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  1. Can the courts simply throw out your claim just on the banks say so, or would they give you notice and the option to contest. Also i would think local court judges would also be aware that it was not a outright win for the banks?......bit concerned about Lloyds action as if they can be dismissed so easily. Got the answer from Icy's response on another thread.
  2. Throughout the case with the OFT the banks played heavily on the fact that if they lost it would be the end of free banking as we know it. But i would guess that they make far more out the paultry interest that they credit to accounts, how it takes 4 days for monies you pay to arrive in accounts etc etc.
  3. Think you will find that it was said in the supreme court ruling that it is the charges that fund free banking £2.6bn a year i.e. "robin hood in reverse"
  4. Can't believe over 2yrs since last update.
  5. No need for appologies my friend, all in a state of flux at mo.........will be a way through........going to dig out my POC's go through with me magnifying glass
  6. Thx Renegotiation, cheered me up no end , still, someone will have to take that next step as to test the water so to speak.
  7. The news and the banks make out that the claiming of bank charges is now over for good dead in the water, and to the man in the street it would seem so. This decision has now made around 60% of the public (maybe more) give up on the fight which is exactly what they want (banks don't want to payout on-mass). But to the rest of us (the til the death) the fight is very far from over. Some good i believe will come out of this i.e. with the lifting of stays and with the ablility to proceed without the interference of the OFT and the FSA. Good luck peeps.
  8. in my opinion is the banks don't want a mass public payout, they want to deal with this on a case by case basis like before. I will be going for my stay to be lifted and base my fight on the amount charged and prove it senario. Still think it's buisness as usual in my eyes.
  9. let me get this right, u've sent a letter off for info request and they've scubbed the £16k debt because they couldn't supply the info ? congrats.......
  10. please tell........please tell.........please tell...........
  11. hi mister on point 5.......how can abbey be able to apply their new defence to charges that go back 6yrs which came under T&Cs again going back 6yrs:confused: can/will they get away with that using their new defence? questions questions!!! i think your case on 1st will be the most interesting so far to fellow abbey claimants, hope some MODs come along and assist you further. good luck
  12. I would like to thank you crfx for your time and effort, also at your expense in making these available............... god bless
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