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  1. Hi, I haven't been on here for a while. I was just about to got to court having done all the usual procedure when the waiver came out. I stopped when another on Cag using the same court had her case stayed. My claim was for about 8-9 K approx 12 with the interest. Since then i have struggled with debts and almost had my house reprocessed. I currently have to pay my mortgage +£150 a month and if i miss a month i will probably lose my home. My debts are been sorted and i'm doing reasonable ok at the moment so that should not happen but there is a order over my house for possession so
  2. Just saying hello again tilly, Been of here for a while as to p'd of with the waiver etc. Nothing stopping you i see. Go for it girl, i hear your pics on the halifax boardroom dartboard now !:)
  3. Steve finally got a letter saying all action is ceased. All done now -A winner i believe!
  4. well done -keep up the pressure- I'm keeping my finger crossed for you.
  5. Ps I wonder how much its now costing the banks in legal representation at all these courts !!
  6. Thanks stones, found someone on that thread putting a claim in at sunderland -hopefully they will allow it -latest i have read is, some are stayed some not.
  7. good luck Ladidi, i'm watching closely as i'm about to put mine in at sunderland. Hope you get the 'right' Judge!!
  8. Paul, as far as i'm concerned stolen goods should always be returned. I have no doubt that the banks will use the same line to scare everyone, particularly given the scale of stock market falls this week. They will also use the 'end of free banking' argument as well, but why should charges used to subsidize free banking, if in fact it does. It is clear that the banks have been underhand, bullying and deceitful for decades.(thats the oft view-see the Times front page a few weeks page) People have lost there houses and gone bankrupt over there excessive charges!! As for economic impact. Add
  9. hi all, i know i have slowed down a bit, i have been reading the new particulars of claim on here. It seems very long -is that ok? Also my claim is exculsivly for charges for unpaid dd etc with no overdraft charges etc. So should i put the whole new poc on mine or try to amend it to reflect just bank charges . Also I could not seem to get my charges all on one spreadsheet, so is it ok to have one with xx amount and another with xx amount and just say the two list add up to xxx etc. It now also says on here somewhere that not to use mcol. Can you still use the claim form (pdf file) print it
  10. bump & v v good idea, I'm sure the papers, especialy the one that claim to have 'exclusively' brought disproportionate charge to the attention of everyone(thats all of them). However indebt student, reading other threads like the list of mp's http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/108984-list-all-mps-written.html thread, i think (and hope) that the mod of this site and mse are in the throws of something else as they all seem to have gone quiet on things. Never mind, how about knocking one up yourself and posting it on here to see what come of it. I'm right behind you anyway.
  11. steve received a response form the court today saying they have recieved the defence i did for him and they now have 28 day s to reply. Question: Does this mean that despite there leter saying they would decease all court action, in reality they haven't and if this is the case could they have been hoping we would have not filed a defence or ackowledgement after getting the letter and therefore would have won there case? Very underhand ! Is this an abuse of the courts? If this is the case should i complaint about the solicitors and tradepro and if so to who do i complain? thanks all
  12. received a letter from john Cummings MP for Easington Co. Durham. 'Thank or e-mail etc rgarding the tests case ...I share your concerns over the manner in which this has been handled and upon my return to parliament, following the recess, i will raise this issue with colleagues and the appropriate minister. I am unable to be more specific at this time. Please be assured of my interest in this matter on behalf of many thousands of people who have been affected by exorbitant bank charges' one on our side i think.
  13. I have read the latest poc for the hailfax and it goes on about overdraft charges etc however my claim is may of 100% charges for unpaid items. should i try and modify it ? or are the other parts an integral part of it?
  14. john Cummings MP for Easington e-mailed
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