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  1. Andy, Here is the amended one I hope it is a bit more representable. I await to hear from you Regards Mashmallow Andy sorry for the previous it is the wrong attachment, computer is playing up I will try again. Thanks Mashmallow
  2. You are a shining star thanks to the above for people like you regards, Mashmallow
  3. Andy, I have done a witness statement please would you be kind enough to just have a quick look and let me know if it is OK? Regards Mashmallow
  4. Andy, Just received a general form of judgment order from the court stating that parties do file and serve witness statement together with copies of relevant document by 30th Jan 2015. I know I have to file a witness statement and send relevant documents, please could you tell me what I send and what I should put down as my witness statement. I would be very grateful for your time in this matter. Kind regards, Mashmallow Happy 2015
  5. Andy, I will have to wait for further correspondence from the court and then maybe submit a defence again not sure about all this, I will keep you posted. Once again Have a Good One and all the best to you and DX for helping me so far. XXXXXX Mashmallow
  6. Andy, I pointed the paragraph to the judge re the HBSO and even he said something is not right when the debt was with AW/JD he has given me a further court date and I have to do statement requiring further evidence of HBSO as it did not read right????? Maybe you could assist me with this as I am not very good at stating my case, Thanks Mashmalow
  7. I am going to tell the judge exactly that tomorrow let you guys know the outcome. Thanks for your help Think you are special people (Happy Christmas) Mashmallow
  8. Correct, so the statement they have made against me is invalid or incorrect? Thanks Mashmallow
  9. Andy, I tried to scan these documents in but will have to do it again tomorrow, sorry for the delay Thanks Mashmallow
  10. Andy, Just checked it no it is not the same my title on the first one is cap letters and this one is not?????? Funny that Thanks Mashmallow
  11. Andy, I will scan their statement one small problem I cannot open the attachment from 2010 to compare? Thanks Mashmallow
  12. DX. Not sure about the covering letter 2010 but the one I scanned in was sent by BC. Mashmallow
  13. DX, Have now scanned the documents in I will await your advice ad thanks Mashmallow
  14. DX, Don't laugh no camera got a phone but it is pre-historic so please bear with me Thanks Mashmallow
  15. DX, Thanks I will have to use internet café to scan them in to my email I have not got a scanner so please bear with me Thanks Mashmallow
  16. Thanks DX, The credit agreement has my name and address and has no signature of mine only theirs. That's weird? Mashmallow
  17. Andy, I received BC's preliminary hearing submission sent to the court stating they will not be at the hearing and enclosed their statement and rely on the submission they have sent, they have enclose the credit agreement and also statement of payments paid, also letter apparently sent to me stating that the debt was sold to them 20/12 12. The account with JD was opened on 26/3/07 last payment made was in 2010. Does this man I have lost the case because of their statements, what do I have to say in court please can you help. Thanks Mashmallow
  18. Thanks Andy, I guess if they can't provide evidence of the debt then it should be struck out, I don't think the judge wants further time wasted or expense?? would I be right in thinking this? Thanks Mashmallow
  19. Andy this is correct it is a notice of allocation to the small claims tract (preliminary hearing) 1 The claim is allocated to the small claim track and the parties are referred to Part 27 of the civil procedure rules and the practice direction of that part etc etc 2. There will on the first be a preliminary hearing on the first available date after 14 days which is expected to last 20 minuets etc etc What does this all mean in simplicity??? Thanks Mashmallow
  20. Andy, Just checked it is only a preliminary hearing at this time, so what would it entail. Please advise me. thanks Andy MASHMALLOW
  21. Andy, No, I will have to check the notice now God I hope I have not messed up Mashmallow
  22. Hi again, Court date is 22nd December I know the defence is already filed, but will I have to say anything to the judge on the day, panicking a bit not done this before, please help Mashmallow
  23. Thanks, I will do exactly as said they have no right to my personal situation who they anyway?? Thanks for the advice and also yes I wished they could sort out Mr Right!!!!!!! Thanks
  24. I am now put on the wp day one induction now I have to see s money advisor Monday for what no money to advise day two Barking & Dagenham College?????? though you could not go to college?????? is this is what Maximus is about answers please.
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