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  1. god i'm already confused hubby said it said on radio you can claim back interest as well but how can you claim it if you can't mention it??
  2. RIGHT OK SO IT'S JUST THE CHARGES ADDED UP THEN YES? whoops sorry caps left on, have just been looking at the data protection subject acess letter and am a little confused. it states that i am asking for a complete history of banking transactions and charges , but but hubby has banked with them since 1980 so they will only send 6 years worth to him won't lol ( had vision of large lorry and reams of paper being offloaded at door !!!) the last bit of the letter i don't understand and have copied that bit below whats hitherto??? However, please note that the above address is the one which you normally use to communicate my private business to me and which you have hitherto found to be acceptable. I would be happy to collect the Data from my local branch. is there no need to add name next to account number and where account is held...sorry i just want to make sure i do each stage correctly as i understand making mistakes complicates matters. and do i send that letter to here: Copy Statement Unit Lloyds TSB Bank plc Swallow House 10 Swallow St BIRMINGHAM B1 2AL and make the cheque payable to copy statement unit.
  3. and if i did have one that i don't know about does it make difference. meaning do i have to pay it.
  4. when i last paid the debt in 1999 i moved 3 times in one year and never left a forwarding address so would i have a ccj and didn't get court papers cause they couldn't find me. how would i find out and should i find out.
  5. been reading a bit more it says do not add 8% unless it goes to court therefore when sending a total do i state amount owed to me minus interest and expect to get money less interest as settlement if they settle before court and only expect to get interest added if it goes to court.
  6. ok thanx barty, when working out the charges do you find each individual charge on the statement and then add interest using the money saving expect calculator. do you recommend filing online using hmcs or going to the real court if they refuse or dispute the amount. do you add the total up of charges and then add with interest ontop, so i mean each charge plus interest but then seperate and have 3 columns, charge and what for, date, interest so they can see how interest was calculated. sorry to sound a bit thick just want to make sure it is done right. thanx in advance
  7. whats a ccj and how do i know if i have one??? and if i do have one does that alter my status on this debt being statue barred? to finally be sorted out last year and now just having another baby what a shock it was to get this. I keep getting nasty phonecalls and leter after letter, the debt is for £189 not alot i know but alot to me especially at the moment. my credit rating is fine. thanx for all the help so far, i'm sure if they could do something wouldn't they have done it by now, one man said although this debt won't effect your'e credit we can still chase you for it, therefore i took it that legally they can't do anything...am i correct or will i end up going to court because there is a ccj i don't know about on me and end up with a crimnal record.? thanx mel
  8. i did actually contact my local trading standards about it, and she knew nothing of the 1980 act and then gave me a phone number for a debt help line, dohhhhhhhh! feel like i am going round in circles. i am scared to send letter incase they see it as acknowledgement of debt and restart it
  9. hi, last paid amount on this debt in august 1999 then moved left no forwading address and no contact since , credit rating is fine and no problems now getting any however in sept 2006 got a phone call out the blue from a debt collection agency saying i owed a amount of money and who it was to, I said didn't know what they were talking about. Next got a letter stating i owe this money and that i have to get in touch about repayment, still told them don't know what you are on about. did research on the net and found out that if a debt goes 6 years without any contact then it is statue barred under 1980 limitations act. told them i have had no debt for over 6 years and could then tell me what they are on about , they said debt was from 6 years ago, i said don't know about that one and quoted act at them to which they replied although it wuldn't effect my creit rating, they can still chase me for the debt and take me to court for it. since then i have had phonecall after phonecall, letter after letter from different collection agencies for the same debt. I last spoke to jb debt recovery who told me they will chase me for life and now this morning i have a letter from manches saying they are acting for jb debt recovery and to pay up or they will send balliffs. i have 5 children, one is only a baby 3 months old and after hitting rock bottom losing my house and finacally finally getting on my feet i get this. please help advice needed. can they send balliffs round for a debt from 1999 no communicaton since until phone call 2006 asking my name and then stating i owe money from 1999.
  10. Hi both me and my hubby have been Lloyds bank customers since the year dot (actually since 1980 seperatly and since 1990 joint account) Basically we have four accounts : hubby has a classic account with £400 overdraft hubby and me a classic joint account with no overdraft me: gold account with £800 overdraft select saver account:no overdraft but no money in it lol just child benefit paid in once a month gold credit card loan basically hubby only pays out two things each month and is totally fed up of lloyds and their charges paying out and sending you a letter the next day to tell you are overdrawn when they have already charged you,paying a direct debit making you £5 overdrawn and charging you this has been going on for a while and they are too helpful and when i queried in december for being charged for a october overdrawn in overdrawn i got 'we gave you a few months grace as a gesture of good will (£90 for £12 over) and then i said but you can't charge such high fees to which i was told 'IT DOES COST US THAT MUCH EACH TIME YOU GO OVERDRAWN AND BE GRATEFUL WE DON'T CHARGE YOU INTEREST ON YOUR'E OVERDRAFT, WE COULD CHARGE YOU MORE FOR EACH LETTER WE SEND, THE £90 charges IS JUSTIFIED. why if it is unlawful are they still charging customers this high amount when they are having to pay it back and basically what a attuide, since their xmas present to me it has spurred me on to get all my charges back. so first though i am worried my account with the £800 overdraft pays all my bills and i regulary go up to my overdraft and since october have not gone overdrawn however i have inncurred charges dating from the 6 years, i am worried they will cancel ALL my accounts and make me pay the overdraft and the loan/credit card (even though i am paying them and not missed any payments ever) before it is settled with them re.unfair charges and close my account with all my direct debits etc, as my hubby wishes to pursue claim as well do you have to put claims in together or can he go first with his account then if successful in his claim pay my overdraft off so i can move my direct debits to make a claim also, if he claims do i have to also at the same time basically? only wondering if one claim is pursued then based on that they close his account and mine too before i can make a claim too hubby will be wanting to claim for the full six years and isn't bothered about losing his account really as totally fed up of them, never really helped him and was unsypathtic to us both especially when i took ill in pregnancy was hospitilised and during that time he had to take unpaid time off, he phoned bank and ask for grace for a few weeks , they ignored him sent his account to a collection agency after they asked him to pay his overdraft back of £400, we both made appointment to go in, i borrowed a loan through them to pay off his overdraft, and was then told to get a 2nd job to make the payments(i was eight months pregnant at the time and looked it too) so you can understand the distain for them. we haven't got any savings and need a rough idea of cost of doing this. and basically a plan step by step, tried looking through board very good advice but it looks so daunting and overload of information mind blowing although excellent i'm stressed already that i will not do it right or miss something out and will mess it up. so can someone give me a list and then i can go through the stages and find info off the board one step at a time but need a overall plan of action. thanx in advance. mel
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