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  1. It went along the first saying they would investigate... etc... so I guess i wait, its only 4 days away anyway. Thanx
  2. Hi I just recieved the oh so personal standard response, can I send out my second letter now or should I wait until the 30th when my 14 days are up?
  3. seems that is the case.... aren't they just darling!!! thanks again...
  4. Ok lol I take your point... but does that mean I went over my overdraft 3 times in one month plus in the range from £20 to £60 they also charged me £25, £30 and £50.... something in the maths doesnt work Am I being a total blonde or i just dont understand lloyds charge policy?
  5. Thanks for your help guys, Im leaving the country for proberbly 2 years so not really an option to postpone it. I will see how it goes and make sure I do everything as quickly as I can from my end and have a proper talk with my parents about what it would entail if they were to carry it on for me. In reality coming home might not be a possiblity if it came to it though I may have a small window of opportunity September time but I will have to think loong and hard about this. If they offer a lower sum I may take it as a consolation prize
  6. Oh another thing, when going through my charges there is an inconsistancy in the amount charged... they range from £20 to £60 for OD Excess fees.... literally has at times varied from month to month but still being called the same thing... Any thought on why?
  7. Ok so I have been lucky enough to be organised (in one part of my life at least) and have all of my bank statements from when this account was started... I must admit I was very surprised... Im not know for my skills of organisation. I added up the charges and for the last five years they are £1046 (alot of money for a student!!). So I get to bypass the fustrating 40 days and hassel of waiting for statements and schedules of charges and yesterday I sent off my letter recorded yesterday so I'm counting down the days till my bog standard no letter . From what I'm reading it seems Lloyds are total B***hs...tight gits:-| . My only worry is that they could really drag it out, I'm leaving the country in June may be even as early as May. My parents say they are happy to help out if its not resolved by then but I don't know if this is possible...can anyone help?
  8. Ok thanks for your help, I think I'v got it now... fingers crossed
  9. I have read it all throughly but I cant get my head around the interest situation. The 8% isn't applicable until it gets to the court stages right? in my schedule of charges there are no charges listed as interest apart from the odd 20-30p every few months. Could this been down to the fact I had an interest free overdraft facility as a student or is the interest included in the charges that are listed as OD excess fee?
  10. Hi I have been a student for most of the last 6 years and it seems I have not been charged more then maybe £5 in total in interest for my charges even though they equal over £1046, is this possible and am I reading this right? Also if this is the case how do I enter this into the template letter? Also the interest at 8% APR is not claimed until the second letter? is this correct??
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