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  1. Andy Went to court today and guess what the judge dismissed the claim he said he would put it in writing for his reasons why, I will post his reasons when I receive it for future reference. May thanks for all your assistance, we won also thanks for others that have helped me with this thread. Best of luck and once again thanks a million Mashmallow
  2. Thanks Andy, The judge should know this I hope if not I will mention what you have said as it was pre 2007, not mentioned on their statement, and reconstructed agreement. Thanks fr that useful bit of info. Much appreciated Masmallow
  3. Andy, Court date is nearing shall I just tell the Judge what you have told me and hopefully it will get thrown out???? Please let me know, panicking a bit. Thanks Mashmallow
  4. Since my last post I totally had enough and called the insurance company to just return his bike which they did on 24/3. Devitt apparently had no knowledge of this, hence the 2nd April he went to his bank to draw his benefit out only to find out that Devitt had taken £124.86 cancellation fee on behalf of the underwriters instructions ERS who knew the bike was stolen and also up to the 24th March the bike was in their possession at a salvage company. How can they just assume he intended to carry on paying for a policy when the bike was going through a claim, he did not have the bike they had it, the policy expired on the 6/3/15 all instalments were paid. They took the money out without his knowledge and consent and the Halifax tells him that the DD was authorised by my son?????????? Apparently the policy is carried on automatically if done online?? even so they must have had records of the situation of the vehicle and the claim? This has left him with no money over Easter as it was his benefit and also left me out of pocket not knowing if the money will be returned this is legal robbery as far as I can see. I have contacted Devitt and also sent an e-mail but they have told us that we will have to wait until they hear from ERS (underwriters) is this right???? Please can someone advise us, this is totally out of control on all parties. regards, Mashmallow
  5. On the 19th December my sons bike was stolen from my drive he reported it to the police and also to the claims department. No news at all for about 4 weeks when he contacted them to be told there was no claim recorded. had to go through the whole details again. The beginning of January got a letter from Charlton car pound saying the bike was recovered and kept there, costs have incurred in the region of £270. My son told the insurance company as he paid his policy it was down to them to investigate damages etc and make me an offer as he did not have the money to take it out myself they removed the bike and took it to their disposal grounds either to be auctioned off or to be sold. They asked for the keys, log book, proof of licence and policy. Since then this was about a month and a half ago they have not made an offer of any compensation to me or any settlement offer instead he gets a letter from the Brokers Devitt asking for the next year insurance policy payment. When the last years policy was paid in full and not renewed obviously because he no longer he no longer has a bike to insure. You would have thought they knew of the bike being stolen and their claims assessors have possession of the vehicle. He has no knowledge of where the bike is at present or what is going on. Not a penny has been awarded. This is totally out of order and disgraceful. Please can someone give us any direction to what to do next. Mashmallow
  6. Thanks for that but further to this a new story has arisen, Insurance company/loss adjusters collected the bike and took it somewhere in Chelmsford asking for the keys, and relevant paperwork this was sometime in January, since then has heard nothing until contact was made by the ombudsman who he complained to. Within 4 days finally got a letter from the insurance dept, saying I owe then £270 which is for a further years insurance and told me it is illegal to drive a vehicle without insurance. He has not got the bike, does not know who has got the bike, does not know if it has been auctioned off or sold for scrap, no mention of any payment coming to me. They obviously believe I still have the bike and want to carry on with their insurance policy. This is totally unbelievable. the bike Is their property until the relevant paperwork is put in place and an offer is made to me for the loss of my bike as it was covered by a so called insurance company. Please advise on what he does not this is total nonsense. He has also SORN it off the road beginning of March when the next tax instalment was due, so he has done everything by the book. Please can someone give us any direction to what to do next. Mashmallow
  7. Andy, Sorry for the delay in attaching, I await your comments Thanks Mashmallow
  8. Further to this he contacted the insurance company and told them the bike was reported stolen on the 19th December but apparently the call was not logged, so only now they are dealing with the claim, they are taking the bike from the pound to a breakers/sales company in Canvey Island, they are asking for the keys, services history and log book no doubt they are going to auction it off. They have not mentioned anything about what actual damage was caused nor what or if they will pay out. He was questioned by the assessor like he was in police custody. Further to this he has paid his insurance for the whole year up to this month, they are now saying he has to continue with his policy further until the claim is settled. So he has to sign himself to another year of insurance payment even though he has not got the bike anymore. Surely this is wrong??? any advice would be greatly appreciated. Mashmallow
  9. The council is revamping the flats where my son lives and they done an asbestos test and found asbestos flooring and also where the wall heaters are. I knew the toilet was made of asbestos .which they changed. He is not happy about this and nor am I. They want to do the works whilst he is there considering he lives in a one room bedsit. He is refusing for them to do the works as this could be a health hazard. What can he do I think personally they should rehouse him. Regards Mashmallow
  10. I have appealed I am very good at losing things and I really did not do this on purpose genuine mistake on my part I tink if I had other ID on me he may have let me off but as I did not he had to produce a ticket, I have appealed and also sent a copy of my supporting card so hopefully they may let me off as I am unemployed and have not got £40 let alone 40p. I am not a criminal Mashmallow
  11. The police called and said the bike was recovered in my area and taken to Charlton apparently I told them to store it in a safe place, no one called to let me know they had found the bike which was found in my area, could have called and told me to deal with it but no take to a pound and so far the cost is £240. Spoke to the pound and told them I did not want to know anyone about the bike and they said after 14 days after recovery it will be disposed of but could still want costs for storage. I reported it to my insurane company when it was stolen and had no response back until I called them and they said no call was logged and now wanted details I have now told them where the bike was and I was claiming so by rights they should deal with it and any costs am I right or wrong. Mashmallow
  12. Andy They have now sent their statement please could I scan it in for you to look at, they are persistent to win. No mention of HBSO thanks Maswhmallow
  13. That is correct I pulled up, person got out and I went nothing else involved the timing said it all. It does not justify a £55 fine. There are always cars sitting there they must be making a mint. I am going to appeal as it was only 2 minutes as they have stated on the PCN. The sign states no loading at any time, I was not loading just dropped someone off as it is a main road and cars up my ........
  14. Sorry for the delay but yes it was CCTV time on camera 22.06.35 car was observed 22.07 date of contravention 14/1/15 time 22.09. It has got sign stating Loading Bay but no time thanks
  15. Apparently there is some damage, he is going tomorrow to see it, if there is too much damage can he leave it with them to dispose of. They will probably charge a disposal fee. Also further expense of getting back via pick up vehicle. Thanks for your reply very useful.
  16. Yes I would have thought so, cannot even call tem or e-mail, called police for advice and was told to go down there. They could have called first, but sent a letter. He will have to pay to get the bike back as it is and there is ignition damage, so he does not want to know, no body told them to keep it in their compound so god knows what date they found it? all they could charge me is £75 for crushing it I think, aint got a clue??? Mashmallow
  17. My sons bike got stolen, police have found it and sent letter for collection, what are the fees as I don't know if it is worth getting back, if they keep it what will they charge him. he Thanks Mashmallow
  18. I only stopped for 2 minutes to drop a work colleague off I was not parked there or was waiting there. Mashmallow
  19. I received a PCN because I stopped at a loading bay at 10.00pm at night for two mins Can I appeal or will I have to pay the fine. Please help Mashmallow
  20. I was on the bus when ticket inspectors got on clicked my oyster card and asked for my ID card as I a discount card due to being unemployed. I did not have my card he asked for my address and name which I gave him he checked with his operator and asked if I had any other ID which I did not I normally carry all my cards but on this occasion had left them indoors. He issues me with a penalty of 80 reduced to 40 if paid before 21 days. My card is rgistered and they had my name and address but still issued the fine is this fair? Mashmallow
  21. Andy, Just one last thing do I send copy of my witness statement with other paperwork to BC? Many thanks Mashmllow
  22. Thanks, Andy will copy and send one to curt and one to BC, they have to pay £80 upfront by the 28th also???? Keep in touch Regards, Mashmallow
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