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  1. Got a letter from Capital One this morning giving us the full amount due. So that £700 makes up for yesterday!
  2. That's Fantastic Nicole!!!!!!!!! I'm really pleased for you. Congratulations! :D
  3. I've been kinda ignoring the kids all morning so I'm taking them out for a bit. Back later.
  4. It's a bit of a phaf on but we can't lose. Thankyou all of you who have been listening and posting today. I really appreciate your support. Its been an exciting morning
  5. Steve's just popped back to drop off a copy of the fax **** sent the court. they are saying that they did not recieve notice that they were in court today.The judge said that was rubbish as they sent the fax. they are disputing the charges debited from the account. That's easily remedied. so I'll draft a letter and send another charges schedule with copies of the statements. Both parties have 7 days to file a new schedule of charges There has been a stay until 28th July to attempt settlement. Then it's back to court
  6. He's a hero. The money we're getting back is mostly going towards our wedding. Been together for 9 years, never been able to afford a wedding but we're getting married in October. The more we win back - the bigger the cake
  7. It been a rollercoaster so far. But I think you're right
  8. We might have to wait another couple of weeks but we will get it all.
  9. It sounds like judge will make them pay up.
  10. Phew. I'm relieved that it's not bombed completely
  11. I'm not to sure of exactly what was said. We'll have to wait for the transcriipt to be sent out. Or at least until Steve gets home. ( not for some time. He's straight back to work, he's cooking for a table of 22 tonight)
  12. The judge has ajourned for 2 weeks. She said to send a letter asking for the rest. If we dont recieve this amount then it's back to court.
  13. Right. Steve's out of the court. The judge was a lovely lady who was not happy with SC&M. They sent a fax saying that they would pay £800 to steves bank. Not good. We're claiming 1400.
  14. I'd added an expenses sheet to the bundle anyway. loss of earnings, stationary,ink, time spent on bundle.
  15. i've sent him a text to tell the judge what sc&m have said. PMA
  16. still nothing to report. I think the judge will just award the amount as all cases have been settled before court. surely he will see that it is sloppyness on their behalf.
  17. No worries Christina. I've got 3 more cards to claim on. If this one doesn't go as planned then the next ones will be a military assault
  18. Do you think lloyds are simply overwhelmed by people claiming or do you think it's deviousness?
  19. What a shame for Steve. he watched me get my money back from HSBC very easily and again from a credit card. so when i said we could do his it seemed straightforward. we never expected things to go this far. Naive eh?
  20. He sounded very quiet and very worried
  21. If he gets tongue tied could the judge throw it out?
  22. spoke to Steve. He has spoken to SC&M. All they said is that no one will be representing them and that basically he's won but he still has to go before the judge to present his case.
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