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  1. Hi, Just a bit of support I have had the same issues, basically I have told them I cannot pay the requested amount and they will have to accept what I can pay, also contact their head office and tell them they cannot threaten you by law and also put every thing in writing. I would not worry about these fat loan sharks. I am sure someone else will reply to your request soon. Regards, Mash
  2. Hello you good people, It's me again with another issue. I opened a current account with Nat West and let myself be talked in to taking a green flag insurance out with them for £6.00 per month. I agreed because I was soo happy to get a current account after many many years. Anyway I did not have time to change all my dealings from my step account and therefore the first £6.00 came out of my current account, but did not because there was no money in there. The charge came in at £28.00 + £8.00 for god knows. I telephoned and told them to cancell the DD but they said until the charges were paid they could not, so I paid the charges £36.00. The following month another charge appeared so I telephone again and they said I have got charged again because the first charge was not paid on a specific date. We being stupid paid again anyway this went on until the charges have reached £140. I wrote to Nat west and requested that this stops and I want to recalim alll my charges and close my current account down. I have not had a reply. This account has cost me nearly £230.00 for which I have paid half already. Can someone please tell me what to do as I can't believe for a £6.00 DD not being paid has cost me emmensley. I have so many debts to deal with and don't know my a--e from my e--bow. Regards Mashmallow
  3. Hi, No he is not on the electoral list so I don't know where he has or they have been fishing info from. Thanks Mash
  4. Thanks, Sorry I am a bit simple in this kind of thing, so basically he can do it and I would or we would be liable for the debt, what do I do about this. Please can you advise me if you don't mind. You have been a great asset in my life, thanks. Mash
  5. Thanks for replying to me Cerberusalet, but surely they can,t just assume he is living here and just serve a court order? The house is not even in my name. Mashmallow
  6. I received a letter from Bryan Carter threatning my son with legal action and baliffs for a debt which I think i about 6 years old, not sure, anyway it has come to my address although my son does not live here? Do I contact them and tell them or do I just bin the letters they send, please can someone advise.
  7. Hi everyone. Since joining this forum it has gave me courage to fight for what is fair, all the time we people have not said anything and just suffered for the robbing b*****ds out there we all have to speak up for justice, I am 53 ans struggled all my life no more! welcome finance, and the rest of all the loan sharks that have been around all ready to give me money when they know i can't pay it back, like some said on this forum if the zookeeper gives a money a razor and the money cuts itself who's to fault the monkey or the zookeeper. I am ready for war on all these idots, they have roobed us all now its our time to staan and be counted. If banks are struggling who are we JOE NOBODYS, I just heard on the radio today increase beneifts so people can start spending, they are taking the p**s out of us how can you spend on benefits, get a life you morans. I work and I cant spend,what are these mauupets on. DRUGS? Mashmallow
  8. hi people, I had a visit from a person, was not in so the person left a card it was from a company called Falcon, the emblim was a red falcons head. The person left her name (Angela) and mobile no. I telephoned her asked her what company she was representing and she said Falcon, when I asked again what company she said Falcon, I just told her to blaze off and she replied don't swear at me and put the phone down. I tried to call her back but she would not answer the phone. Anyone heard of this company please? Mashmallow
  9. Jeff, Don't panick after the good people on this forum have read your plee you will be able to sleep for a week. Nothing is worth stressing especially money. There is a mindfull of info on here as I have found out, unbelieveable. Just hold on there as I am quite dumb in this field also, I am just giving you moral support, wait and see. Mashmallow
  10. Any advice please, I get e-mail alerts when someone replies or post a reply to my thread, but I cannot find my thread. How do I search for it? Mashmallow8)
  11. Thanks for your interest. I sent a letter to PTP with an expenditure sheet and offered to pay them £50.00 per month and asked for interest and charges to be frozen. I havew had no reply whatsoever. The last contact I had with them was by e-mail saying they would pass the debt on to a third party and also asked me to pay half the loan this month and next month. Since this I have had no contact with them as yet. I have also done this to a few of my other debtors but they don't given in easy. Wait till the **** hits the fan;)
  12. Thank you my friends and happy days to you also, logo great. Be in touch. Mash
  13. Thanks Clemma, So we don't send in the updated expenditure form to them?? and just ignore them please let me know. Thanks Mashmallow
  14. Can anyone help with this one, Lombards took my partner to Court and he was given a CCJ plus they were also granted a deed to his house. They now want an updated expenditure form to review payments I guess, but should he ask for his original credit agreement??? evn though it has gone through court??? Mashmallow8-)
  15. Posted this on wrong thread, sorry to 42 man. I have a similar issue to someone else on this forum with Barclaycard, formerly Goldfish, formerly cabot and finally morgan stanley. I spoke to Barclaycard little while ago and asked since when theyy took over from Goldfish, the woman said October last year. No tract of this notificication and no credit agreement signed either for Cabot, goldfish or barclaycard, can I ask for my credit agreement if there is one and if there is not one I guess I can smile? what do you think. Any one can help please.
  16. Hi 42 Man, Just saw your reply, I have a similar issue with Barclaycard, formerly Goldfish, formerly cabot and finally morgan stanley. I spoke to Barclaycard little while ago and asked since when theyy took over from Goldfish, the woman said October last year. No tract of this notificication and no credit agreement signed either for Cabot, goldfish or barclaycard, can I ask for my credit agreement if there is one and if there is not one I guess I can smile? what do you think. Mashmallow
  17. Hi, I am also fairly new to the group, but i am having the same kind of problem with welcome. I have asked them if they would accept a reduced amount and next day i had two visits from them, which i told them to naff off and they then sent me a letter from the complaints department to contract them which i have not. i asked them to send me a payment book but have heard nothing yet to date. One thing you mentioned was the acceptance fee included in the amount as my one is the same, not sure how it works but you have two boxes O and P = n which is total charge for credit which in simple terms mean the fee has also accumulated interest as it is in with the loan actually borrowed. Also something else I read on the forum is a loan company is no supposed to consolidate your existing loan with the same company? this is wehat welcome does. Lastly they do not send statements of what is paid and what is charged so general public does not know without sending out a SAR which is what I am going to do when I get paid. I have not paid them anything since November 2008 so god know what they have added to my account. Swift is another rouge company they also included the broker fees and acceptance fee along in to the loan and this is an agreement made in December 2007 so don't know where I stand with this one. Keep in touch and keep the good work going Caggers. Mashmallow
  18. 082Stewie, I am quite new to this forum and have found it invaluable. I was advised by cerberusalet to read up on this thread and would like to give you a quick brief on my dealings with Welcome. I wrote to them firstly and explained thaqt I coulde not afford the requested amount of £230 and sent a breakdown of my expenditure sheet, I sent it to the complainace depatment in Nottingham. The next evening I had a visit from welcome, I opened the door and a uong man was standing there saying he was from WF, I laughed at him and said a few words and shut the door, he then rung again, my son went out and told him to F--- off. Five minutes later a young girl knocked from wf, I also told her where to go. Next step is I tel the branch office in Romford and asked to speak to the branch manager which I did, I went mad at him and told him to stop sending his crew to my door otherwise they will get a pole over their head, I am not violent by the way, just mad. He then replied he was coming round the next day himself which was when I told him to ,,,,,,,,,,, he then said I'm coming now. I then called the police and got a report number. I sent a letter to wf the next day and reported this incident. I got a letter back asking me to contact them with regards to the complaint. I have not been in touch with them since. I need to know from you guys what would be the first step of action, I know |I have incurred extra costs but I am willing to fight them as unjustifyable. One thing I did read was they are not supposed to consolidate an existing loan with a new loan be it with the same company, is this true? and also they are not supposed to include the acceptance fee into the loan so it also incurrs interest? please could you8 let me know. Thanks Mashmallow:evil:
  19. Can I take champix if i am on blood pressure tablets, I really need the right help to stop.
  21. Anyone had dealings with Welcome, I wrote to them explaining I could not afford my loan at present and could only pay 100 insted of 233. The next day I had a knock from a young man asking for me from welcome I laughed at him and told him to clear off and not come to my door I shut the door on him, he rung again and my son went to the door and told him to naf off and shut the door. Ten minutes later a young lady turns up from Welcome I went mad and told her to take a jum and shut the door. I then telephone the romford branch and was put through to the branch manager who was very rude and then he said he would be coming round tomorrow, this is when I said anyone else comes to my doorr they will get a pole over their heads, his repky was I am coming now, I then told him i was calling the police, which I did and reported the incident. He did'nt come round. Has anybody experienced such rediculous behaviour and got any advice on what to do with welcome, I telephone their head office only to be put through a recorded message saying that Welsome finance is not offering any loans at present and therefore the number is not validated???
  22. Hi, I was just reading this thread and do feel so sorry for you but this person Rory is a tower of strenght we can get out of financial distress we have to be strong as long as we are truthful, then we have no worries. They can't have what you ain't got. I am with the CCCS and they often say that I should go Bankrupt but I will not, my debtors will get what I can give and no more. I have a house but fortunately or not fortunately is not on my name so they can't touch that. Kepp your chin up and take one thing at a time
  23. I have been reading about these payday loans and the grief it is causing people who are in financial difficulty. I myself is one it has spiralled out of control. I have PTP, Payday Express, Wageday Advance, One month loan and all I am doing is paying of the interest every month. Payday Express has agreed to make a regular payment every month of £120.00 for the next 4 months considering I have already paid £480.00 in interest. Pounds till payday I owe £910.00, wageday advance £137.00 which I am paying interest of £37.00 for the last 2 months. I need template for the letter i send to them to request lower payments and time to pay if anyone knows where it is or could provide me with one. Many thanks
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