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  1. Can anyone advise me please Mashmallow
  2. After some time, my son did not get his money this week, no letter or correspondence in relation to his medical, he cannot ring anyone today being the weekend now he I lft with no money and I cannot help because of my financial problems, what can he do, surely they can't leave someone vulnerable with no money a all. Please can someone advise what can he do? Many thanks Mashmallow
  3. Andy, Sorry, I did file a defence not thinking right, to many people trying to get blood out of stone . I just wait for date. Mashmallow XXXXX
  4. Andy, If you have time please can you tell me what would be my line of defence please. Mashmallow
  5. Hello again, I have now received a notice of transfer of proceedings to my local court, does this mean they are going ahead with the claim? Please can you advise me. Thanks Mashmallow
  6. Phil, I am so sorry to hear of your health problems, can they not see that there is no possible way you could work are these people trying to kill us all off, or just make Camerons figures of unemployment and benefits justified. I get so angry, have they no compassion or are they made of steel. No wonder people go down the wrong road in life. Take care Mashmallow
  7. Hello again, Atos has referred him back to he DWP no doubt what they will do. He has a referral letter for the Mental Health would it be useful if they have this info to hand before stopping his benefit??? Please let me know Thanks Masmallow
  8. Hello again, BC has sent also notice of proposed allocation completed by them what does thus mean please? Mashmallow
  9. Hello again, Thank goodness he did get his money today. All the GP's at our surgery are all locums his original GP has left and none the wiser who is our real GP. One idea I have is I have a copy of his referral letter to the mental health would this not be adequate to send a copy to them with a note?? Please can you advise. Many thanks Mashmallow
  10. Thanks, This is exactly what he does I feel I am his carer at all times. MM
  11. Thank you so much his GP has referred him to the mental health but has not received an appointment. Many thanks MM
  12. Hi again, I will get him to see a GP tomorrow morning, being a locum as they all re he may not do a letter, further to this who would he need to end the letter to Atos or DWP who pay his benefit, please could you spare a couple of minutes to help, another worry now if there is no funds on Monday. I am getting greyer by the minute. Thanks again Mashmallow
  13. Thanks, They did try to get someone else to do the interview but decided they would re-book the appointment I did ask the receptionist would they stop his money and she said no, also he did say to the lady who was interviewing him that he would answer co-operated but she was persistent in terminating the interview. So if they do stop his money it would be totally wrong would it not Thanks MM
  14. Thanks Ganymede, I will it is section C1 please confirm if you can Thanks MM
  15. Hello again, Now I have received a Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track please what do I do now Helpppppppppppppppp Mashmallow
  16. Yes I thought that many thanks mm
  17. went for medical today, he freaked out and questioned the nurse o n her ability to carry out an assessment when she was not qualified as a doctor, he went on so much she terminated the interview and called security to get him out of the room. He was really stressed and behaved as per usual. Finally the receptionist sad she wouls try and get someone else to see him but no one was prepared and said they would send another appointment and he should calm down. Do they have a doctor present at these interviews? MM
  18. Thanks for your reply I do really appreciate your help Thanks MM
  19. Yes I go along with that a massive big hug and millions of kisses from me, be strong you have CAG they are just fabulous. XXXXXXXXX Mashmallow
  20. Hello again, May I just ask one quick question if you could answer me I would be very grateful, if he does not score enough points and they dismiss his claim and he appeals will they still have to pay him some benefit I read somewhere it is around about the £30 mark he can't survive now on £72, this is a big worry he owes £500 just for his electric and he still has to pay £43.60 every 2 weeks for his rent?? This is enough to send people mad. Many thanks Mashmallow
  21. One quick question can he appeal and how does he start the appeal as he thinks the decision is unfair. Many thanks Mashmallow
  22. Hi, Received another letter from BC in a attempt to settle the matter before hearing as to avoid further costs etc, asking me to complete the form attached of what I can reasonably afford?????? Do I ignore this as they have not even proved the debt is legitimate? Please can you advise. Mashmallow
  23. Thanks, I am going with him because he gets so angry and frustrated. I thank you for your advice. Mashmallow
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