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  1. omg VERY shocked SO So did you get your new laptop? And currys kept your old laptop? What must of happend they kept your old laptop and sold it as refurbished, without destroyig the hdd they just done a quick format. See if it was a computer they would of destoryed the hdd but with laptops they just do a quick format on it and it is very easy to recover data The way it works when it gets into the wrong hands the infomation spreads VERY fast im sorry to here what happend but if u got everything logged u need to take them to court
  2. guys n girls im not a n00b thanks for the advise on how to fix my problem its just there crappy refurb parts they used Its been less then a month i got a replacement machine bloody PC world worst retail store ever
  3. You couldnt fight for a refund but PC World are the most stubborn company but they DO give replacements on printers for sure. Take it down speak to manager he has to give a replacement its there company policy!
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    Hello All, Had a refund for a item I sent back as there was none left in stock. eBuyer refunded it to my card that was reported “Stolen” so it was cancelled. Refund was taken place on 2nd may and still no refund came thorugh. I run eBuyer and explain the situation they said it been authorized and they gave me a transaction number. So I rung the bank explained the situation one person said the refund will come through as when cancelling a card it stops you from debiting from the card nor receiving payments. So then I rung one more time to be 100% sure and the other person I spoke to said I don’t know how eBuyer done the refund as it wouldn’t let them. I’m going to ring my natwest branch tomorrow and dig this up.. Anyone else been in this situation (NATWEST banl) Thanks!
  5. I dont think it is luck its 2 anyone who goes PC WOrld go on a computer forum and say is pc world recommed they will all say no
  6. yes i know what u mean sorry i threw it back @ u just really ill today and my brains not functioning !!!! The pc is going through a powersurge and i got one of my custom bulid computers connected to that thats been fine since day 1. I live in london i know the electric nothing to do with it. But you must understand 1) i dont wanna be buying a new computer and its replaced by refurbs. 2) If you go on other computer forums and type about PC world they will all say pc world are crap it just anoys me how pcworld conned me and other people. When i was there about months ago getting my computer replaced a women was there about 24 was having the same problems as me i fealt really sorry for her as she didnt know her rights. Im going to see how long this repair takes before i take action The thing is ive notice when a fualt does occur it gets worse when they stat replaceing parts. Another thing after my 1 year warrenty i cant folk out 100s on reapirs
  7. theres nothing wrong with the way i use my computers I have alot of computers in my house only the PC World computers have probleams?
  8. Hello all (new here hope to help everyone on the forums!) I brought a computer from PC World in December 2005 after 1 year of use with this computer I had a repair ever week over the year turned out to be 108 calls and 48 in 10 months!!!!! I complained as I wasn’t happy and my 1 year warranty was ending. So PC World gave me a replacement PC with another 1 year warranty. This new Packard Bell computer was fine till it started to play up they could repair it weeks and weeks went passed till I complained again and I got a replacement now im on my 2nd computer. My 3rd computer was lovely it was so smooth till it went again, we started again with repairs with PC World and it went aver a month and the engineer said take it back to the store for a replacement!!!! Now on my 4th computer from PC hard 3 hard drive replacements and the power supply unit just went PC world said it takes 7 days for stock! Thank leaves me without my main pc disturbing my education!!!! So I don’t want these replacement machines any more or these parts they send out to me. I want a refund you think its possible? Am I in the right? Btw is the Consumer Action Group a legal company? Thanks all!!! Im going to be helping everyone on the forums refund amount £730 Thanks!!!!!
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