarrasing,i will be writing to b.o.s and want to thank you for your valuable advice,
  7. raffy

    Saab 9-5

    £1700 inc vat is alot to pay for a timing belt to be done,that price is about double what a saab dealer wouldve charged,check the vin plate,the v5,and the engine number,
  8. dont know if i explained all this properly,i took out a loan to settle 2 debts,1 for b.o.s and another seperate one,the settlement figure from bank of scotland was requested by the loan company and a cheque forwarded on to me to send to them,which i did,2 months later had a letter from them requesting that there was £400 outstanding on the debt,(bearing in mind i keep all records,and keeping the redemption letter and what was paid and to whom from loan company) from this came a telephone call from b.o.s saying it was £807.33 im sorry if this sounds confusing and not explaining in my previous threads
  9. going through my records i can see from the date given on the letter they sent the payment was sent 2 months after this,does this make a difference? and is that the reason why their chasing me for the £807.33? the debt collection agency just says theyve brought the debt from b.o.s and when asked for the acc no they didnt have it,and still they phone....
  10. yep twas truly a mess! im not saying its illegal,going on my own past experiences i have been able to contact companies and for them to be able to discuss my account even when closed and ended,and whilst in the hands of debt coll agencys,seems very odd to me as i thought these companies always keep your records on file for a fair while,what id prob do is yet again although i realize pain,would write to hfc yet again (sending rec delivery)for your records, the other thing i cant understand is they didnt give you a chance to submit any form of payment reg this,i was always under the assumption that the first step was jusdgement,progressing after this,i truly believe hfc is the one id deal with only for the fact that is who you had the aggrement with despite them saying its been sent to tfi,failing this id prob do what lookforinfo says complain to the ico about breach of the dpa,have you still got the copy of agreement from hfc? i do know what your going through thou with the charge,you always find theres something thatll come to mind.
  11. dont know if this advice is meaningful to you but.its a read if not,bout 2 years ago took out a secured loan against property,took this out to cover 2 debts-1 which was for £2204.00,and another for £1456,as these were sent to me i sent them off,1 being late had to ask for a new one to be sent to me.they did,sent this off,but got sent right back by the compancy concerned saying theyd received the amount needed,stupid me due to having a f.a that wasnt correct with his advice,hung onto the chq.the loan company then contacted myself saying they wanted the chq back,by then it had been spent(silly me)they then proceeded along the lines of getting solicitors involved aking me to court for a judgement,an agreement was made,utill 1 month they received the amount 2 days late and said it was going to court for a charge to be made against the house, now to avoid this i felt had no choice but to take out a further loan,aying off the whoe thing to stop the intermin charge going ahead,this being the whole debt owing for the 1st secured loan,fine,all paid have a new secured loan different company,except!as i paid off the whole amount owing to the secured loan compay inc the judgement,the solicitor had no details passed on via the loan company,so yep! it went to court regardless,charge put on house,i was worried sick to think of the cherge and the interest growing everyday,and all because two companys couldnt communicate,so id paid the wrong people,id assumed as the debt was with loan company theyd receive the money,how was i supposed to know?anyhow had the charge took a remorgage to cover this as totally had enuf of this looming over my head,and guess what the new morg company checked the land reg and after 4 or 5 months of worrying there was nothing to be found!!id had all the court papers to prove this was going to court,v strange...!my advice to you would be before you pay anything,go straight towher you got this debt and then notify the debt coll agency as soon as you have made the arr to pay,and also chack land reg just to be sure,honestly dont know if this is any use but its there,
  12. sony did say about the charger,but dont use the same power point (u did have a good point thou)when i went into comet on thurs they phoned sony up and sony did say if i know someone around to see if their battery worked with my unit,but as id had enough did say i wasnt prepared to do this as its not my job to run around anymore,already used my phone bill to phone comet and sony up.at the end of the day all i could see was id purchased something with receipt,and id gone down their route of being prepared to get it fixed,(as it stated on the receipt)and was not getting what i paid for,and after a phon call it was one that had -slipped through the net from the manufactuer,the last one i dont know,but,you did have a good point and i do understand some people do use the same outlet through habit or convenience,
  13. i can produce that letter,and the proof of paying what thier figure was ex the £807.33,what annoys me is looking through records (from which i keep all) receiving countless letters from various people how on earth would someone know who to pay the payment to? thanks to mollington for replying to my advice,much appreciated.
  14. well!!!!didnt have to wait long for headoffice to phone me,they did today went into my local store and picked up my new psp!!!! may be only a psp but i am well overjoyed!!!!!!! many many thanks to rosie cotton,and everyone else who helped me,
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