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  1. This seems to be a new tactic by Lowells, been pestered by them today for the first time in 4 years. Just spoke to a DCA monkey called Michelle chasing a debt from 1999! Allegedly a payment of £5 was paid in 2008, by Credit Card! Absolutely no way was made!
  2. Personally I am just waiting for this corrupt company to die. I will continue to pay (which seems to go up each month) & hope that it will all just end up with welcorupt in the mire!
  3. Hopefully the one in Laindon is going. I tried to offer a final settlement and the most they could manage was a £1000 off!
  4. Does anyone know what is happening in the Welcome CONfederation? They are still harrasing me over 1 missed payment that was their fault!
  5. hi all Borrowed £12,000 in 2003, had there in house ppi, was os sick for a year and it always paid 2 days late. Now owe £22,000. Work that one out!
  6. Does that mean you are one of the famous ones on 419 website ie trotter enterprises etc? If so my hat goes of to you, I have pmsl many a times with these,
  7. I must use that one it is sooooo good!
  8. IMHO that is excellent. On a similar note has anyone noticed that there has been no posting on CT for a couple of days. Shows how popular it is without Caggers
  9. Just got a second letter in 4 days from buchananclark + wells chasing me for an hsbc debt from 1999. They took this debt from lowells. Despite me telling lowells for the past 18 monthes the debt is SB & also that lowells could not supply a CCA. So now having fun with them. The first guy this am would not speak to me as I was recording the call without a licence (according to him I need one). The second one wouldnt because I would not give my full address, dob etc. For data protection. They are no fun. The lady I spoke to Monday was a lot better.
  10. It seems that threads have been deleted & Caggers comments have been removed from ct. But I am still logged in so may have to find a new thread to hijack.
  11. As has been said there are more Caggers than anyone else on CT. Just goes to show who is the more popular/powerful!
  12. Thanks for that. I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about these no's. Just checked buchetc's no on that web site (handy one that). PhonepayPlus has the following information about the number 08712441904. This is a non geographic number charged at up to 10p per minute. The services operating on this number can range from advice lines, call centres, ticket booking lines, customer support lines and more. The cost of these calls may vary depending on your phone company so you should speak to them for more information or advice. Ofcom are responsible for the regulation of these numbers and their contact details are below.
  13. Does that include 0871, as a lot of co's are using that no as it earns more money (Buchananclark + wells for eg. But if you want them call 01412702524).
  14. Love Linux, hate vista, if only Adobe CS3 would work in Linux
  15. Oops missed the irony on the screen shot
  16. It is still there. Could be firefox doesnt like it.
  17. Me thinks there is more Caggers than DCA's on there
  18. A belated Happy New Year to you all. Fuzzy another oscar winning masterpiece, keep up the good work.
  19. A very Merry Christamas to you all. Plus a big thank you too Mr Ton for starting this amazing thread. also a big SHOUT to FB
  20. I have just read this from post 1. Taken me nearly a week. I havents laughed so much since do not know when! FB et al you are brilliant. It makes me want DCA's to phone me. Unfortunately they never do . I have had Lowells chasing me for a statute barred debt for 18 months, they will not accept it is a dead debt, wallys. Still there letters keep the compost bin going.
  21. Hi to everyone. Found this user group whilst doing a Google on Crapquest (sic) They along with McKenzie Hall having been chasing me for a 10 year old debt wih a catalogue I never had! Had to change my number as they (Crapquest) were getting rather abusive especially to my wife! Anyways hi all.
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