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  1. You must be near me sea-side lady, I am in St.Annes
  2. Ok - thanks Your help is very much appreciated
  3. I have had a look at my statements and I have indeed gone over my overdraft limit the month before so it looks like this is what the charge is for. This makes me happy as I was dreading having to re-calculate the whole six years again. Without working out any of the interest for being over the limit the two accounts work out at £1570 and £5220
  4. I thought about suing abd then thought well it is only £40.00 but I don't want this guy just to get away with it. I just need to look at the ins and outs of carrying out such an action. Lawyers etc..
  5. Thanks - I will have a look when I get home. I am just confused due to the fact that in one month - on the same page I am charged overdraft interest, excess o/d charge AND an account maintenance charge. I cannot help feeling this is somewhat excessive
  6. I have had a good look through the section about what can and cannot be claimed for and am happy with everything to claim back apart from one thing. I have my retd d/d or s/o charges excess o/d charge interest on my o/d (over the limit interest of course) One thing that is puzzling me about the Bank of Scotland is that all of a sudden about 4/5 years ago they started charging me an account maintenance charge which did eventually turn into a charges as notified fee. I got no freebies for this charge nor was there anything different being done to my account. I have them every month for a good number of years and they are roughly £28.00. Can someone advise me if I can claim them back? Any help would be appreciated
  7. Yes, that is worth considering as there is now some bad blood between us and the letting agent. He point blank refuses to co-operate and his final words to us on Saturday before he hung up the phone was to say "You are not getting the money back - sue me" I will try the landlord Thanks again
  8. Thank you - I was even considering going to the police to have him charged with theft
  9. Thanks Kalujo - that is very helpful. I will set about that right away
  10. I hope someone can help me with a pain in the a**e landlord I had recently. Basically a new letting agent took over the management of my rented house. The letting agent drew up a new contract which meant a rent increase and charged £40.00 for the pleasure of doing so i.e. to cover paper costs, printing etc Anyway, a few months down the line I have discovered that the contract was never ever signed by the letting agent and when I tried to clear this up I was told I was still on the previous contract which was a periodic month to month agreement. This was down to the letting agent telling me he and the owner were still unsure whether we should stay in the property. Anyway, to cut a long story short. The owner changed back to the original letting agent but that contract we paid £40.00 for was never ever signed nor was it put into use. Can we get our £40.00 back? Should the letting agent be able to keep it? Where do we stand legally? Can anyone help as I really want to take this letting agent to task. I would never advocate violence but this guy makes me want to change my mind
  11. Hi all, Recently discovered this forum and have been in the process since joining of collecting bank statements/charge details from my bank the Bank of Scotland which obviously joined forces with the Halifax during my tenure with them. I have two accounts where charges have been applied and am currently ploughing through them both to calculate how much money I am owed. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a problem identifying exactly what to claim back. Before anyone suggests reading the help pages about what to claim back - I have done but still confused. Perhaps someone who has had dealings or a successful claim with HBOS can point me in the right direction. Throughout the statements I have received the following set of charges appear: Return items charge Account maintenance charge Excess overdraft charge These have all ranged from a figure of £15 upto £39. Now I know I can claim back the Return items charge but what about the other two? I have loads of these on my account. Added to all of the above charges I am also being charged Debit interest on the overdraft. Now, again, I know I can only claim back the Debit interest on the amount that is over the overdraft limit but I have absolutely no idea how to work this out. Part of the figure will be on the normal figure so how do I work out the remainder based on the over part. Added to this I have no clue as to what interest rate/APR I was being charged especially several years ago. Can anyone help me clarify this - especially the charges part as I have loads of these. I cannot believe I have page upon page of charges that include excess o/d charge, account maintenance charges, retd items charge AND debit interest - these are sometimes all included on one page. I apologise if I have missed help in any area of the forum but perhaps someone can confirm for me or point me in the right direction. Any help appreciated. Thanks :grin:
  12. To continue with my saga I phoned the letting agent today to discover his next move. He has now told me that I am on fact on a periodic tenancy agreement because he has never signed his copy of the new 6 month tenancy agreement we signed in Feb 07. However since then the rent went up first of all by £5 then because we could not pay a diliapadation bond it was put up another £50 so we have seen a total £55 hike in or rent since Feb but the agent says we are still under the contract of the previous letting agent. I am now more confused than ever :? my rent has gone up yet I am still on an old contract which he says is periodic. Is this right? Is this legal? Do they now owe me money back for the last two months? I erally appreciate anyones help on this matter
  13. Thank you Rossino - I am feeling better about this all the time. However still a little confused - are you saying that the Section 21 can still be issued during my 6 months contract meaning I may well have to leave? Sorry if I sound like I don't have a clue but I don't Appreciate your input though
  14. Thanks Joa for your reply - it is very much appreciated and your words have certainly put us at ease a little. We just feel there will be some clause in the contract that means he will be able to move us out and possibly on the grounds we have not yet signed an inventory. With regard the contract itself - there is nothing specific on it to say what it is in the way of Assured etc. All I can say is that it is a new tenancy agreement with this new letting agent and it lasts for 6 months - he even made us pay £40 for the pleasure (we did sign this paperwork). The previous 4 years were a bit hit and miss. We originally signed a 6 month contract and it was never renewed - we just continued paying our rent and living in the property and as mentioned the landlord has now taken on a new agent who made us sign this new contract. Another thing the agent did (on the Landlords approval apparently) was to put our rent up by £50 because we were unable to pay a dilapidation bond of £500! This was never paid on the first contract. I hope I have given enough info. This is all a minefield to me and my wife to be honest so I really appreciate your advice. Thanks Edited: Under the Tenant Tarriff of Fees section the last one says "Failure to complete a fixed term tenancy whether or not the Landlord(s) has agreed to release you from the assured shorthold tenancy (£117.50) So in this respect I presume it is an assured shorthold tenancy but I am not a 100% sure
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