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  1. Hello all, A couple of quick questions, 1.it is reported that the likely hood of a quick decision folllowing appeal is out of the questions and rumours of a TWO Year time scale for us all to actually see the money. What is the likely hood for this becomng reality? 2.Since m initial claim i had have the odd charge applied to the same account, should the judgement go in our favour, would the monies automatically be reversed? 3.Where charges have been applied and people have not made a case, how do they stand? would they also recieve a credit? Thanks 1 and all.
  2. Hello again, Well it has been over 4 months since a STAY was applied to my case. It was big news when the banks finally went to court, now it is like been stranded on a desert island. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. Many thanks
  3. i have just made a call to Pontefract County Court, to get an update on my case. On the 30th July i recieved a letter stating that my case had been transfered to Leeds. On the 11th August i recieved another letter stating that following a decision on the 2nd August my case had been transferred back to Pontefract. So I spoke with the court and i have been informed that on the 1st August the test case had been adjourned until a dated yet to be set between the 14th Jan 2008 and 28th Feb 2008. He continued to read the letter and it mentioned 'STAYS' basically it is understood that no stays would be granted based purely on the outcome of a a test case which is penciled in for 2008.
  4. Finally after weeks of been given the wrong information and delays in processing my claim, on the 14th July I finally recieved an offer from DG. They have offered to return all charges except 8% intrest and court fees(£1600 shy). However for the last 3 weeks i have been told by the court that DG had filed the AQ and my case was been transfered to a central court to leeds. This is not the case on Friday 16th JUly i recived a letter from the court giving DG until the 20th July to get there AQ submitted otherwise i would win. So my dilemma given that DG only has until this friday at noon to submit the AQ, do i decline!!!! Answer on a postcard please..
  5. Just got off the phone with my local county court. My case has been seen by the judge who has ordered it to be transfered to leeds. WHY????? Have still to await written confirmation of this, apparently they are extremely business and it could take 2 weeks to inform me.
  6. NOt sure how true this is(nor i am celebrating), however here goes. The AQ deadline expired on the 4th June 07. I spoke with the court yesterday, enquiring if DG had entered a response, low and behold NO. I asked what would be the next course of action, she responded that it was due in front of the district judge today and that he could award me the monies. Is this within his remit??
  7. Many thanks. Looks good this end. I will now send my first request.
  8. Thanks for you response, ss now complete Charges £852 + £499.14 in intrest charges at 18.2%. Does this sound about right. 3/7/02 -1/1/07 Rgds
  9. Would somebody please help wih spreadsheet. Having read through many posts there does seem to be a lot of confusion on which spreadsheet to use. 1.4, 1.6, 1.9. I intend to claim contractual intrest from the outset. Secondly there web site advertises a APR of 15.4% is this the figure i use.please advise. Rgds
  10. Hi all, Got all my statements from Cap1. Am i correct in saying when using the Contractual SS(16) i need to complete the entire coloum left to right. Thanx:confused:
  11. FYI - AQ Issued today. Deadline 4th June 07
  12. Welcome. Stick to the time table, put dates in your diary and prepare in advance for the upcoming dates. Check and double check your schedules, mistakes can be easily made and alot of the time the mistakes are no obvious. Good Luck.
  13. Struggling on a few points(AQ)after reading through AQ Guide Section F - Proposed directions Do i print out template and attach, do i have to send to DG? If Yes, have they been agreed with the other party(ies)??????? SECTION H Other information Do you intend to make any applications in the immediate future? (does this mean another claim???) Thanks in Advance
  14. FYI. Recieved Aq on 21st May 07. I gather the best advice is not to file until last minute. Correct me if i am wrong.
  15. PS. Recieved a letter from Mark Loker on the 4th MAY.....!!!!!:o Explaing that my case is now been handed by DG. Mark where have you been...
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