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  1. THanks very much! No i didn't wait either i sent it straight away. I only gave them 3 days after date to acknowledege before i sent the request for judgement off also - although i'm lucky the request was granted the day after i applied for it!! my court must be one of the quiet ones. All in all less than 1 month between applyiny to court - 18th may and recieving money in account fri 15th! thanks to everyone for their advice and good luck to anyone still going - keep pushing on it is worth it in the end!!
  2. i have won!! filed for judement on the 6th of June as Lloyds did not acknowldege. Sent off letter and copy of judegement to Gresham street and cc to Andover Recovery centre and S & M. i did that on monday and full amount was deposited in my account on Friday!! thanks to everyone for their help!! Off to book holiday now and a cheque will be winging it's way to CAG for all your help and advice!! Anyone else there keep pushing your claim it is more than worth it in the end!! Many thanks Sash
  3. i also received judgement for 1,700 and sent letters registered delivery to Gresham St, S & M and a copy to the Andover recovery center. Did that on monday and money was in bank account on friday!! thanks to everyone for your advice!! good lovk
  4. hi did you enter for judgement against lloyds tsb plc - i ask this as i am worried as on the mister t bone thread it said he had and you should not use the plc bit? i starting to worry i've messed up! lloyds had until 1st of june to acknowledge my claim and have still not done so, i therefore hope to enter for judement in default thanks sash
  5. i've filed my claim as v's lloyds tsb plc but i've read a thred today that has made me worry this is wrong can anyone clarify please? don't want to apply for judgement in default til i know!! thanks sash
  6. that's great thanks i've typed the letter up now so will send that and yet again wait nervously and see!! sash
  7. i've read mixed reports on this site about wether to file for judgement or send the letter? Any advice? thanks sash
  8. no filed N1 claim at court sash
  9. lloyds have also failed to submit a defence it is several overdue now. the court advised i file for a judgement. sorry if i'm being thick just want to get it right - do i need to send any additional info to the court to support my claim? also do i send a letter to lloyds to tell them i am doing this? thanks sash x
  10. i am at the same stage as you by the sound of it! i called the court this morning as LLoyds are 4 days past their deadline and was advised to file a request for judgement. Has anyone any advice on doing this? do i need to submit any additional info to the court to support my claim? thanks Sash
  11. have rung the court today and lloyds have still not filed a defence. Court said to fill in request for judgement. has anyone any advice on this? do i need to send any additional info to back up my claim?? thanks to all! sash
  12. Thanks I will do that. In the mean time will sit with fingers crossed and biting my nails
  13. Hi, wondering if anyone could help me?! i filed against lloyds on the 18th of may they had until today 1st of june to reply? is that to me or the court? my post man has been and gone!!
  14. i filed against lloyds on the 18th of May, they have until today 1st of June to submit a reply. The post man has been and gone today, do they have to reply to me or the court by that day?? sorry i'm a little confused!!
  15. thanks will give it a try!
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