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  1. thing is when they were charging me and to this day i was on benifit income support and dla i was left with next to nothing with 5 kids to look after can i push for my case to be looked at now as its caused me finacial hardship
  2. after some family probs and death of a dear relative ive finally got to the stage of doing my n1 claim forms only to have a letter from a&l arrive this morning saying they will put an aplication of stay on my claim until this teat case is done can they do it and should i put it in still they owe me £2558 alot when u consider it was my benifit money:mad:
  3. help filling in my n1 how much is the daily intrest on £2558 thanks
  4. im at the stage of doing my n1 form a&l sent me a full and final settlement offer of £591 for £2558 what a rubbish offer sent rejection offer they sent a letter back saying that is their postion with a leaflet for the ombudsmun letter was from alison. well n1 filled in of to hand it in tomorrow wish me luck
  5. ive recived a letter from a&l offering me 591 full and final settlement for 2558 what do i do my lba expired last week and i dont get paid till next week to start court proceeddings HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. my charges are £2558 so how much would that be
  7. What Do I Put In The Daily Intrest I Have No Clue What It Is
  8. Im At The Stage Of Issuing Court With The A&l Using The N1 Form Im Lost When It Comes To The Overdraft Intrest Do I Have To Claim This I Know What The 8% Intrest Is But Do I Have To Add All The Other Intrest Thanks
  9. well today 16th april sent my lba recorded delivery!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder wether the recent press coverage of tom brennan will change anything we can only hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. A&L took the full 40 days to supply my statements i rang on day 41 was told someone would call within 48 hours to tell me what was happening but they arrived next day in the post
  11. On My Letter Before Action Do I Add The Intrest On As Well Help
  12. hi all just recived my bog off letter back from a&l am just going to send my lba, funny thing is before they replied to my request they sent me a letter saying they have noticed i have had a high volume of charges on my account and although they are lawful how to avoid them!!!!!!!!!!! the cheek of it, i have a parachute account done so i will poss end up filing in court!!!!!!!!!!!! LET BATTLE COMMENCE
  13. well today 21st march had my last 6 years staements £2558 they have taken off of me
  14. wot happens if i dont hear anything or they refuse to give me the information?
  15. hi have just put in a letter asking for statements for last six years/chargess send recorded delivery recived on the 9th feb if they say no what do i do
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