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  1. The reclaiming of credits for past years had to be submitted by 31st January, I think. For people with tax credit overpayments, please google search "Tax Credit Casualties" and you will find the website you need, with free advice, guidance and templates.
  2. Right, I am chancing my arm here, but in December I emailed a Moderator asking permission to advertise the National user group - Tax Credit Casualties - here. He was going to look into this for me. We are entirely unpaid volunteers who are all victims or ex-victims themselves. I have not heard back yet, but we are NOT a business, make no profit, are cross-party in our approach and are only looking to help people like those posting above. Do look at www.taxCC.org and make up your own mind about us. In early March we will be featured in "Dispatches" and the "Tonight" team has approached us, too. We are here to help ordinary, honest people have a fighting chance against the bureaucratic tax man. Please don't censor this link until the Moderators have discussed this because I have certainly done all I can to get this done legitimately. Just like the Consumer Action Group we are NOT rivals but allies - you fight the overcharging and oppressive banks whilst WE fight the uncaring, overpaying and oppressive Revenue! Ask those members who are also OUR memebers and they will confirm that we are completely genuine people (my day job is in social care...)
  3. Another Tax Credit Casualty? Poor you! Look out for the user campaign on TV in March as there are a lot of us. You can get help here: Dispute - Step 2 where you can download a template and much more besides. Good luck - you can win this!
  4. Please google-search 'tax credit casualties' and you will find plenty of help and advice! I can't give full details here, despite this being a user group and entirely voluntary. This isn't a poaching exercise, as any concerned moderator who knows 'Savvy' can check out with her. Please spread the word. Just as the banks have chanced their arm and robbed the public with extortionate charges and need to be fought, so has HMRC hurt those it was entrusted to help with overpayments of its own creation. It is a dangerous, abusive system defying Human Rights legislation, having no accountability whatsoever, and to be armed with knowledge of your rights as a claimant is to have a fair chance of fighting financial ruin and serious health consequences from the ongoing stress and worry. Do that search, find those who can help FREE, and pass on what you find! Good luck!
  5. You will have to google search Tax Credit Casualties, as some Mods will allow the link here, others won't (can't see why - we're a respectable user group just like this one, covering an area which doesn't compete, and we're not commercial in any way - it's entirely voluntary. They might as well edit out all references to the Dogs Trust). There you will find all the help and peer support you will ever need. Sad, 'cause we would happily plug this Consumer Forum given half the chance. Unfair Bank Charges - unfair clawback of tax credits - where's the difference? Where's the conflict of interests? I can't see it! Still one powerful financial entity abusing the more vulnerable, except one is HMRC and the other is the banking system. Google search us and keep viewing the pages till you find us, as find us you will.
  6. There is one!!! Do go to and click on the forum link. It's free, it's user-run (we are ALL Tax Credit Casualties) and it's there to help! If you don't believe me, click and see!
  7. Anyone struggling with tax credit overpayment problems needs the free, voluntary user campaign group Tax Credit Casualties, found at www,taxCC.org Mods, please don't delete - the human rights abuses perpetrated by HMRC are killing people off, and this is a legitimate user-led, peer support group who are not in competition with anyone!
  8. I can't post a link to the Tax Credit Casualties forum, much as I would like to, as millions of people have received tax credit overpayments and wish to dispute them, but are rarely helped to do so by HMRC, or even told that they can. You will need to google-search 'Tax Credit Casualties' in order to find us. I hope the Moderators will let this post stand, because in my view it does not fall foul of the guidance below, and like the Consumer Action Group, all the Casualties want is social justice. We are a voluntary, unincorporated organisation run by and for tax credit victims - that's all! Here are the rules for posts: A topic/post will be edited or deleted if it contains: * Xenophobia, racism or personal abuse. * Pornography, links to Pornography or links to other inappropriate sites * Sexually explicit content * Touting for business in any way * Any form of unauthorised advertising or Spam * Advertising or sale of illegal bootleg material * Any type of pyramid selling or referral schemes * Anything invasive in to a persons privacy * Any copyright-infringing content * Obvious disregard for the interests of The Group * Illegal/defamatory statements * Swearing. Whilst censored, mild versions of swearing (e.g. s**t) can sometimes be considered OK, offensive or over use of will be moderated. Any deliberate circumvention of the swear word filter is prohibited. If you are unsure what constitutes swearing, don't type it * Incitement to a "flame war" * Any attempts to avoid moderation The closest I come here is 'touting for business', but none of us asked to be overpaid, when we gave our correct details, and then bullied into paying back money. If the Mods want to get in touch with me, I will arrange for reciprocal links from our site to yours. We are supporters of justice, not rivals, and like you, support the underdog. Thanks, Campaigner.
  9. Please Google-search 'Tax Credit Casualties' if you would like some support. Or send me an email if this post isn't considered acceptable!
  10. I didn't think there was any deadline - even for overpayments secretly recovered by HMRC, or taken back with menaces because the individual was never told they could dispute. If you did nothing wrong and suspect HMRC made an error, it is well worth disputing. Go to [EDIT] and you will find out how to do it there. Anyone put off getting a better paid job or improving their career prospects because of the tax credit overpayment fiasco needs to TELL their MP this and Gordon Brown - otherwise they will go on thinking - or pretending to think - that all is okay, when plainly it is not! We are in this together, and collectively we can get justice, where individually it is that much harder. Please all do what you can - even if it's just writing to your MP or the PM to tell them what you think of this vile, abusive system. Thanks!
  11. Need a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) template? There's that and lots more at [EDIT] the only dedicated user campaign group for Tax Credit (overpayment) Casualties. Do take a look!
  12. Then it sounds as if you need to see this, sent by a Tax Credit Casualties colleague (and friend): she has had: > I’ve heard that cases can be sent by fax to: [EDIT] If not, please send to: c/o Madeleine Karlsson, Office of George Osborne MP House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA Madeleine writes, ‘I only have until tomorrow to find cases’ so let’s get in quick. GOOD LUCK ALL! I've sent my papers off...
  13. Do people know about us? Tax Credit Casualties (soon to be a Charity!) [EDIT] And here's own own dedicated FORUM: [EDIT] Look forward to meeting some of you soon!
  14. Great idea - but better than that, there's a whole user GROUP! Tax Credit Casualties (soon to be a Charity!) The Website's here: and there's an amnesty petition here And here's own own dedicated FORUM: [EDIT] Look forward to meeting you all soon!
  15. Re "As it stands now, I've said take me to court...I'm terrifed about the possibility of going to court, but at the same time so sick of having to deal with this department which just won't listen of help in any way!" My advice is, don't whatever you do go to court at their insistence (different if you get legal aid and bring your own case). Check this forum to see why: [EDIT]
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