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  1. Payment received and I've written to the court to tell them it's settled, thanks for all the help
  2. I'm tempted to send my acceptance back signed and dated but with 'pwned' pencilled onto the bottom of the letter
  3. A pity they couldn't have sent the offer before I went through the stress, time and cost it took to put my court bundle together. I wonder what they'll make of it since they'll have received the bundle on the same day I got the offer. I hope they can't back out when they realise my bundle is rubbish and is missing some statements Until I've actually received the money I'm not celebrating and still have an inkling of stress.
  4. Got a letter today from DG offering me £410 of the £583 (Including interest) I wanted. It also states that the £115 charge I was trying to claim was a bounced cheque. As such I'm pretty happy with the offer so I'm going to accept. How do I go about informing the court that the matter is closed?
  5. Thansks for all your help, I just managed to get them mailed at about 5 minutes to 5! I got it done, just badly! :o
  6. Couple of quick questions, why is there a thread with all the different HSBC T&C's over the years, which one do I need? and do I need to print all of it off or just part of it? I'm a day late with submitting my court bundle so not doing well.
  7. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean I should have the information in the court bundle AND attached to the statement of evidence?
  8. OK, I think I've worked out that I need to use the first statement of evidence and that I should also be including a full printout of HSBC's T&C from this link. On the statement of evidence it lists 'Documents attached in support of this statement' - is that just the court bundle or are they on top of the court bundle? I desperately need advice on this, I'm very worried that I might waste the £80 court fees and all the time I've spent on this.
  9. This isn't going at all well. I've got to a point where I still haven't submitted my court bundle and I only have till tomorrow to do it! (I should have known my printer would die on me) I've printed off everything in the bundle and added to it my correspondance, schedule of charges and statements, now all I believe I need is a statement of evidence. I don't know which one to use though as I haven't been given a reason why the banks is defending the claim, just been told that they are. Do I need anything else?
  10. Thanks for the reassurance Should I be sending a bump letter now? Also, is it worth me asking my bank if they can do me the missing statements? I'm a bit concerned that by requesting them they'll realise I don't have them.
  11. Thanks for the help darkrage. I can still get the statements online but as it only goes back 6 years I'll be missing 3 or 4 that were available when I started the procedure (Ones that I'm trying to claim charges from). Also, will print offs do? I filed using the N1.
  12. I'm still at a total loss as to what I should be doing now, please help :?
  13. Can anyone advise if I need to print my statements off please?
  14. Tomorrow should be the last day that HSBC had to file a defence but I've received no notice them doing so from the court. I got a letter today stating that the claim has been allocated to the small claims track. Hearing will take place on 28th June at Guilford. (seems my claim has moved court) a) They want to me deliver to every other party and the court copies of all documents that I inted to rely on in the hearing. (Here I have a problem, I hope they don't mean all my bank statements as I got the info off the internet and didn't print them off, if I got them now I'd be missing 2 or 3 months worth) b) the copies shall be delivered no later than 14 days before the hearing. c) The original documents shall be brought to the hearing (Again, could this be a major problem for me?) I received no sign of an allocation questionnaire. So what do I do now?
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