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  1. Thanks for the replies. Fingers crossed hey! It's a good job you guys are still around and know what you're talking about. Thanks.
  2. I was just wondering that with my claim being stayed last year with everyone elses whether amounts can be changed to claims. Unbelievably, I haven't had any charges for a while!!! but in the last 6 days, YB have charged me a total of £75.00!!! Is this because I have a claim against them???? and do I have to start a new claim for any charges I have received since my claim?? Thank you.
  3. Hi JunkiMunki I haven't been on here for a good while but I see you finally won. I'm truly pleased for you. How over the moon you must feel. My case was stayed ages ago by the court, but no worries, I'll just bide my time. Really, really pleased for you. Enjoy!!! A.
  4. Hi The Bank have until tomorrow to respond to my claim. Do I ring the court to see if they have or do I just wait to see if I get anything through the post from the court/bank? Just wondering! Thank you. A.
  5. Just a quickie. I'm currently working on the rejection letter so I can get it posted off tomorrow. In the part below:- My claim is for £XXXX.XX as outlined in my Particulars of Claim, plus court costs of £120.00, and this claim, etc. Alternatively, should you wish to settle my claim in full, then please forward the balance of the claim (£XXXX.XX), etc. Do I just put in the charges amount plus the £20 SAR fee OR do I put both those amounts in and the interest, or do I omit the interest? I do like to make things complicated, don't I? Thanks, A.
  6. Hello MichaelHow nice to hear from your good self. Thanks for your reply.A.
  7. Hi everyone Not been around for a while, but things are moving on slowly but surely. I received Notice of Issue and the bank have until 26th to respond. I have also received an offer (albeit small) from J Sutcliffe and Co. As I have already started Court proceedings, I just wanted to check that I send Letter 6 back to the solicitors with the cheque enclosed, either cut in 2 or cancelled written on. Thanks for any help. A.
  8. HelloIn response to your query about 2 accounts on the N1, I have just been through this myself. I am new to all this too, but I think I am safe in saying that if you want to have a look at my thread:New claimant - YB, you will see from #11 onwards that I was asking the same question as you and I got some much needed and very good advice. The charges on both my accounts amounted to less than £5000.Regarding your last post, I'm not really clued up enough yet to answer that, but good luck.
  9. Regarding the T's & C's which you asked about. The one that Conalot sent me is for 2006, and you have asked for up to 2005 inclusive, so I don't think I can be of any help really.
  10. Quick update. Rang Court this morning to see who to make the cheque payable to and was told that I only have to send 2 copies of my N1 (plus other bits) in, I didn't even have to ask. They will copy it and then send me a copy. Maybe it just depends on the court whether you have to send 3. A.
  11. Amazingly I did all that, so I must be taking in some of the info I read on here. Grateful for reassurance though. A.
  12. Hello everyone, Well finally, my N1 is in an envelope as we speak. Nothing short of a miracle really. Due to lots of generous advice I have managed to complete everything; without a hiccup too. Now the fun really starts! A.
  13. Hi I'm afraid I haven't seen them yet, but you may have to PM her or put this question on her thread. Good luck.
  14. Hi Jeanette Sorry but I don't seem to have received your e-mail. Will I send you my email address again in a PM? Thanks A.
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