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  1. for non payment of our deposit! I thought I made that obvious? sorry if I wasnt clear enough! CDS thanks for letting me know .... suing them 3X the amount will be good and along the lines of what I was told earlier as well!
  2. I am pretty certain it did! Cause these agents said it did when they were taking deposit from us! They are still trading in the same premises and we have got contract and everything so it should be no problem suing them! Its just the matter of how much!!!!
  3. Hi guys, before I start the legal process I want to get some comments and thoughts from you guys! Well we left the house earlier last month and were told by our letting agent that the deposit will be transferred directly to our account. Well surprise surprise after nearly a month on they haven’t transferred anything, won’t take our calls, won’t respond to emails and just make up a million and one different excuses. I have kept a log of all the calls, emails etc I have sent to them. I am assuming it will make sense if I proceed with the legal action as along with the entire contract etc this will make compelling evidence? Also they are now making up the story that there are outstanding bills on the property that we have to clear before they think about transfer anything! I thought that the bills are attached to a person and if the companies have any issues (which am sure they don’t as we have made sure everything is cleared) they can pursue us directly! Also we have put redirection on the property so any letters sent to us should really be coming to us and not to these letting agents?!??? Also can someone please tell me is there a maximum amount we can sue for? I mean can we just demand the amount of deposit or can we claim something more? I want to inflict maximum damage for their idiotic behaviour!! Any help will be GREATLY appreciated in these tough circumstances. Thanks for helping in advance!
  4. Hi, its been two weeks now since I sent the letter out to them. But the bank doesnt seem to have done anything. Should I go ahead and file the case now? Cheers.
  5. DONE! off to crooks! PS3 .. shhh shudnt start dreaming already
  6. Just before I rush to the Post Office, can you please look at my edited spread sheet screen shot and wave green to go!?
  7. K POA ready! Every document in order. Gonna send my LBA, the spreadsheet (minus the interest calculation) and the response letter they sent to me by lunchtime!
  8. Well am considerin singledom soon myself! Why dont they understand like its boots and bags for them .. its technology n footy for us!
  9. Right then have done it now. Just have to send the LBA to Lloyds tomorrow. Another thing is the department that sent me the response letter is: Lloyds TSB Bank Plc Andover Service Recovery Centre Charlton Place Andover Hampshire SP10 1RE Whereas the Lloyds website it says post all documents to (this is where I posted my initial letter to): Lloyds TSB Bank plc, BX1 1LT Finally if I look into your site to contact Lloyds you have given some Birmingham address. Which one should I post the letter to?
  10. K another thing, the first letter I send out to them, just noticed I claimed the wrong amount to them. Justr doing the spreadsheet and the amount spreadsheet calculated is a 'bit' (not significantly) less then originally claimed. What should I do? Should I add this to LBA that I have revised my charges?
  11. The head is still screwed at the right place, wont claim services they offer me ofcourse. No I do not have an overdraft with them now. Can you tell me what does the feild SCHEDULE OF CLAIM FOR CHARGES : on the spreadsheet means? PS3 I will still buy wether or not I get money off this anyway .. bt thats an entirely diff matter, with rows abt it everyday to justify to my gf how can I pay £400 for playing games? lol
  12. NA I DIDNT allow it .. am just gonna for the big charges ....
  13. K Query time again as am filling my spread sheet! Can I claim my Overdraft interest too? As of now I didnt inlcude it in the letter I sent them earlier? I only accounted for overdraft excess fee etc.
  14. Don't worry mate with the likes of you around, they aint gonna get away with this! Am already dreaming of a spanking new PS3 with the money ... lolllll
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