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  1. Many thanks for all the replies! The wife can relax now and we can tell him where to go if or when he returns. I shall deal with Thames water directly and not this shower.
  2. Just had an agent from this company call at my address on behalf of my water provider. My wife answered the door and he asked if I was there. He told her that if I did not contact him he would be back to disconnect the water. Surely they are not allowed to make this threat? As far as I know water is the only utility that can not be disconnected? Also, he was wearing a high-viz vest, giving the impression he was a workman or meter reader. Who are these people and what power do they have? Are they just your regular DCA?
  3. I have today received another letter from 1st Credit. They are now threatening me with a Charging Order on my property (They have checked with the Land Regitry and have found out that I own it). After all my letters they still won't back down. This debt is in dispute and they have not complied with my request to prove to me that it is not Statute Barred. Some advice would be appreciated as it is now starting to stress me out. Has any one else had experience with this? Are they likely to be succesful in obtaining a Charging Order even if the debt is in dispute?
  4. Will do Curlyben but will Trading Standards contact them and take action on my behalf?
  5. Four months later and still no evidence that this is not Stat Barred they are at it again. They have sent me another letter, this time from their Audit Team letting me know that my case has been handed over to their Pre Legal Team. They are still telling me that it's not too late and if I phone them and make arrangement for payment there will be no need for court action. So after me writing to them stating that this is Stat Barred and asking them to prove otherwise, which they haven't, they are still harrassing me for payment. Advice on my next move would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm with you on this Rahl. I guess you mean the likes of the Rothschilds, J P Morgan etc. They do indeed engineer these things.
  7. I had a phone call from Aktiv Kapital today. The switchboard operator at work announced the call and when it was put through the line went dead. Thought it was a bit strange.
  8. What got me was the fact that they supplied an edited copy and not the complete one. I just want things done properly and not be cheated in any way. If the out come is not the one I would like, then so be it.
  9. Thanks 42man. All I have said to them is that everything should be in writing from now on as I have raised another query. I didn't go in to too much detail ie. harrassment. But said I wouldn't be discussing this any further over the phone. They have called 3 times today. They also called last Sunday at approx. 3pm.
  10. As far as I am aware it has been 6 years since a payment was made. As far as I am concerned it's up to them to proove otherwise. Stat Barred letter already sent out but they are still making demands both in writing and phone calls.
  11. Please could someone take a look at the letter and copy credit agreement sent to me on 30/01/2008. They mention in the letter that I should confirm with them that the signature is mine. I don't want to write to them confirming this as it may be taken as me admitting liability. They have only supplied an edited copy and upon me confirming that the signature is mine they will supply a complete copy of the relevant document. Is this ok or should they have supplied me with a complete copy and not an edited one in the first place? 1st C - Doc.1.pdf
  12. So after 1st Credit receiving two recent letters from me by Special Delivery querying this debt, they still insist upon phoning me at work. Another message on my voicemail this morning after me telling them that all communication should be in writing. This is now harrassment. Another letter to them today I think. They can't seem to get it in to there thick heads that digging up a 10 year old agreement and a couple of recent phone calls to me is proof that I am liable. They are trying to say that I have failed to contact them even though I have sent them the two letters.
  13. Something else that worries is me is this. When they sent me the copy of my Original Credit Agreement with Abbey. It had my signature on it. I just hope they won't cut and paste my signature on to any forged documents. Has this been done in the past?
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