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  1. oh thanks but not quite the reply i had hoped for!!
  2. HELP! just got letter from HSBC offereing me over a thousand in refund, but as i am on a IVA the cheque will be going straight to the IVA company for them to share the funds out?? As i was not in a IVA till last November I believe the charges should be allowed for the cheque to be sent to me as my own money even though I am in a IVA could someone please help i could be totally wrong and they may have to give all the money in refunds if in a IVA?? :? :?
  3. thanks for reply but no read the form not exempt unfortunately from the fees so will just have to wait a couple of week till i can get it, will this make things bad as i wrote to the HSBC telling them 14 days or i will be sending them to small claims court but I probably will be giving them an extra 14 days?
  4. thanks quite a lot to lose then as mine is over 1500 and dont really have 120 to spare, will have to wait a few week till i can put my claim in then
  5. well its 4th of june 3 more days till my moneyclaim will have to start quite scared of doing that does it cost a lot of money?
  6. thanks makes me feel more confident!
  7. thanks again, feel bit more confident now i know some people dont even get a letter! hopefully all go well i am currently on a IVA and do not bank with HSBC anymore but though was worth a go, charges come to 1700.00 so hopefully will get some back
  8. thanks, so if hear nothing else by next wednesday send the letter about not satisfied etc. thanks alot for your help
  9. Hi I have received a letter from HSBC today saying they are looking into matters, does anyone know how long it will be till i here from them again? my letter i sent off with charge info gave them 14 days, which ends next wednesday, because they have replied now do I give them longer?
  10. thanks michael something so quick and simple its in pounds now!!
  11. okay will be back on tomorrow another couple of days wont hurt thanks for everyones help
  12. thanks for spreadsheets but honestly tried loads of times and cannot get them to work they only come up in dollars have tried loads of different things, I will write out what all the charges are for, if anyone can help me use the spreadsheet on this site it would be a great help. Surely it wont harm anything if I ask for the interest charges as well now? If this is what most people do I will do it but just think if asking for it anyway what does it matter when you ask for it?
  13. i went on the moneysavingsexpert website not whatever it brought up on my last message!! Im getting confused now, the spreadsheet seems the same format as the one on here but have tried for ages to use the templates on here and cannot get it to do pounds/stirling always comes in dollars.
  14. hi again, the spreadsheet i used was where I put in the date of the charge and it works out how much interest calculated, eg charge value 27.50 on 30/03/2001 interest 13.28 so total would be 40.78. I used a calculator on a money site called MoneySavingExpert: Consumer Revenge - Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more it did not advise on there to not ask for the interest now? as I am on the letter asking for my charges back how do I claim it at a later stage?
  15. thanks netty i will put what the charges are for then just that I could not get to use the calculator on this site it kept coming up in dollars so I have had to use another site for my spreadsheet.
  16. yes sorry i meant six years worth of statements, i have listed all charges with charge value, the date it was charged and the interest on this then the total, i have not put what the charge is for but most say total charges on the statements so will leave the spreadsheet as it it. thanks for your help this site has been really helpful.
  17. I have got six months of statements back and my letter will be sent in the post tomorrow 11/04/2007 for 1758.66 exactly i will let you all know how i get on.
  18. Hi, I have got six months of statements back and my letter will be sent in the post tomorrow 11/04/2007 for 1758.66 exactly i will let you all know how i get on.
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