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  1. many thanks i couldnt find it! sit back and wait patiently for more news then!
  2. I thought everyone would be back here now after lasts week announcement from the high court? when will the stays be lifted on applicatins that are already in progress? thanks ladyinred
  3. both Warrington north and south as i am ashamed to say i am not sure which i come under, being in warrington East!!!! Helens, jones and Southworth.
  4. both Warrington north and south as i am ashamed to say i am not sure which i come under, being in warrington East!!!! Helens, jones and Southworth.
  5. Yes it has gone very quiet recently. I feel so sorry for those of you that were so close! I had applied for judgement as LLOyds had not met the deadline...doesn't that sound all too familiar....I too have been stayed although no mention was made of how long and no indication was given that i had to reapply or would be thrown out.Does anyone know if there are general time lines in this respect or should i call the court and seek advice. I was unnaware that the high court case would go on so long as it appears it will.
  6. has anyone yet sucessfully had a stay removed after application?
  7. lloyds applied late to defend but the judge has decided to stay the case pending the outcome of the high court judgement...same old story now!
  8. thanks, i have carried on and finally, long after deadline lloyds have decided to defend but the court have decided to stay the case!
  9. my charges were mainly last year and late year before but although not recent they have had a knock on/cumulative effect and still causing me hardship now!
  10. I have certainly noticed a softening of attitude from lloyds in the last couple of weeks. They have agreed a deb t management plan and i am no longer being hassled on a daily basis, further charges dont seem to have been added AND yesterday i received some new leaflets with new t and c from nov 2008 ( not had chance to scan them yet) AND they now say they will not automatically be charging when i go overdrawn as therewill be a grace and favour period until 3.30 that day!!!!!! not a lot i know but every little helps so there is obviously a great deal of scurrying about behind the scenes at the moment!
  11. well as expected the stay arrived today! at least i have got 750 off them in the meantime to reduce my over draft and charges are not continuing to mount up!!! lets hope we get some joy from the high court case!
  12. i have been stayed too! suppose thats it for everyone now!
  13. I have just received a letter from the court, returning my application for judgement as lloyds have apparently filed a defence ( they did not send it however?) Dio i have to just sit tight now and wait for a copy to arrive?
  14. keep going!! if you are successful more people will follow your example. Sounds like the bank might be worried if you have finally had communication from ****.
  15. Get in touch with the ccs if you are experiencing hardship they will help set up a payment plan to all your creditors, once this in in place you tend to be treated with more respect and the begging letters stopped. In my case one of my creditors even wrote off a debt!! If it gets rid of the upset caused to your wife it will be worth it. I now dont dread what is falling onto the doormat and as the amount to be paid back each month is calculated to be what you can truly afford, its not such a large amount.
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