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  1. May I just say thakyou to all of you who have given me good advice. I went past the same camera the other day and to my suprise it was facing DOWN the road instead of up (as I was coming down it on the day of question). Does that mean I am right, that it shouldn't have flashed me from the front?
  2. Weird Al Yankovic, Have you got/had a child in excrutiating pain and trying your best to get anywhere open so you can releive him/her of the pain? Like I said earlier I have been driving 11 years and NEVER had 1 driving offence doesn't that prove anything to you? Or maybe I am a lier who is just trying to give an excuse.
  3. She wanted (our rather her brother wanted) black and white for Newcastle United but when she was in theater they just put white on up to her shoulders, she didn't have a say in it. As for the tablets, she was having liquid all the way through her stay in hospital so I persumed they would have gave her liquid, they would ask which one she'd perfer so I said liquid every time. I suppose your right with the Doctor, never thought of that.
  4. Will I have to go to court? I haven't got any points.
  5. Yeah got it yesturday. Pink form, I didn't know what to do with it,never had one before. I had to fill it in though because I was in my partners car. Luckly I had told him about it on the night it happened. I have filled it in and sent it yesturday but I asked the post office for a reciept because of the strikes.
  6. Surely the deadly weapon must be the person behind the wheel and not the car.
  7. Jenschnifer It wasn't on the way to hospital, she had just come out. I was trying to get pain killers, she has broke both Radius and Ulmer bones in both wrists. If Phamasists (even just one) opened on a sunday night I would have been fine, but I had been to 3 local corner shops already and was concerned over the pain she was in waiting for me to get home. Its ok because I haven't any points anyway so this will be my first. I just find it dangerous to be flashing someone from the front and thought it maybe illigal.
  8. Just had a look and it is definatly the Gatso camera.
  9. Yes it has a big yellow box. I do admit that I broke the speed limit which I regret. The only thing what gets me is they is no need for a camera where it is because there is no path on one side of the road and no one can pass there at all,there is no school,no shops nothing rearly. It was also 20.05 at night so it was dark which made the flash stand out more, which to me was dangerous in it self.
  10. Nearly 2 weeks ago my daughter serverly broke both her wrist and after a night in the hospital came home the following day. But the hospital gave her tablets and not medicene( she is only 9) That night she was in agony so I went out to try and get her some pain releaf , I was caught doing 37 in a 30 zone. My question is the camera got me from the front which came as a shock and blinded me (and my son) for seconds. Are they allowed to do that? This is dangerous and could have caused a accident.
  11. I am with USDAW. From what I understand this is the biggest retail union.
  12. "CONGRATULATIONS" Well done you deserve it. X X X
  13. I know I was thinking of that too. Bless, you are soooooo sweet You know you guys are so special, you rearly are. Me x x x
  14. Sorry everybody, Everything is fine. I have been working alot of overtime and I just haven't had the time, things should be a little easier on me now, we have just got an extra pair of hands. I haven't been able to go to town and get my N1 forms. I have been seriously thinking of going to one of them ferms what do it all for you because I can't find the time. Love me x x
  15. Thankyou everyone you are so kind. Sanand, I went to Asda the other day (had to take the long route) and the roads where rearly eerie, you are right about Meadowhall, my cousin works their and she said it is like a ghost town it had a awful eerieness about it. You know outside her shop they was a table with wellies, sandwiches and bottled water on it and they even had to pay for them, discusting in't it. If they don't turn up for work they don't get paid, thats the same on brightside as well (well I know one company on brightside anyway). Did you know they are asking for donations on Hallam FM.
  16. Thankyou for all your concerns. We are all safe and well. Sanand, it has been a nightmare and still is, are you ok? We are lucky to live in a high point of Rotherham but we have a large Dam near our estate, only fields and woods are between us. I am not looking forward to the weekend! I have been going through our insurance policy and we are covered for flood and subsidance, our guttering has taken a hammering so it looks like a waterfall out our front. How has your house been?
  17. To everyone who is trying to help me, I won't be on here for a few days I live in Rotherham and the floods have caused alot of caous. My power keeps cutting off and I just thought I'd quickly send this before it happens again. The Ulley Dam is about to burst so I might not have power for even longer, if it happens. I will be back with you all ASAP.
  18. Everyone will help you as much as possible. It is very nerve racking and confusing but people on here help you enormously, If it wasn't for these I think, well I know I would have gave up now. Don't be afraid to ask anything.
  19. Yes I do have Msn. I have just been doing a practice run on one of the forms think it's the POC form.
  20. £120 Thats how much I need to pay. But we will get it back.
  21. Just wanted to say Hi to you Money, on your tread, because you are been such a great help to me. Thankyou I will keep a close eye on this to see how you get on
  22. Is that POC form from the court as well as the N1 form. Or do I download that
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