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  1. The tenancy is through a lettings agency,my partner has no debts at all is not linked with me financially but is on maternity leave could we transfer the rent direct debit to her and would the OR let me transfer the rent from my wages to her account monthly??? is this legal would the landlord have to know?? it is between an iva and bankruptcy the house is about to be repossesed but i may be able to sell before it goes through the mortgage loan will be covered but i will have a secured loan shortfall of appox 9-10k would this then be able to be included in an iva? as i have approx 21k unsecured debt which i struggle with constantly juggling payin one then missing others till they moan etc. thank you very much for your interest and advise
  2. hi everyone i am in the process of fighting debt and repossesion i have moved into a rented property that i like, but i am leaning ever mor towards thinhking bankruptcy is the best option my questions are 1. how will bankruptcy affect my tenancy this passage is in my agreement but i really dont understand it?? " if the tenant being an individual shall become bankrupt or being a company shall enter into liquidation wheter compulsary or voluntary ( save fir the purpose of reconstruction or amalgemation as a solvent company) or if the tenant shall enter into any compostion with their creditor or suffer any distress on their goods in the property the landlord may re-enter on the property and immediatley thereupon the tenancy shall absolutely dtermine without prejudice to any other remedy of the landlord." 2. how do i recieve my wages? cheers for any help curt
  3. sorry no, he didn't really speak to me at all other tha to say the outcome
  4. Morning everyone, here's what happened at the hearing this morning turned up at the court 45 mins early traffic wasn't half as bad as i thought it would be their brief turned up shortly after and sat down with us straight away and said that they would not contest a suspension as we had obvious evidence of a 5 week old baby ( we took her with us ) she said we could have another 5 weeks to move in to rented and possibly sell our house. but whilst in front of the judge she only mentioned 21 days before they then would issue a new eviction date, the judge agreed to this my only question is now does that 21 days add up to 5 weeks by the time a new date has been issued??? cheers for all the support and help from everyone especially ell-en will keep post updated as to selling to the builder etc. curt
  5. have printed and filled out that statment looks and sounds good hope the judge thinks so thanks for your help will let you know how we get on
  6. tried contacting the builder he was out of office will try again in the morning but hearing is at 10am so wont pin hopes on that will just have to hope judge is sympathetic to the baby issue?!!
  7. ell your a star i would appreciate any ammo i could take to the court tomorrow will see if i can get the builder to put something in writing?
  8. would they consider this option? as i would like the oppurtunity to sell myself the builder who owns next door has already made me an offer but i was going to pursue this post reposession as we only talked about it a day or two ago?
  9. thank you for your advice im am fairly confident at speaking to the judge and putting my case forward, they do have the duty people at the court will see if one will be able to come in with me i guess im just hoping a judge will look kindly upon me as im not asking for anything over the top just some more time to move into this new place the company is woolwich/barclays??
  10. no my partner lives with me but the mortgage and debt is solely in my name if we are evicted on the 9th we will have no where to go till we can move into this rental property i have had the house valued and it is worth a fair bit more than i owe so they will get there money
  11. hi i have no paperwork with me at work but im assuming q.10 was the reasons why i want a suspension? i simply stated that i had found a rental property and had agreed to move in but not by my eviction date and that i have a 5 week old baby thus searching for property to move into and allocating the time for this has been hard im only after a few weeks/months grace?
  12. hi everyone, i have been issued with an eviction date of sept 9th i have come to terms with leaving the property here is the situation i have found a property to rent but will not realisticly move in for 3 weeks i have filled out the n244 form and have a hearing tomorrow morning to ask them to suspend for a month ( dont even know if they do this ) my arguement being that i am moving out and have found somewhere but and this is what im relying on i have a 5 week old baby so this period in my life has been extra difficult my questions are does anybody have any advice on what to say during the hearing and also does anybody know what my chances of geting a temporary suspension are?? cheers for any help curt
  13. thanks all the help on this site is amazing!! i dont mind clearing the overdraft to be honest just didn't want to bring another situation on myself with the loan etc.
  14. thanks i see how it would be deemed an aggressive move by them, also any idea if realistically my account would be shut by them?? thanks
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