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  1. i tried the brief pleading letter to the customer services director, you reckon the CEO might have a better chance ? ...Yeah looking for a mortgage and its screwing me up.
  2. Hi, can anyone offer me some advice. I've recently discovered a default on my Credit file from 2014, i don't know why I've not seen this before, either blinkers on or I've just not checked thoroughly. Its for £154 from Lloyds, i moved bank accounts a few years ago and in doing so once the overdraft facility had been removed etc there was a negative balance on my account for £154, it was there for a few months and then paid once i had realised, so is settled but the default has been registered. I don't recall receiving a default notice for this at the ti
  3. Thanks Andy, its this next stage i wasn't sure what to do.
  4. Hi Silverfox, the phone initially was not taken out in my name, it was taken on through a friend who could get additional phones through a family and friends perk at 02, the name and address was then simply changed on the account so the invoice came to me, the mobile phone contract with them went into dispute, made the last payment in November 2009 - confirmed with o2, and i did not continue to pay but then never heard anything more about it until March this year. ..... after 6 years. It wasn't like the modern mobile contracts where you are taking out a
  5. Good evening forum, been a member for a while but its been a while since i posted or visited, i could do with some advice please if anyone could spare the time. In a nut shell.... Lowell through BWL have issued me with a claim form for an old mobile phone bill, i have got to the stage where i have just returned a directions questionnaire to the court. The POC on my claim form state that "telefnoica are claiming for a mobile agreement thats regulated by the CCA 1974... it goes on to say "the defendant failed to maintain the contractual payment under the terms of the agreement and
  6. in addition the letter they have sent stating they have a warrant to enter the property is not addressed to my sister it just states: To the user of electricity at ADDRESS, surely thats not right ?
  7. ive just posted a similar thread, my sister is having real **** with them....
  8. HI Can anyone help or offer me some advice ? Im writing on behalf of my sister who has got herself in a right tiz, and its not surprising as BG seem to really not be interested and keep fobbing her off, shes at the end of her tether and im worried. Basically, BG messed up her bill and increased the amount she was paying, she fell behind and has ended up with a £600 electricity bill which in my eyes isnt a HUGE bill really but its big enough, anyway shes fell on hard times so shes tried to sort all her finances out, a debt advice company has helped her draw up a budget and shes sent l
  9. they say in the letter that unless i return the signed form of undertakings that they will take further action relating to my criminal activities. . but the form is worded to say that i agree to their costs of £750, i cant affors that ?! at most i would arrnage to send them the item i had for sale, even tho i would be out of pocket. Learnt my lesson ??? for sure!!!
  10. Yes, i listed the item describing exactly what is was and who it was made by also including a photo showing what the item was.
  11. Hi, can anyone help me ? A few weeks ago i bought in good faith a designer branded item from a local sunday market as a present for my partner, i will admit, it was cheaper than in shops which is why i bought it, who wouldnt ? it looked the business. as was the case, the present wasnt appreciated and i didnt want it so i put it up for auction on ebay. I described the item as it was, and the auction went on line with a starting bid price of 1 penny, after 2 days i received notification from ebay that they had withdrawn the item from sale as it infringed upon copyright.
  12. Hi does anyone know....... I used to bank with natwest, i put a claim in to get back some bank charges and they have since closed my account and passed it to a debt collector to claim back my overdraft, however they have also wacked on a load of charges, more than i orginally claimed back so my account is now over my overdraft and overdrawn, however its further bank charges that have made it overdrawn. Are banks allowed to slap you with charges if its those very same charges that then cause you to go overdrawn ? I asked my current bank as i was enquriring about lending and they said you
  13. Hi Dave Thanks for welcome and thanks for the advice - anything is worth a go so ill take a look and forward her the info. Would this be the same as going to the CAB - are they limited in what they can do, i realise no one can wave a magic wand and make it all go away but she dosnt have a clue so really needs good advice and a lot of direction. Thanks though ill take a look now. cheers Ric
  14. Hi can anyone help me please. My sister is in a right pickle with her finances and unfortunately due to a crappy paid job, running a household with 2 teenage kids, a mortgage, credit cards and other run of the mill finance agreements she has got herself into a state, obviously we have tried to help but i tthink things are getting on top of her. I have seen this company - Debt Matters, and i suggested she contact them to see if they can help, does anyone have any info on them and whether they are any good or could help her out ? We have never had any dealing swith these type of fi
  15. I have today aslo received a message from this company NCO Europe, does anyone know who they are and what they want ?
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