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  1. ok, thanks it will go in the morning...not sure how our friendly hull judge will see it though. fingers crossed, i'll keep you posted. just on a side note, if the banks win the test case, will that give them the right to claim back what they have paid out? if they win it says that every court has got the law wrong surely that cant be?
  2. hmmmm...with the test case ongoing should i hang onto my claim? there dont seem alot of point sending it in atm. does this affect c/cards too? that was gonna be my next card after the current account charges. tia
  3. claim ready to go, how long do i have to put my court bundle together before a date is normally set? tia
  4. thanks, claim form almost ready to go, ill keep you updated
  5. thanks again nic for your speedy reply. think ive got my wire crossed with the overdraft interest and the s.69 if i just add the charges and the 8% and the court cost total, that will get the claim underway?
  6. hi, ive got my fingers crossed here im hoping for a swift answer, ok, im filling in my claim form, on the bottom of page 1, there are some boxes with defendants name and address, amount claimed,court fee, solicitors costs, and total amount. im guessing i leave these blank? also on page2, the statment of truth. asks for solicitors details, again im guessing i leave this blank. also again, sorry! we still owe lloyds tsb around a thousand pounds which were chipping away at a few quid a week, i'd like to settle this debt out of the claim money if, no when we win the charges back. do i need to state this on the claim form in the particulars of claim section, or just state we would require a cheque and the account will be settled afterwards? last one, for now! do i need to add the interest under the county courts act s.69? or can i just add the 8% and get the claim going, my head already hurts and more interest might just pop it. tia
  7. ive just found it on the hmcs website
  8. thank you, thats what i needed to know, you know whats coming next, how do i find out what the court fee will be?
  9. yes i read it, ill rephrase it, can someone advise me what to do next please. tia
  10. thanks thats great. so now i send in the claim form, does anything go with it? (covering letter?) can anyone answer my q's in the previous post about legal rep and cost please. thanks
  11. hello again, more than two weeks have passed since i sent my lba, ive checked through the tracker and the letter was signed for, and ive heard nothing. what should be my next step? re-send the lba or fill in the claim form? this is obviously going to go to court now as lloyds will be relishing the thought that we live in Hull, where recently a judge threw out similar claims. so will we need a legal representitive? and how much will it cost to make a claim? just incase i get the same judge? we feel like we may be getting a little out of our depth here, bitten off more than we can chew so to speak. tia
  12. thanks for two swift replies, ill get the letter off in the morning
  13. hi again, ive received a reply from tsb, to my preliminary request for refund letter. i would think its a standard letter saying they are sorry to learn that we have cause for complaint!! they are investigating the complaint and expect to complete it within four weeks. also attached was a letter headed "voicing your concerns" which was basically a load of waffle. so after two weeks should i send in the letter before action? or wait the four weeks, and this time do i add on the interest (8%) thanks in advance
  14. thanks for the speedy reply barty, so its just the letter and spreadsheet no 8% or apr to be added yet? tia
  15. hi again, right ive written the preliminary request for refund letter, typed out all the charges onto the simple spread sheet, provided by the site, this also calculated the 8% interest. checked it, double checked it, triple checked it. have i got it right? prelim letter and spread sheet? anything else i need to add? tia
  16. the account was opened around 1994, it was around 03/04 that most of the charges were incurred when we hit a bad patch, 3/4 hundred pounds a time.
  17. yep, sent the first letter recorded delivery. took them 47 days to get the statements here have fun? dont like the sound of that!
  18. hi dates are 1/10/2001 to 3/1/06 we changed bank accounts end of 2005
  19. hi all, ive received my dpa sar letter from lloyds, with statement of charges, (total charges, just shy of 4grand, without interest) the letter reads, i refer to your recent request for copies of statements on your account to enable you to reconcile your bank charges. please find enclosed details of charges going back to the date you opened your account or 1/9/01 whichever date is most recent. if there are no charges for a certain period then charging details will not be included. you may now wish to proceed with your claim for reimburesement of charges but, if you do feel you need further statements, this will take longer to access our archived data. please let me know by returning this letter in the pre paid envelope and i will order them for you. copy statement unit. ok what now? is this the standard letter returned? do i send letter no2 (par) to my branch or a dept. thanks in advance
  20. thanks for the replies signed up last week and have been browsing around for a few days now, the task seems daunting but if theres a chance (which now seems a good chance) we can claim back whats rightfully ours, we'll give it a go, the hassle/stress we have been through has been a nightmare. just written out the letter from the template page, to get our 6year statement for the current account. get the ball rolling then its the c/cards:eek: i'll start a new thread, showing progress and hopefully if someone is in a similar situation and acts on it, it can be a help. ive always said, what goes around comes around...heres hoping!
  21. hi all, my first post first of all what a great site, some great advice been given... im looking for some advice too, a brief insight into our financial crisis... approx 5years ago, we ran into some financial difficulties (as you do) we battled on for a couple of years paying charges for being overdrawn and for letters, returned direct debits etc...in the end we couldn't manage anymore, we changed bank accounts, agreed reduced c/card payments and took out a loan to pay back some of the debt, to get on an even keel basicaly the bank charges, made our lives hell, it nearly cost us our home and marriage. we are still paying the cards and overdraft today, my question is would we still be able to persue a claim for the charges even though the accounts are in arrears? after all, it was their charges that got us in this mess to begin with. we dont even want the charges back in our hand, we would rather the charges be wiped off what we owe. thanks for reading, any advice greatly recieved
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