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  1. banks are taking FSA to court issued high court papers today by the BBA
  2. also.. what % did you finally settle on?
  3. The mood in the camps i deal with is good, on the whole. Clearly all the recent political judgements have not been fantastic, but they have certainly not been anywhere near as bad as some would like to make us believe. Onwards and upwards... they certainly won't be getting off the hook... i can 100% assure you of that.
  4. House of cards i'm afraid...tumbling as we speak... allegedly You will do well to mentally write what you paid them off...unfortunately.
  5. BF were never that concerned about pursuing UCA cases as there sols are a injury claims specialist and have little understanding of CCA74. I understand they have issues with their ATE insurers and prefer to concentrate on PPI claims.
  6. Well done. Good luck to you, hopefully all the sleepless nights are now a thing of the past, and you can get on with enjoying your young family grow up.
  7. don't worry, i never blamed you. i'll PM you a proper joke later
  8. nick - this is CAG, i am not allowed to post up link to solicitors etc template letters etc is the way forward, apparently
  9. it's not the CMC, it's actually the weak, 4th rate solicitors behind them who are very unsure of the act, recent judgements, and all future judgements. i know very well in my capacity that there are just not enough decent law firms out there who know how to proceed correctly and efficently with a claim.
  10. OFT consults on unenforceable credit agreements guidance - The Office of Fair Trading
  11. The OFT disagreed with elements of the Royal Bank of Scotland versus McGuffick court case, which said threatening legal action does not constitute enforcement. While acknowledging the case, it said: "A creditor should in no way mislead a debtor as to the enforceability of the agreement. To do so would be an unfair of improper business practice and would be highly relevant to the creditor’s or owner’s fitness to hold a licence." It added: "No communications or requests for payment should in any way threaten court action or other enforcement of the debt where the creditor or owner i
  12. sorry guys, have repasted another link makes interesting reading certainly not the whitewash we were maybe expecting from the OFT i am most surprised.
  13. sorry, i meant over 1500 cases on behalf of consumers that had been issued against the lenders.
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