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  1. Please can someone advise of the best course of action he has to sign on Friday which means he is looking for work and on the other side he has asked for a mandatory appeal? don't know whether coming or going. Mashmallow
  2. Back again, my son has sent a letter for a mandatory appeal, he has not had any income and was told he would have to go back to JSA so he signed back on today. He was told that he would have to do a MWP which consist of 30 hours voluntary work again, even though he is not a capable or reliable person because of his addiction and also waiting for a mandatory reconsideration. If he has to do this is this not a false claim because he is saying he is unfit???? Thanks Mashmllow
  3. I am writing tb them today as he was given wrong information, Yes he attended interview with Atos they found him suitable for work therefore closed his ESA benefit, so he had no choice but to go back on JSA, hence all the s..t started flying forcing him to find work also knowing he is not an able person and on drugs and medication. The final straw was to put him on a mwp which he has to work for his benefits, this was the final straw, no notice, no money, no suitable clothing plus knowing the face of his condition. SoI now probably a line of suspension coming his way. He already lost 3 weeks benefit whilst waiting for his claim to be re-assessed only to be told the claim was refused and to go back to JSA which he did, he tried to get his 3 weeks money backdated, but JSA said he could no backdate because he was not actively seeking work, how does one seek work whilst being off sick, he filled in form to appeal this but has not heard anything about the 3 weeks he ha lost. It has been six months since he last claim ESA but the doctor did not put enough information on the fit note so ESA refused. Hopefully not too late to appeal, but one question wold he still be able to qualify for any payments whilst appealing? I thank everyone that has helped so far I don't know who I would turn to if not for the CAG Thanks a million Mashmallo
  4. Jason thanks for your time in replying, he has been on JSA for over 6 months he did not appeal when his medical failed, he signed back on JSA he still has the same condition still on methadone and anti depressants, JSA started getting on his back to find work, he did his job searches and applied for jobs that he knew he could not do let alone the fact who would want someone with a drug problem working for them, then he was told he has to go and work this week for 30 hours in order to get his benefit, this was when he told them he was signing off. ESA said they refused because it was for the same reason, he still has a fit note which covers him till December. It has been over 1 month by a few days. Please can someone advise if he can still appeal, and also his doctor did not provide the correct terms of his condition hence them refusing ESA. Any further help would be greatly appreciated. Mashmallow
  5. If they sanction him which no doubt they will what can he do, please can someone avise. thanks mashmallow
  6. Now another occurrence, he went back to JSA considering he was not paid for 3 weeks money because apparently even though he was waiting for ESA he was not actively seeking work, how can you still seek work when you have got a sick note. He had enough hence JSA was paid on 4th week, he had lost the 3 weeks beforehand. Now he went to sign on Friday only to be told they have put him on a MWP which consists of working voluntary for 30 hours per week, he lost the plot and told them to shove their MWP. No notice was given to him to even prepare, he has no money for fares or food or even clothes, he is still on mediation for his drug addiction which they know about, no company will take you on on these terms. Now he will probably get sanctioned and god alone knows what will come next. Please can you let me know what he can do. This is totally a wicked way of getting their figures down, how is this going to encourage people to better their lives and also how do you still do the jobs searches they require. This cannot be right surely? Mashmallow
  7. Thanks Guys, So should I ring the council up and find out if there is a loading time allowed and appeal, she has already pad the fine anyway but I just thought its money for old rope for the council. Please let me know Thanks Mashmallow
  8. It was an ordinary road Lodge Avenue, Romford, Essex if it helps Thanks
  9. Local authority it says Parked in a residents or shared use parking place or zone without clearly displaying either a permit or voucher or pay and display ticket issued for that place Code 12
  10. My granddaughter received a PCN notice which was timed at 8.55 to 8.55 am is this valid can anyone help, if this has to be paid? Regards, Mashmallow
  11. Sorry Honeybee, yes, I could not see it mabe posted it on wrong one. Mashmallow
  12. My granddaughter has passed her test about 4 months ago, she was advised to go down the black box route as it would be a bit cheaper for insurance costs. Now they have cancelled her policy because she has gone over the 30 mile speed limited as required for the black box. She has paid £1000 so far this is roughly over 3 -4 months. They have offered her £145 back is this right? Please can someone advice, this is daylight robbery Mashmallow
  13. insurance company have cancelled my policy due to going 10 miles per hour on the speed limit on my black box policy. they are not giving any option to keep the policy and not refunding any money. I am only a student an have nearly paid 1,000 for 4 months on cover. I have not done anything wrong. Please can anyone advise they have charged me £1000 for 4 moths. Please help Mashmallow
  14. Does this mean he would be better off going on JSA and forgetting the ESA route?
  15. thanks for the replies previously it was for drug dependency, he did go for a medical and Atos said he was fit for work even though on methadone and tranquilisers. So he claimed JSA, JSA started their torture tactics, how can a man on methadone and tranquilisers carry out a construction job such as labouring, which could be a danger on site, so he signed off and went back on ESA to be told that his claim was basically not valid as it is similar to the last condition when he claimed. No letter has come only was told by an advisor on the phone. He sent his a fit note from his GP???? don't know what now to do Mashmallow
  16. My son recently claimed for ESA and came off JSA, he was told his claim was refused because he had claimed for a similar reason before hand which was dismissed by Atos. Basically he called and found this info out and was told to re-claim JSA which he did yesterday. In between it has been nearly 4 weeks since he has had any money, and now in financial distress, I cannot help him as I am struggling myself is there any organisation that can help him financially until his claim has been sorted out, please can anyone tell m. Also would or could they backdate the claims to the 18th when he signed off? Please any advice would be appreciated Regards Mahmallow
  17. my son recently made an ESA about 4 weeks ago only to find out that his claim was refused because he apparently claimed for a similar problem before and was signed off by ATOS so had to claim JSA. He has been without any income since the 18th August no letter was sent and now he has to wait until JSA is accepted. What I would like to know is there any financial help he can get to tie him over until his claim has been sorted out as I cannot help him because I have a very limited amount myself. Please can anyone advise what he can do for now and also will they or can they backdate his claim? Many thanks Mashmallow
  18. Stu, They did use electricity but to top it up on the first hand sometime ago my son noticed a burning smell coming from the electric box hence council attended and see there was a doggy fuse burnt out, don't know what he done but once again recently my son called the council again, this time Mullaley came down, there was an argument and my son tried to show the guy the fuse box but hence he told them to disappear. The council came down this time and their electrician found a blue cable type wire which had burn out hence could have caused a fire, he left it safe apparently and said the board need to be changed immediately. Further to this my son has been issued a warning letter because apparently being racist towards non English speaking EU workers etc., The council are very cleaver as I mentioned before there was issues with the property but all the complaints and solicitors help came to no avail, all I am concerned about is the £1000 electric bill could have been caused by the faulty fuse board and there shoddy work, he has kept the burnt out cable for evidence, does he call EDF or go through the complaints procedure?
  19. I will try and keep this short. My son moved into his bedsit 3 yrs ago since then there was immense problems in the bedsit, damp, smelling of mould, leakages, his belongings ruined by mould and damp, ect., we engaged a solicitor, after some time, he had endless visits from all and sundry denying the problems, various tests were done and repairs carried out, hence solicitor liaised with the council for compensation, the case fell because apparently the council corrected the problems and he would not have a good case to fight. Now they have employed Mullaley to renovate the block, new bath, toilet and sink and tiles, replace old heating, there was also asbestos in the property. By this time my son has had enough Mullaley has been around for the last 4 months and no my son is refusing to let them back in. hence the council threatening him, all the workers cannot communicate because they cannot speak English, he also had one builder who splat outside the door, used the toilet and ****ed outside the bowl. Further to this a faulty electric fuse box has been left with a main cable burnt out, my son also complained about this, they have now apparently made it safe. His electric bill is now £1000 and the problem with the fuse box could have caused power surges or even a fire, he is going to be reported for being racist as he said he wants to speak to someone who can speak English, Now what we need to know can this faulty box have caused this big bill and what can we do about this. The shower unit is left on the wall not connected with wires taped up, as Mullaley refuse to come back to his property as he has had enough of them and their unprofessional way of working. He has told them to .... off, the council have now asked him to leave the property for the day so they can finish, he does not trust them. Please any advice would be gratefully appreciate. Mashmallow
  20. My son keeps getting letters and visits from TVL he did have a TV licence before but since last year he has not been watching TV he only uses his internet. They are threatening him saying he is under investigation etc, he is getting really stressed out apparently they have evidence even though they have not entered the property, what evidence could they possibly have to stat with and what can he do aout this harassment? Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Mashmallow
  21. Thanks, My advisor was messing about as usual can you believe Thanks Mashmallow
  22. I had a call from the JCP asking me to attend a meeting on my normal signing on day what could this be about please? Mashmallow
  23. I received a call from the JC asking me to come down on my usual signing on date but earlier for a meeting what could this be any input please Regards mashmallow
  24. No of course not. Cant wait to see his response he was not happy with them?? Keep everyone posted Love Mashmallow
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