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  1. Hi, I have received a letter back from the DCA today which may change this a little for me Their rather short letter states 'The agreement has already been enforced and judgement entered' it goes on to say immediate proposal for payment is required to prevent further court action. it quotes Uxbridge county court and a claim number. I don't specifically remember a CCJ against me, but at the time of the original debt there was a number of financial issues and did bury my head a little so could be accurate. do I have any further options to stop me having to pay them anything?
  2. Hello all, I have finally now had a letter from the DCA (instant silver) involved in this (I have misplaced any previous correspondance so didn't have the reference number) because I had made payments towards the debt I tweaked the template a little. Could anyone have a look over this and let me know if I am making a mistake with my changes? Dear Sir/Madam You have contacted us regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by ourselves. We would point out that under the Limitation Act 1980 Section 5 “an action founded on simple contract shall
  3. fantastic, thanks so much for the fast responses. will get the letter out in the morning:)
  4. Hi, I have tried to find a thread that decribes this fully so hope someone can help me. I was contacted about 12 months ago by a DCA for a debt from approx 2000 - 2001. They threatened all manner of collection tactics and 'persuaded' me to make a payment arrangement with them. The debt itself was for about £10,000 and I have been paying them £50 per month for about 1 year. Recently I was contacted by a different DCA regarding a different debt and was advised to look into it being statute barred which I have actioned (thanks to the templates from here) this has made me think about the f
  5. Hi Everyone, firstly thanks to everyone involved in this wonderful website and forum. I have been researching for a little while now and have today sent my first letter to HSBC requesting just under £2800 in charges to be refunded. on the letter i gave them 14 days to let me know they were paying up (well i can hope;) ) should i take the 14 days from the date on the letter (today) or from when they recieve it? thanks again
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