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  1. On 4th December I requested and received a judgment against Barclays for my claim of £3083 + £120 costs. This was on the basis that despite an aknowledgment of the claim, no defence had been entered , and the 28 days from claim service date had expired. Yahoo! Sit back and wait for payment! Shortlived joy however, on 6th December received another letter from the court to say that judgment had been set aside. Due to a system error Barclays response entered prior to judgment had not been registered. I rang the court for an explanation and they say that Barclays have an acknowledgment o
  2. I used the stuff from the library, just tarted it up a little into my own word doc format. Seemed to do the trick!
  3. Sorry no posts for a while, I have been without t'internet for a while. Anyway the good news, Cahoot (Abbey National actually) sent me a cheque settling my claim in full , with 2 days to go before the hearing on NOV 22. I guess this thread should be moved to 'Cahoot successes' anyone tell me how to do that please ?
  4. I have my court date. 22nd November. I have to send copies of my supporting evidence to the court and the defendants no less than 14 days before this date. This gives me just over 2 weeks to prepare and submit some credible case documenatation. Sufficient to beat Cahoot into submission hopefully. Any suggestions where to start please ?
  5. Still no court date received! My impatience got the better of me so I rang the court to find out what is happening. I was told that the judge has my case, but is reviewing it together with all the other bank charges claims they have with a view to making a joint decision ! Anyone heard of this before, what can they mean ?
  6. I resubmitted the spreadsheet together with a full wriitten explanation of what it represents. (even though I thought it was self-explanatory) I haven't heard anything more, but as Saturday 9th was the deadline for the schedule to be filed, I am guessing that a court date will be forthcoming shortly. :o
  7. I rang the court, and it transpires that they have my charges spreadsheet 'on file'. The request for details comes form the Judge who will have seen the spreadsheet and either does not understand it or is not happy about something! Any suggestions for an explanation of what the spreadsheet represents?
  8. Abby, Yes, I claimed via Moneyclaim. ...and yes I attached a copy of the charges spreadsheet to the Court allocation questionaire, with reference to it 'other information' box. I also emailed a copy of the charges spreadsheet and the questionaire to Cahoot's solicitors. I looked on Moneyclaim for the form you mentioned but I don't see it. Will I need a form to resubmit it? Or can I just post it to the Court manager quoting my claim number? :-|
  9. |I have today received a letter from the court about my claim. 'General Form of Judgment or Order' Upon reading the file IT IS ORDERED THAT The Claimantshall by no later than 4.00pm on 6 September 2006 file and serve a schedule showing precisely how the sum claimed has been calculated and the dates and sums involved on each occasion when sums have been debited to the Claimants account during the period the subject of the claim. Dated 09 August 2006 I did return a copy of the 8% spreadsheet detailing all the debits with my questionaire, so I am left wondering wh
  10. Thanks all for your advice & opinions. Whilst agreeing with Chimera that they are unlikely to pay a partial settlement, I think I will respond with an acceptance of the 50% "goodwill" offer but NOT in full and final settlement. My own "goodwill" gesture would be to drop the case for 100% settlement + costs. My reasoning being that it's probably better to keep a dialogue going, at least to let them know it's only their money I want, not their head-on-a-stick. It's only business after all.
  11. Got a letter yesterday, on deadline day for return of the court allocation questionaire, from Cahoot's solicitor, to say that they had returned theirs. They also stated that the 50% offer was still open, and invited me to reurn the acceptance note sent previously. I am planning to write back to say that I can accept their 'goodwill' offer of 50% settlement but that I will be claiming back the other 50% on the allocated court day. Is this the right thing to do or should I just ignore them ? cheers, willybobs
  12. Hi All, I am currently claiming £700 + court costs after rejecting CAHOOT's offer of 50% + costs to drop the case. I returned my Court Allocation Questionaire a couple of weeks ago (emailed a copy also to Cahoot's solicitor). The deadline for the questionaire expired today and I don't know yet if Cahoot have filed theirs. If they have, I am presuming I will get a court date soon. If not does anyone know if this constitutes a win by default ? The defence they have entered by the way, centres around their belief that they must be entitled to charge 'something' to recover costs and that
  13. Thanks zootscoot. Matjw, read the 'how to make posts' sticky thread in this forum. cheers
  14. Just introducing myself, I have just completed and returned the court allocation questionaire, after Abbey National entered a defence against my £700 claim. They offered me a 50% refund + my £80 claim fee, and their defence seems to consist of the argument that they must be entitled to charge something and so a total refund is not enforceable. I have declined the offer (did I do right?) and informed them that I am continuing with the action. Wish me luck! cheers, willbobs
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