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  1. thanks guys. Unfortunately the offer was made on April 30th or something. If the bank didn't file the AQ by the deadline date (they didn't) can I apply for judgement? I know i'm moaning on here, but I just feel that the judge has actually dragged out the process with stating that I didn't need an AQ then sending me one. Needed that bloody money too. ;-(
  2. Bow county court have stayed my case. I filled through MCOL on 1st May 2007 and have only just found out today. I'm so angry, initially I had an order saying that there was no AQ, then one just turned up in the post so I filed it, HSBC didn't even bother and now my case has been stayed. Is there anything I can do? I mean this would have come to a conclusion a while back if there had been no AQ as I was instructed back in June. Very upset, feel like I've been misold information.
  3. Hi guys, just phoned the court today and my case has been stayed. I feel gutted, I just wish I'd accepted the offer when it was made to me. Does anyone know what this means? Totally deflated, wish I never claimed for the interest. Does anyone know how long this is likely to take?
  4. Hi lattie, i'm with Bow County court in Stratford, east london. I've searched and searched on this website and it doesn't seem that anyone else has posted any info about this court. My friend was offered full settlement from HSBC minus interest before she was about to file on MCOL. She had 10 days to reply to their offer which she didn't do as she planned to file a claim, however just before she was about to do this all the business about the test case came out so she wrote to them saying she would accept their offer, and they've agreed even though its about a month after her 10 day deadline. Do you think i should give this a try?
  5. Hi thanks for that freaky. I've just phoned the court and the customer service person said that since I started my claim on May 1st it's unlikely that my case will be stayed! Of course that's not set in stone but at least it gives me hope, I hate all this uncertainty...... Thanks for the advice x
  6. Hi guys, just heard a bit of news/gossip and if anyone could give me their perspective on it i'd be greatful. I've heard that due to the test case in the high courts that I'm unlikely to get the bank charges back until a test case has been heard (that could take up to a year) Currently I've filed my AQ with the court on July 30th. What should I do? What am I waiting for from the court? I've just phoned the court and i've found out that HSBC have not given in their AQ on time. The court is waiting for the file to come back to them from the judge, they said that it would normally take 7-14 days (the 14th day is on Monday 13th August), then it takes a further 5 days for the court to send out the judge's direction. I enquired if I could apply for judgement as HSBC had not handed in their AQ, but they said i had to wait for the judges direction! I know i'm spinning here and i'm probably a pain in the butt but please help me gain some perspective on this, what am i facing now! Now i wish i'd accepted the full offer (minus interest) a couple of months back (i actually filed on MCOL the day I received the offer) Thanks in advance as usual. Emma
  7. Thanks michael can you please take a look at the question above please! Thanks
  8. Another question sorry guys.. In section F where it talks about Proposed directions, i've copied out the suggested draft which I will attach to the AQ no problem. However the second tick box says 'have they (the directions) been agreed with the other party? Did i need to get this draft agreed by D&G before i can file my AQ? I'd planned on taking it down to the court tomorrow, but if i have to get things agreed first i might miss my deadline date (monday)
  9. should have started this earlier......... In section D of the AQ (N150) under witnesses it states: Witness Name Witness to which facts I'm my only witness so my name goes under the witness name part, but does anyone know what i should put under 'witness to which facts'? Not sure what to put i was thinking of putting 'everything or all' I hate doing these things, eerrr! Also do i have to bring all my paperwork with me (photocopies of statements, letters i've sent to hsbc, d&g, schedule of charges etc) when i go down to the court? Thank you!
  10. thanks, what do you make of this test case tomorrow lattie?
  11. Hi guys, just filling in my AQ, and I've got the N150 form. My claim is for £3900 should i have this form? It's got to be back by monday so i'm doing it tonight and going down to the court tomorrow. Thanks in advance, Cribbers
  12. Ahhh thank you guys, I'm actually touched. Didn't expect to log back on to such comprehensive responses! Thank you all very much. Right I feel an awful lot better now, as time goes on I'm needing this money more and more! I'll start by looking though the threads attached and then I'll start my AQ after that. I was just worried because I thought I was going to receive a court date or something and then the AQ sort of surprised me. Thanks again everyone, i'll probably be back here again soon with some problem or something! Emma x
  13. Help!! I'm starting to get the jitters now. I received a transfer of proceedings to court about 6 weeks ago. On the letter it stated that the AQ had been dispensed with. I phoned the court to double check that they wouldn't need the £100 AQ fee which they said they didn't because it had been dispensed with. A few weeks later I phoned again as I hadn't heard anything for a while and was told that my file was with the district judge for review. Today I received a letter with an AQ, stating this needed to be completed by 30th July with £100 fee sent to the court. The top of the letter had 'Notice that a defence has been filed'. Now I'm uncertain, as they told me the AQ was dispensed with and now that the district judge has seen my file they've sent me an AQ! Does anyone know what this means? Has this happened to anyone else? Please help, as I thought I was only a few weeks away from receiving my cheque and now I'm scared I'm going to actually have to go to court - and could lose! Thanks in advance everyone, Emma
  14. Anyone had their court proceedings sent to Bow County Court in Stratford, East London? Just want to check time frames with anyone! Thanks in advance
  15. Bow County Court (East London) have dispensed with the AQ and when I phoned to ask if I still need to pay the £100 I was told there was no need.
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