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  1. I e-mail them on 29th Feb via website, then on 8th March e-mail then on 15/4 e-mail and then finally sent letter 18/4 but no response only threats for the payment. Hopefully this is a bit more clear to understand, as I write quicker then I think. Mashmallow
  2. There is only one parking charge, the reason for appealing was because although the sign states free parking it is not clear enough that people have to register within the store if they were shopping there, there are two other stores locally longbridge road and Dagenham use the same people Atena but you do not have to register to park there, that is why I appealed, I though it was unfair. They have identified the owner of the car as got info from DVLA no doubt. Because an e-mail was sent on their appeal section they wanted a written letter to state the owner, thus no resolve and threats. Mashmallow
  3. Please can someone help in what I have to do next Mashmallow
  4. Ok sorry for not reading correctly, but here are the answersd: For tickets received through the post (Notice to Keeper) please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement not exact around the 22nd Feb 2016 2 Date on the NTK 25th Feb 2016 3 Date received 28th Feb roughly 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? not on the civil parking charge notice 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? yes 6 Have you appealed? yes Have you had a response? yes 29th Feb via website, then on 8th March e-mail then on 15/4 e-mail and then finally sent letter 18/4 7 Who is the parking company? Athena ANPR For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, please check here - IAS Hopefully I have answered all correctly Thanks Mashmallow
  5. I received a parking ticket from Athena which did have photographic evidence apparently you are only allowed to stop no longer then 10 minutes if more then you need to register within the store, the writing on the sign about this is very small and people who read the sign on arrival will only see the big writing which states free parking for up to an hour??? confusing I have appealed on a few occasions but they are ignoring and threatening CCJ ect., cannot find a number to ring lidl myself to intervene as I think it is unfair for one branch to do this and the others don't. Now have sent a final demand for £90.00. What can I do next it does state Schedule 4 of the protection of freedom act 2012. Please help Mashmallow
  6. Sorry Guys to be a pain but one last question hopefully is there a standard format for the appeal? or just a written statement quoting case number, name, etc., Please and thanks Mashmallow
  7. I will get a statement together asap do I send it to the court direct. Mashmallow
  8. Thanks for replying, yes it does contain the original assessment back in 2014 when he scored 0 points. For now what is the ext course of action does he get relevant proof i.e letters from GP or Clinic etc., and send to the court now, this pack is come from the appeals section not sure of all this, or does he wait for date of hearing? Please help. Mashmallow
  9. Received ESA file back, not sure what to do with it. It is copies etc of what I have sent and also records from original claim, please advice if possible. Mashmallow
  10. Is it too late to request him examine the car? Just a thought. Thanks Mashmallow
  11. The reason I didn't return the car is because im a student, live in Essex and haven't got the time to be going backwards and forwards to south London. I did not want to return the car for him to fix because he sold me a dodgy car which made me have no trust in him to then repair the car. I've looked on the citizens advice website which states that even if he has refunded money for the car, if the fault is not fixed or there are more ongoing problems I am still able to demand a full refund. I have no trust for him to repair the car knowing he has already done me over in the first place, let alone take the car for him to do more damage.
  12. Ok, I have now attached the letter he sent back and also the invoice. Please could you give me some guidance on what I state in the letter to him before I commence with the MCO Please and thanks Mashmallow SCAN OF JOSH CAR LETTER.pdf
  13. Sorry I am not too clued up I take it I go online and complete an MCO? Mashmallow
  14. Thanks for replying I have e-mailed trading standards of this and send an LBA to him. Will keep you posted Thanks Mashmallow
  15. Bazooka, He has sent a letter back which I will post up soon, please could you tell me what is a LBA so I can proceed. Many thanks Sorry for the delay in replying Mashmallow
  16. Thanks for your support I will wait and let you know if anything comes back Thanks Mashmallow
  17. I will allow the thief a bit more breathing space, I am however sending an e-mail to trading standards to support my claim against him if needs to go to court as I have told him in the letter. So just have to wait now, this makes me feel sick thinking about this mess up should have known better. Mashmallow
  18. I took the car to a place called SL motors at first which is where I got the new spark plugs and diagnostic. I got new spark plugs because the engine light appeared and when they done the diagnostic I thought this would fix the problem. I don't really know too much about cars. then again the car was still faulty, so I took it back to be told more problems. I had it fixed then again more problems, I took it to a different garage as I thought they were taking the mick. the new garage also advised the same problems and costs. I contacted the seller and he refunded £120 to my account for repairs however the full repairs were £340. I have sent him a letter demanding a full refund and to return the car as per my statutory rights, haven't heard back yet. I have given him 7 days to hear back and I sent the letter 21/12/15. Please can you advise. Mashmallow
  19. I will get all the information and post back , thanks for replying Mashmallow
  20. Thanks for the reply has I asked for a full refund and he does not want to know, as mentioned only had the lemon 3 weeks or so he is coming out with he did offer some payment towards the repair, but since then more problems has occurred therefore now costing £300 more to repair, he is not prepared to give any refunds for the lemon so proving a difficult one here. Just want to take him to court now don't know where to start ????????????? Mashmallow
  21. I purchased a car on 27/11/15 from a car dealer named 'wonder value' in south London. when I bought the car I was advised of no problems at all however on the invoice the dealer wrote a note that the vehicle may need new cam belt, brake pads or sensors. I accepted the offer as the car had only recently passed its MOT and I had looked at the certificate. I purchased the car for £1795 and paid £60 for him to drive it home for me so I could insure it once home. The day after a note on the dashboard was flashing up saying 'anti pollution faulty' and 'oil level low'. I obviously expected the oil to be low that was not a problem, when I got home I then put oil in the car thinking both lights would disappear. Both lights did not disappear I took it to the garage, I paid for a diagnostic and new spark plugs. the next day again, the anti faulty pollution light and oil light was still showing. the garage checked my oil level and it was not low at all. i then took it back again and there was still a problem they wanted me to pay another £350 when i have spent £320 on diagnostic, spark plugs, sensors for the car and the oil to be filtered. I have contacted the man who sold the car and he gave £120 towards the repairs, however this does not even cover the cost of repairs. I have had to pay insurance for the car and all these repairs and have only owned it for 3 weeks. I have not even been able to drive the car apart from to and from the garage and had non stop problems. i am a student and cannot afford to pay all these expenses. i have contacted the dealer and told him i want a full refund and he needs to pay for all the expenses. he then replied stating he has refunded the £120 and that was the final offer, however i believe due to my statutory rights i am able to return the car as he has sold it faulty and it was not advised of any of these problems when purchased. I have threatened him that i will take him to trading standards and take this to court if he does no agree to the terms. Please advise the best and first course of action Regards Mashmallow
  22. Thanks Nystagmite I will write what you have said that should be adequate for now, I am very gratefull for this site and respect all those who are within giving their support to people like me. Million thanks, Let you know as things proceed. mashmallow
  23. I have read all the replies on this post, my sons mandatory re-consideration was refused so now will have to go through the HM procedure he has a sick note stating rehabilitation within the community has anyone any input to what to write down for his appeal both me and him are not very clued up what to write so it looks professional I have 10 days before the cur off date and need to get it sent off no later then the 11 of December because of Christmas post ect I will have to use recorded delivery to be safe. Please can someone help. Thanks mashmallow
  24. Thank you for your kind help Jason and Fletch I am not ashamed of explaining his situation, it could happen to anyone and lady luck has not looked kindly on me as I have two sons on drug dependency and have had to bear this for over 25 years I am now nearly 60 and cannot see any light in the tunnel of darkness but hey carry on and smile. I will try and explain more clearly:- It was about 9 months when Atos found him fit so therefore he did not appeal and went and signed on JSA. He signed off JSA 8th August and got sick note from doctor who put on sick note opiate type ??? ESA refused the claim saying it was for the same reason he had applied 9 months ago and dismissed the claim He did not know he could appeal for a mandatory reconsideration so went back on JSA His advisor is one of the worst person there he is very intimidating and very unhelpful and pushes the wrong buttons according to my son who is very short tempered and frustrated also has mood swings and angry burst of frustration e was told he was not doing enough to find work so hense said he would have to commence 30 hours of work My son signed off and put in a mandatory consideration to ESA which he is still waiting for a decision He was told by ESA he would have to reclaim JSA as there was no other option for any income which he has done Now the problem continues no money for the last 3 or 4 weeks lost count When he went down to the interview his original advisor was sitting there smirking and said to him I thought you got a job and "you will be coming back to me" in other words I will finish you off so therefore once again wound him up The thing is he is waiting for a decision for ESA to reconsider claim and also seeking work which he has to do to get JSA this is totally miscontruding I am dreading him going down there Friday this week he will probably flip because he is fnding life hard to deal with at present I hope I have explained things more clear and would be greatfull if anyone could give me some direction
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