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  1. Long story short. I had a bank account with Nat West and went £5 overdrawn. Immediately Nat West put charges on, and immediately I opened an account with a different bank, and got my money put in there instead. Anyhow, the charges kept coming until they reached £440 odd quid then Nat West closed my account without notice. Had a letter from Moorcrap today. It is the "we are now the agents for Nat West" letter and is requesting full payment. Am a bit rusty in the proceedures with this now. Can anyone remind me what I should do now?
  2. Thank you. Am having brain-freeze at the moment.
  3. Do they have "experts" who can verify signatures btw? I would imagine it's easy to forge a signature, saying that you would think theybwould forge the correct one. So should I do a "send me everything you hold about me" request with a tenna? Can't remember what it's called.
  4. So do i bother sending any more letters or should I just leave it? They have said that my initial complaint has been dismissed and that I should go to the Financial Ombudsman. Should I wait and see what threats come now, or what?
  5. Oh and she offered me money off to pay off the account
  6. Phoned them up, asked when they were going to supply me with a CCA and if they were allowed to put another default on my credit file when they had already put one on in 2007. Got told that they had checked my CCA with a "handwriting expert" who had confirmed that the signature matched the 2000 CCA (don't think this is true, plus it must be copied as I definitely didn't sign it in my old married name in 2004). Then the woman went off on a rant about how in her opinion she wouldn't have ruined her credit record by trying to avoid making a payment. I asked her if that was HFC's opinion or hers. She said it was hers, and so I said "What right do you have to make any assumptions or opinions of me? Is that HFC's policy? To allow employees to have a go at people based on their personal opinions?" Ended up speaking to her manager who said the default notice was not a default notice but a warning of a default notice. Also said it didn't matter that the details on the CCA were wrong as I was just trying to avoid my debts. I told her that my main worry wasn't about paying off the account, but how HFC had a CCA with the wrong name and what I suspect to be a forged copy of my signature on it.
  7. Got a default letter today. They must have searched my credit file as i moved in March. Anyway, the account was defaulted in 2007, so surely they cannot default it again? Also they are still saying that the CCA with my maiden name on is valid, despite me having changed my name over 10 months earlier and having legal documentation saying this.
  8. It has enough to keep me happy tbh. I am seriously made up.
  9. What a result! I went in there today and basically raised the place. Told them I was going to speak to my solicitor, and phone BBC Watchdog, that none of the machines had been of merchantable quality. Three managers came over and I was grovelled to, and offered a 32Gb Ipad. I am absolutely over the moon!!!
  10. Hi there. Anyone able to help? I am going to try and get hold of the manager tomorrow.
  11. Thanks very much. It probably does need moving.
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