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  1. Have waited for a reply and nothing from them!! Do i now send off the letter before court action??? Help would be grateful!
  2. Sent off my prilim letter 2day asking for charges to £325.00. with the 8% at court stage it would result in £412.81 14 day countdown for them to reply
  3. Think im going to have to work it out by looking at the total balance and seeing if there is an increase or decrese in the balance. Statement is a little confusing and cant see GE money being much help Do i then create a spreadsheet and prilim letter?
  4. Now had my statements back and they come to about £350 in charges! Does this mean i have been charged??? Bit unsure of weather i calculate this?? Amount Balance Direct Debit Payment 26/09/03 -£13.39 £568.48 Direct Debit Reversed 01/10/03 £13.39 £581.87 Returned Direct Debit Fee 01/10/03 £10.00 £591.87 Help would be really grateful
  5. Have called them today saying that i have sent the 2nd statement reminder letter and still had nothing They said there has been a baglog with the post room but he will get someone to deal with it as soon as poss. Told him if he didnt get a move on, would be taking further action with First Nat. Said he will send in 7 - 10 days, we will see and still gona stick to MY timescale Have recorded everything that has been said between myself and them
  6. On 20th April, got a letter from halifax with a list of my charges for the last 6 years which was £718 and a letter with it saying they would offer me £546. I phoned Halifax saying i would not be acepting the offer they have made and i will now start court proceedings if they didnt offer me the full amount. Halifax then came back and have offered me £700 which i have now acepted and just have to wait for it to clear (Hopefully) Really pleased as sent two letters, no court proceedings and have had this response. Advise others to stick at it!!!
  7. 28 Days since i requested my statements and sent off the DPA fee so i have sent the 2nd statement request letter saying they have 12 days to comply. Would mind but they were quick in telling me i had to enclose my £10 fee but no statements??
  8. Sent letter to the info commisioner with details of my case so far last week. Its been 40 days today, and Halifax last said they were going to reply back on 27th April. What do i do now? do i send a letter saying youve had your chance and i am now going to give 14 days before i start court proceedings? Help would be appricated
  9. I sent my first request letter on 26th Feb. 07 , got a box standard letter back saying they are looking into it. Then they sent another letter saying they have till 27th April to investigate. Which i sent 2nd request letter on 29th March 07. saying theyve had 31 days and have 9 left to comply. (But with no fee in either letters) Thanks in Advance
  10. Thanks Seaside Lady, should i report them to the info commissioner after ive sent the DPA Fee then? Thanks
  11. Think ive messed things up??? :confused: Didnt send my DPA cheque with the first letter as they told me i could have them for free. Sent the 2nd request letter and still not heard nothing, what should i do now? Should i send the fee? Help would be grateful, cheers
  12. 22nd March 07. Sent £10 DPA , a letter stating that im requesting my statements since the account opened, copy of passport to prove i was account holder and bank letter to prove new address. Sent special deliv.
  13. Did 2nd statement request letter stating that it been 31 days since my request and they have 9 days to comply. Send Special del. so will see what happens! Clock ticking!
  14. I sent my letter to Halifax requesting my 6 years charges and they then sent there box standard letter of: Sorry to learn that you are unhappy with the charges to your account, Please note the complaint handling rules set by our regulator, the Financial Services Authority, gives us 8 weeks to investigate and respond. They then go on to say they will respond within 4 weeks to update me of progress. Do i need to send them a reminder letter within the 4 weeks to send my bank charges (Its been 2 weeks now) ??? Any help would be great, thanx
  15. Fee and new request letter sent, just recently moved will a bank letter saying my new address and how much was in my account and paragraph saying ive moved be enough to sent the charge letter to my new address?
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