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  1. Thanks hun, I just called the court and they said they dont requier AQs anymore for bank charge cases!
  2. Thanks lateralus, is the CAse Management Information sheet same as the AQ? thanks
  3. Hi guys, I recived a letter from the courts giving me a date for a directions hearing. There are 43 of us going on the same day all for the same reason on 28th June. It tells me I have to complete a Case Management Information Sheet and file it with the court. They say they may consider to treat the case as a group litigation. Is this normal? Thanks
  4. Thanks lateralus, thats such a help.
  5. Thanks, ...but I didnt apply through mcol, I did it by post. Do I still just send nudge letters and wait for instructions from the court? Cheers, x
  6. Hi kelley, mines the 12th may. I'm not sure what im supposed to be doing though. I called the court house yest and they said all bank charges claims have been transferred to the high court and they have 100's to process at the moment. There is a set date for all bank charge claims, its 28th June. He wasn't that helpful as I'm still confused - maybe thats just me, ha! He said I dont have to do anything and I just wait for instructions. Do I file for Judgement on 12th May? Any ideas, thanks.
  7. hi everyone, the date deemed served was 12 april. which means theres only a couple of days to go. What are my next steps please? Thanks for any help
  8. I hate HSBC!!!!!!!! They've put another £25 charge on my account for going £5 over my overdraft limit! Considering how far I am in the process of reclaiming my charges would I be able to add on this charge to my claim? Thanks.
  9. Its ok I found it... Thanks anyway!
  10. Thanks for the help, pete and netty, Were do I find the date deemed served? thanks again...
  11. I have recived the notice of issue, does the notice of acknowlegement come after? thanks
  12. Sorry for the late reply kelley, I included the court fee in the claim. You have to say that your including it though. Hope its not too late...
  13. Thanks lateralus, I went down to the court and handed in 3 copies of everything so I dont need to send the 1st letter you mention, right? Kelley - Its well scarey isn't it, keep in touch.
  14. does anyone know what the next stage is and when it should happen? Thanks
  15. Its ok, I figured it all out myself! I handed my claim form in at the court today so now I just wait to see what happens, yeah? I ended up just paying the court fees because I didnt have time to fill out the form. But I'm claiming it back from HSBC anyway. I cant belive my claim is now about £500 more than what it origionally was.
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