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  1. @citizenB and clint I had the same response as you clint and was a final response. So FOS is now on case and I m helpful as Wonga did nothing but prove very difficult in providing the information required. and yeas I genuinly believed their campaigns of rebuilding credit. so I m hopeful. I also noticed that 71% FOS of cases against wonga were in favour of customer last year for obvious reasons because at the end of the day we the customers didnt do anything wrong but they did plenty.
  2. Hi citizenB, I m trying to do the same. I genuinely believed "Wonga does wonder for your credit" and I thought it will rebuild my credit score. The score it has improved yet no mortgage lender would give me a mortgage. I have been in touch with Wonga and asked for gesture of good will. They have sent me a final response saying that is not their responsibility on how other lenders view their loans and they will not remove any data from Experian or Call Credit. What infuriates me is that if I had defaulted and not pay them back apparently they removed that data but because I paid them back in time and in full they are further ruining my credit. I took that loan in 2013 before we heard all about this problems. I took my complaint to the FOS but not hopeful and trying to prove affordability and misseling . Another statement Wonga was making at the time was that the loans are "confidential"....So how are they confidential when their mark on credit file will stay there for even 10 years? By than I d be too old to buy a house so it will simply push me into poverty probably and it is in did undue hardship so I do hope FOS will be able to help. If not I will take them to court because I do feel strongly I was missold, lied to and not really protected in any way
  3. Right this is now getting serious. Because of this inaccurate data keeping I ve been turned down by a mortgage broker. Guys I seen a lot of posts RE Section 10/12 of Data Protection. I never signed an agreement with Eon or they have not informed me in writting about registering this late payments? Also as I said the data is truly inaccurate. The date of the start of contract is wrong, now is showing I m on an arrangement to pay but I m not and no settled S were placed when I paid in full. Anyone knows a solicitor or someone who can help me remove Eon from my credit file? I am now looking to move suppliers and send them the letter forbiding them to share any more information. Thanks for any help or links to letters I can send
  4. Hi Eon, Thank you for the info I think I might need to see citizens advice or a solicitor about it to be honest because the way you report is utterly inaccurate and not up to date! In such causing me problems. Is not even the 6 mark or the 4 which is now more than 2 years old is the fact that an S has not been recorded even though I settled the bill in full as soon as I was back home and also there is no payment arrangement in place. Everything is on direct debit and I m paying in advance now. So true reality is EON if you want to report do it by all means but dont report just the bad! Well there s no choice but to give up the ideea or buying a place for the moment.
  5. no hope with eon DX I sent them GOGW and the reply was short and is a No. I am just extremly annoyed that now being in credit is not reported so they only report late payments and than dont update the report for months. How is that fair?
  6. Hi thanks again DX I ll search forums for GOG. Not only that but I wa stuck to a hospital bed almost the whole year. Was really not able to sort it out and they were told
  7. Hi DX there is no default. I was really sick and no family so made an arrangement with them to pay it an cleared it up when I got better. Is EON But they are ruining my report because now I m in credit with them but they are not updating that Thank you
  8. Hi, Can I take a company to court for not keeping accurate data on the account on equifax? Also the information on the account is misleading. The start date of the account is wrong. I was late 6 payments a few years back. They marked the first late payment as 4 in red which means I was 4 payments late. Than I had a green up to date followed by a red 6. Surely if I had a green after the 4 it meant I paid? And I believe I did and than the next month they add another record as red with more missed payments? Even worst after that even though I settled the account they marked the rest in grey with a cross U. From what I can tell this company is obliged to keep up to date accurate data. Can I argue that they dont keep it accurate and some information is missleading and is causing me problems. This is the only late payment on my account now and I cant get a mortgage because of it. I sent the company letters of good will and they were quite rude back. Thanks for any advice .[ATTACH=CONFIG]52692[/ATTACH]
  9. Hi Thanks for the answer I thought that is the case. I ll switch utility suppliers. Am I right in saying that late payments dont stay on the record for 6 years?
  10. Hi I have red trough the forums and hope to find a solution. In summer 2012 I had a major surgery and was in an out hospital. Being alone I missed some payments to EON. I have tried to ask them as a gesture of good will and was prepared to send them proof of my surgery. They replied politely that the snwer is now they will not remove the 2 late markers from the equifax file. I am however confused as the account was in order prior to June 2012 there were no records from EON on equifax at all. The moment the payment was late they placed the red mark. Also I remember seeing a letter when I was out of hospital in the autumn advising that a default was going to be recorded and by than the debt was settled. So all the months before June 2012 when payments were made were not recorded in green and than they start with a red mark? That does not seem right to me. From my understanding I will have to cancel my contract with them in writing, move to a different supplier and than argue with equifax to remove the late markers? Any advise much appreciated. EON has made it clear they will not remove them and I am now getting declined for mortgages I apply for. Anything else on my file is good.
  11. Or even better can I make a claim in court for harresment and moral damages or I need a solicitor. Anyone can recomend me one?
  12. Hi they are about to take me to court. I refuse to pay because they doubled up the amount owed. Also I left lifestylefitness after three months because: 1. They did not provided me with the right induction for weight lifting so I had an accident and my back is slightly damaged. They were also supposed to give me a diet programe and a fitness programe. Never happened. Further more they falsely made me sign a form I completed the induction but I was under the impression that there will be an induction for tredmills (which I did and signed the form) and another one for weight lifting. Now they say they provided me with induction. Lie I have a witness. So crs got very heavy from threataning to sent someone around to calling my work and leaving a message with a colleague to call them urgently back. That was 5 minutes after they called my home. The message they left stated that he was calling from crs. My colleague knew they re a debt collection and I was ashamed because he told everyone and I think that was crs intention. Can I represent myself or I need a solicitor? They stressed me so much that I had a lot of sick days and because of that I was not promoted or get a pay rise and almost got sacked. Sleepless nights too.
  13. Hi no letter of asignment. First letter was from CRS saying that they going to send someone around. I m not sure I can prove I did my back at the gym. Fact is they never did the weight lifting induction. Only running machines and rowing. Now I know how I hurt myself but I dont think I can prove it. I spoke with CRS as the called all day. They say their charges are in the TC and they will send me a copy. I guess I ll have to pay. but is a huge difference betwen 320 what I owe them if I went for the rest of the year and 680. what they are claiming now.
  14. Hi all I was a member of Life style fitness in Lightwater. After 4 months I got a vad back due to lifting weights the wrong way so I stoped going and stopped the direct debit. Now I am being chased by CRS Credit Services Limited. The total amount of the contract was 480 for one year and I asked them when I opened the account to to do automatic renewal. Now CRS claims fees of 160 and some other fees they say are because I stiped the direct debit. I was a member for 4 months before I stoped going. so 480-160=320 What should I do? I havent been to a doctor thinking is going to get better my back but is getting worst. I had a letter on Firday with bold red letters that unless I pay 680 they will send someone called face2face around my home and they will be extra charges added. Also this morning they called me at home first 11:28 a message left by Ben. Is recorded on my phone. Few minutes later they called me at work. Same person. And my colloeague put them on. What should I do? I promise to let you know the outcome but please help. I cant afford this money.
  15. Hi, I was thinking of claiming back the ppi for this two credit cards because I just red the terms and conditions again. They state that if I am self employed they will only pay out if I am going into insolvency although when I took the ppi with mbna I was made to believe that it fully covers self employed persons. I think is a case of misseling because if you are out of work as self employed you dont neccesarily need to go banckrupt. Am I right? I looked at the Loyds TSB card case and it looks I might have a chance. Thanks
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